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    I am so glad there are some people like you making real reviews on this site, instead of just listing a bunch of numbers with no explanation (or worse trying to drive traffic to their offsite blog/re...

  • etragedy wrote a review of "Two Swords Against Zora-Zal".
    Stardard Sword and Sorcery Comic - With a Weird Twist

    'Two Swords Against Zora-Zal begins like any other sword and sorcery comic - but things take a weird twist by the end!Issue number 7 of Dagar the Invincible gives me new hope for this series. Jesse Sa...

  • etragedy wrote a review of "Treasure of Nai-Po-Gah" and "Demon of the Temple".
    Dagar Starts to Wander Aimlessly

    At first glance the cover makes it look like Dagar is fighting a dragon the size of a dog - that's not the case!Reunited with Graylin, and with his arch-enemy Scorpio defeated, Dagar goes in search of...

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    Nice review. I'll be skipping this incarnation of Batgirl.

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    Thanks for this. Always good to know what to avoid. I might have picked this up - it sounds exactly like the kind of comic that would annoy me. EDIT: Ugh! Yeah, just found a sample online - I get that...

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    I really don't think I've changed that much - still like the stuff I loved as a kid, but now I just like all of it plus new stuff.

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    Poorly Drawn and Self-Indulgent, But Also Human and Real

    Box Office Poison is poorly drawn, self-indulgent and filled with stereotypes and heard-it-before jokes.It's also kind of dated - these are clearly the twenty-something years for Generation Xers. And ...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Vengeance- Sweet Vengeance.
    Quest's End (Really)

    Dagar vs. Scorpio'Vengeance Sweet Vengeance', the fourth issue of Dagar the Invincible lives up to its name. As promised, the final showdown between Dagar and his nemesis, Scorpio, actually occurs her...

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  • etragedy wrote a review of "Wrath of the Vampires".
    Art Improves But Story Falters Toward the End

    Another great Gold Key cover!Dagar the Invincible #3 is a bit better than the second issue, but not without problems of its own.The first thing you notice when picking up this comic is the awesome pai...

  • etragedy wrote a review of "The Beast Within".
    Hastily Produced Sword and Sorcery Tale

    Dagar vs. Dinosaur The second issue of Dagar the Invincible is nothing to write home about. Dagar, still searching for Scorpio, comes to a town where he is hired by a woman to save her brother, Lupoff...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Bread and Circuses.
    Interesting Premise

    If this arena looks like a TV set... that's because it's supposed to! Anyone with a passing familiarity with original Trek knows that visiting worlds resembling the historical past of Earth was a comm...

  • etragedy wrote a review of "The Sword of Dagar" and "Castle of the Skull".
    Before He-Man there was Dagar

    'The Sword of Dagar' and 'Castle of the Skull' seeming strangely familiar...One way that Gold Key comics really distinguished themselves was by the cover art. Most of their titles featured painted cov...

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    Well, there's always a million things in development. We'll have to see if this is in the minority that actually makes it to air.

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    Nice. I also liked World's Finest, though it's a little hard to find.And Green Lantern: First Flight.

  • etragedy wrote a review of The City Of The Crawling Dead!.
    The Four Color Process is Not for Kull

    A new monster for Kull to fight!It's rare that sword-and-sorcery comics come up with an original idea for a monster, and admittedly the monster in Kull the Destroyer #21 isn't all that original, but i...

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    What a bunch of crap. I would feel really ripped off for $20 a month for that. Really only the two Dr. Who comics were cool, everything else was junk.

  • etragedy wrote a review of When She Was Bad.
    A Worthy End to the First Season

    The final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's first season epitomizes what made the first season great. Snappy dialogue, humor, scares and character development. Basically the prophecy they've been...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Out of Mind, Out of Sight.
    Another Tale of Teen Angst Gone Horrific

    Joss Whedon continues to spin out horror stories based on young adult angst. Last episode was about a boy who was abused by his little league coach and projected his fears out into the world. This on...

  • etragedy wrote a review of Nightmares.
    Average Episode is Noteworthy for Social Relevance

    'Nightmares' is one of the weaker episodes of the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - which is really just to say that it's about average-good, given that even the average episode of Buffy was ...