• etragedy wrote a review of Bad Day at Turtle Rock; Act One: The Story Begins.
    For Free It's Worth It...

    Rurouni Kenshini doesn't know whether it wants to be taken seriously or not I'm not a huge fan of manga because when it's good it's very, very good, but the majority of what's out there isn't very goo...

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    Is this based on the Vertigo title?Nevermind I see it's based on a novel.What does this have to do with comics?

  • etragedy wrote a review of Halloween.
    One of the Highlights of Season 2

    'Halloween' was one of the first episodes that gave an indication of just how incredible this series was going to become. It's the first truly outstanding episode of the second season - on a par with...

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    The best superhero comic out there!

  • etragedy wrote a review of Reptile Boy.
    Average Plot But Lots of Character Development

    I don't believe any episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actually displays the episode title. Nevertheless, choosing to name this episode 'Reptile Boy' does a great injustice to all those who first e...

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    A bunch of comic artists in France are murdered - for being comic artists - and this site has yet to do a report on it. The curren...
  • etragedy wrote a review of A Private Little War.
    One of the Best Episodes of the Original Star Trek Series

    Kirk revisits an old friend on a primitive world 'A Private Little War' is one of the best episodes of the original Star Trek series. In it, the starship Enterprise returns to a colony that Kirk inves...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Resident Evil: Extinction.
    Zero new ideas - and yet still quite entertaining

    Milla Jovovich is back (and no she isn't carrying two uzis in the film) So here we go with another Resident Evil film. Again, Paul W. S. Anderson writes, though he doesn't direct.This time Alice is on...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Inca Mummy Girl.
    'Teacher's Pet' All Over Again

    'Inca Mummy Girl' is a throwback to a first season style of show - basically random supernatural creature shows up and Buffy & Co. have to figure out how to stop it. In fact, 'Inca Mummy Girl is t...

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  • etragedy wrote a review of School Hard.
    Enter Spike and Dru

    Guess who?Let's face it, 'School Hard' would just be another "Buffy fights the new vampires in town" type episode if it weren't for the fact that the new vampires in town are none other than Spike and...

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  • etragedy wrote a review of Bat Lash in Mexico.
    A Bit Confusing

    Bat Lash in Mexico The fourth issue of Bat Lash opens with Bat escaping a Mexican town when the womenfolk of the town hold guns to the men who are out for his blood. No sooner does he escape this pred...

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    Wow, that's a lot of reviewers in one video!

  • etragedy wrote a review of Samantha and the Judge.
    Bat Lash Would've Made a Good Daily Newspaper Strip

    Bat Lash becomes a deputy in a trouble-filled town Bat Lash No. 3 features more standard Bat Lash antics. Bat has to face off in the street against angry men with guns who he swindled, while the requi...