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The Court of Owls is full of people who believe themselves to be wise. They are owls, they are smarter than you, what they think is right and wrong does not matter to you because they are superior. They can hunt what they want. They can make prey out of criminals, vigilantes, and bats like they want. They've always been hiding there, secretive in Gotham City, but now that Bruce Wayne and others want to rebuild massive parts of the city and potentially discover all the hidden owl nests and talon bases anyway, the Owls are forced to come out. They've realized that they can't just hide any longer because their nests are under attack and it is too late to hide. This is what owls do, right? they feel under attack, then they retaliate?? This is just my interpretation of any motives the owls have against Gotham or its people. Bruce Wayne and Gotham have already stumbled upon them, and Batman is someone who the court knows will not stop uncovering the owls, so they have to do everything they want right now to prove they are still ahead of everyone.

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Let me first explain that I jumped on the normal Batman title at issue 5, and have since become very interested in the whole OWL thing. Since my LCS doesnt have the first few issues, I've been waiting to get my hands on Batman Vol 1: Court of Owls... and I cant wait!! The hardcover comes out just in time for me to read before I pick up the whole Night of Owls crossover.

Before the crossover even starts, I just have a few questions...

I understand Batman 1-7 has owl stuff leading up to the crossover, so would Nightwing issues 1-7 also have important stuff regarding Owls??

And since the majority of the announced titles that have to do with the crossover are issue 9's, would it also be worth it for me to pick up all of the issue 8's? Would the issue 8's contain prequel-like info leading up to the Owls?

I am just really interested in getting the whole Night of Owls shebang, and want to collect any prequel like issues to the actual crossover... I dont wanna skip a beat.

The announced 12 main titles are Batman 8, Nightwing 8, Batman 9, Nightwing 9, Batgirl 9, Birds of Prey 9, Batwing 9, Redhood and the Outlaws 9, All-star Western 9, Batman and Robin 9, Batman Dark Knight 9.... and I think Im missing one of them lol... Does anyone have a compiled list of everything with the crossover??


EDIT: Okay the title missing was Catwoman, and then theres the Batman Annual #1. So... anyone know about all the issue 8's?

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I find it annoying to see them on the general board as well... it's not exactly what I'm looking for when I want to read or join in on a "general discussion". Not to mention when the majority of them are all made by the same user lmao. It's almost as if that give/take point thing should have its own board.

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I think the current Venom series crossing over with the current Winter Soldier series would just be plain BADASS. Think about, they're both highly trained soldiers, both with a sort of secretive, black ops feel. Captain America has high respect for both these guys, being a sort of mentor to Winter Soldier, and a hero to Flash Thomson who recently even put Venom on his Secret Avengers team after seeing how good of a hero he can be himself. Another connection through Secret Avengers is Black Widow, as she is on the team as well as being Winter Soldiers partner in his book. Also, let me just point out how well Winter Soldier would fit on the Secret Avengers team himself, his character really is a perfect fit for the team being a highly trained secretive black ops kinda guy.. maybe putting him on the team would be the best way to see a team up between Venom and him. And finally, picture how badass it would look to see Venom and Winter Soldier standing back to back, guns in hand, army gadgets and straps over their shoulders, talking to each other like fellow comrades in arms... that would be SO FREAKING COOL. what do you guys think?

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awesome post!! I recently bought a "manga violater"McFarlane figure from a local pawn shop... gotta say, it's one of my top McFarlane figures ever, it's just badass. I wish this mechanized razor blade sharp violator appeared in comics.

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I see we share a few books in common, and I too can relate to trying to cut back my comic collecting. For my pull list, there's a few titles that I insist on getting every single issue, for my own example, Uncanny X-Force, Venom, Punisher. Then, there are titles where I only collect it going by if the current arc is a really interesting one to me or not. For example, I've recently collected the most recent Uncanny X-men issues as its story arc regarded "Tabula Rasa" which is a sort of sub story stemming from x force. Also, with Amazing Spuderman, I also go for the story arcs seperatelty.. I mean, ASM can get expensive as it comes out more often. so for example, I collected all of Spider Island, but once it was over, I saw from solicits that the next story arc was just about Sinister Six, which really, I decided to drop that story arc just because I know Sinister Six will always be there, it'll return, I didn't feel like it was an encounter that was critical to Spidermans story. With Secret Avengers, I'm very interested in Remender taking over, and especially how he is putting Venom onto the team, AND he's connecting stories that began in Uncanny X-force. I am glad to put Secret Avengers on my pullist because it's as if it's happening in the same world.BUT Secret Avengers is also gonna cross over with AvX, which is an event that doesn't interest me. so I'll skip the AvX cross over arc, but then probably collect it again once Remender has free reign again and not have to force cross over his new title into the latest boring event. So anyways, hope that gives you sone insight how I decide what to drop or follow... I stick to a few great titles every issue, as well has collecting different arcs only of other good titles that I don't nessaceriky need or want to follow every issue for!

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FF totally got boring. Well, it's not that it's boring.. it's just Hickman really connects his issues and they really come off as boring when you read them separately. You'd think bringing Human Torch back in the picture would liven things up a bit.. but nope. The simplicity behind the Torchs return had almost no impact at all. It's as if he was never dead to begin with.

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Maybe this is too soon as it was just released; but what do you think? Was it collected in decent form? Organizes well? Reviews? Did it fit what you would call a standard omnibus?

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So I recently looked up buying some figures online (more specifically from the Marvel Legends series), but after coming across some scary reviews, now I'm not so sure... for example, the horrors of toyglobe and even negative reviews about toywiz. Anyone ever order figures online? Know some more reliable sources? Would it be best to ask at my local comic shop?

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I consider myself more into espionage and secret groups... and considering my pulllist as of late, it's very obvious.

Two secret groups, Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers. Multiple secret agent type stuff like Venom, Haunt, Punisher, Winter Soldier...

Scarlet Spider is like a darker spiderman.

Daredevil is more of the super hero type but he's still got an edgy feel.

I've also been following the most recent UXM arc regarding Tabula Rasa as it has to do with Psylocke being on two opposing teams, and her hiding the truth about its existence. The back and forth between her and Magneto who is also keeping secret about x force from cyclops is interesting.

Also the most recent X-men title with Domino, Psylocke, Warpath, etc is also interesting to me, almost an X-force like team there.

What sort of comic do you go for?

Bright heroic like Spidey or the Avengers, always Savin' the day?

Secret gov't agents like Venom or Winter Soldier sneaking around?

Edgier characters who may not act responsibly like Scarlet Spider or Moon Knight?