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Starks dashing disposition was ever present at the table as the detailing of the team's latest mission was underway. His debonair attire was not fit for any hostile engagement and yet he stood among the others, ready to dive into danger at the cost of their own lives. The Particle Proselyte was now a prototype, available for usage on command. Being that there was no time for testing, its effectiveness was no doubt in question. Yet Ethan was confident in his capabilities, he had to be. This was a stage like no other.

The group seemed rather well balanced, but to be going in so close with so few numbers was not favorable in Ethan's mind. And though the Impero was powerful, his strength has limits. In fact each and every member could hold their own in an engagement, but this was not a raid on an enemy's base. This is War. A thin line existed between them and legions of men and women allied with Warsman. Technological devices with destructive capabilities and unparalleled might in the hands of the monster thought king. The group gathered around and Starks was the first to speak, "Tell me we've got more intel than what Slade outlined?" he said, waving the dossier in his hand. After Ethan placed the dossier down, the effervescent Einstein tinkered with his watch, his Giorgio Armani burlap blazer, box print sport shirt, and gray linen cotton trousers morphed into a valiant suit of red, white and blue. A star blazoned on his chest made of an alloy denser than steel, and a bandolier fitted across his chest connected to a utility belt wrapped around his waist. A gun hung off the belt, but its origin was questionable. The makeup was not similar to any gun in the market today. Smiling behind his mask Ethan activated a circular disc shaped shield made of pure energy, the visual simulation was stunning, the imaging appearing as well as feeling real to the common perception. "Carrondium Armor Prototype. Harder than steel, lighter than kevlar. Best part is, its not even metal. And this," He brought the shield up to view. "Is what I like to call the Particle Projector. Same idea as the mother, only difference is the energy stabilization he produced into a shield of my choosing. A little light manipulation and wala, magic. Thought it would match the whole theme. So I'm ready when you are." What he didn't mention was the suit's ability to enhance the users physical attributes. He had the strength, senses, speed, agility and reaction time as a human at the pinnacle of achievement. Starks as a scientist was eager to conduct his latest experiments.

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@Impero: With a curt nod Ethan replied, "Of course. My team was studying him from the beginning. You showing against him revealed a substantial amount of information on him. I have to thank you for that." His head shook just when you thought he was done, the man being a very talkative type. "Alone, this machine stands no chance against the Iron Tyrant. You guys will still have to weaken him considerably so that senses are dulled long enough for the process to work effectively. As we have seen from Ishin, it can be done, and with this device you can deliver the knock out blow."

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As Ethan spoke he pulled black leather gloves over his fingers, a thin circuit board ran across the bottom half of the item. "The device was initially created for the containment of hazardous energy as a counter for the nuclear bomb scare after 9/11. The rotating turbines absorb massive amounts of energy instantaneously," using his hands he enlarged the turbines for closer study. Tidbits of information began appearing around the parts as he continued his narrative. "Because of the rapid absorption of various energy the machine becomes highly volatile, and the eruption would be catastrophic," his hands slashed across the exterior of the oval shaped machine, separating it as various inner components were made visible. Two small prisms developed via Ethan's fingers dragging them out of the digital make up. Light pulsated vibrantly around the objects and he said, "if not for these, Eezo chambers, used to contain and generate constant antimatter reactions. With these antimatter particles applying the force needed to stabilize the exponential energies generated with the turbines, we now have a way to potentially cripple the titan." Ethan took a second to catch the gazes of the uncanny assembly of forces, then returned his gaze to the blueprint. "That's not all though. Once the energy is introduced to the antimatter reaction, it changes, becomes toxic. The energy is polluted by the poisonous particles. If he tries to reclaim the energy he'll destroy himself." Ethan closed the presentation with a clap of his hands and took a seat. "If Warsman successfully destroys the Particle Proselyte, the explosion will be devastating. More lives will be lost than in all of history's wars."

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DC sucks in terms of movies and TV shows.

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Ultimate Spiderman>Young Justice

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I love the fourth wall stuff. Never gets old.

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@Warsman: I think it would fit more with what I'm trying to do. But, gotta love the flair that comes with Iron man.

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Tony Stark or Reed Richards? Gotta go with Tony.

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Sith lords make the most badass entrances. :D

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