Ethan linked the omni tool to the wall mount, establishing a wireless connection. "AVA, I need you to analyzed the video recordings and start a log of displayed powers. Once the log is finished send it to me. There biggest mistake was using there powers." Ethan closed the channel then opened another. "Spectrion, sorry. I ran into some complications yesterday and I wasn't able to contact you securely until now. Make your way to Paris, I've got the schematics right here in front of me. I'll be able to guide you through the operation smoothly."

The pulsating beat of rapidly rotating wings was all that could be heard as the helicopter hovered 1,000 feet above a distinguished settlement of mdern age buildings, each varied in size. The main building, sitting at the helm of the complex, was adorned with glass windows that were positioned at a slant, giving off the illusion the building was leaning. The roof was indented, the ground about fourteen feet below the ledge. Satellites were placed in the four corners of the main building, two on every other building. From a birds eye view the complex seemed to have minimal fortifications, considering that its look and design was quite unique for a bank. During the day time the parties allowed entry were very exclusive. All dealings had been negotiated beforehand to prevent complications or unexpected arrivals. When dealing with the world's highest order of criminal, all bases needed to be covered. Which is why a week's surveillance on Ethan's behalf was hardly enough to prepare for what may be in store for Spectrion. A operative of Ethan's who was employed at Starks Enterprises. After his escapades in the League of Shadows Monastery, firing on Cassidy Lockhart-Starks, CEO of said company, his contract was terminated. In need of financial support to maintain his lifestyle he sat inside the helicopter, unaware that they had arrived at the destination.

"Out here we got it hard, so hard! The street got her arms opened up to me. They wanna see me fall down, way down. When I get back up then fu--" The comm link built into Spectrion's suit blared loudly as comm interference in the form of a sharp chime appeared. The music stopped and Spectrion's hands flew to the sides of his helmet. "Stop doing that!" He yelled. "I had to get your attention somehow." Ethan chuckled. "Its time. The transmission system is working. The copter is docking. You'll be met by four armed individuals follow them inside. Remember to keep the tystel on stun." Spectrion rose from his seat and peered out. Ethan's statement was accurate as four suits surrounded the helipad, two holding Saiga 12 shotguns, another stood a distance away armed with an L96A1 sniper rifle. The next farthest individual was strapped with a standard issue M16 dangling off his shoulder as he approached the arriving vessel. Sealed from head to toe in the black and silver fibers of the spectre armor a flare ran across it as Spectrion touched down on the roof. "You are not the same man that Mr. Lebeau usually sends on his behalf." Spectrion glared at the man, his features hidden behind the dark visor. "Yeah, things change. Let's get a move on I'm missing the Olympics."

The group surrounded Spectrion in a diamond formation as they strolled down the stairs of the main building and into a large corridor. "You in?" With neurological command Spectrion muted the suit's vocal speakers, allowing him to speak with the men hearing a sound. "Yeah, they're taking me to the vault." At the end of the corridor a large, circular door, with multiple latches and a knob similar to that of a pirate ship wheel could be seen. Above it sat a camera, infrared lasers protruding from the lens. "When you get up close you'll see a hand print recognition device mounted on the wall by the door. If you can make physical contact with it I'll be able to bypass their security systems." Spectrion could see the device now, as well as the laser grid behind the vault door. "And what if I can't?" Ethan smiled in his end, wincing as a sharp pain ran through his ribs. "Then I don't know how your going to get out of there. The moment you put those guys down the heartbeat monitors strapped to their arm will activate the security protocols." Spectrion sighed heavily. He thought for a moment, stopping in his tracks. The man directly behind him bumped up against Spectrion and he flew forward, stumbling a bit before placing his hand directly on the wall mounted device. Well that worked. The men to his left and right turned swiftly, their guns trained on him. He quickly gathered himself, placing his hands in the air. "Sorry about that, lost my footing." The men eyed him cautiously as he stepped aside. The one with the M16 then placed his hand on the device and the door began to unlatch. The wheel spun rapidly three times clockwise. The door depressurized itself and swung open slowly.

Cart after cart filled with money bricks lies at the end of the large room, at least 250 million in cash was sitting out. In front of the bricks were stacks of gold bars, on the same carts as the money. The walls were littered with small lockers, each numbered from the range of 001 to 500. These were the safe deposit boxes of the many individuals who felt safety and comfort with this organization. Big mistake. The man began dialing in on a numeric pad on the wall opposite the hand recognition device. A chime rang out consistently as he continued retyping the code. "Damn thing's malfunctioning. I keep telling Romney its time for an upgrade." Spectrion turned around facing the four individuals. "Well Gentlemen, its been a pleasure." After Spectrion spoke, the men immediately recognized what the situation had become. They drew there arms up to aim but it was too late. Spectrion's suit activated its main function. An energy surge illuminated the metallic covering and Spectrion began to perceive their movement's at a turtle's pace. With a quick draw four shots rang out. Before they knew it the men were floored by bolts of hardened light. They faded from consciousness as Spectrion reached into the same holster and pulled a small cube from it. Each side held small round light that seemed to pulsate. The doors to the safety deposit boxes swung open on cue. Spectrion placed his fingers on two of the light's, a beep signalling activation. The cube was placed on the ground and in no time at all the entire contents of the room was absorbed into the cube. He retrieved the cube, studying it closely. Well ain't that something. Where did this guy come from with all this wacky tech. "I've procured the assets. But it seems you missed one." Spectrion studied the only one that had not opened. Its number was 456. "We need a fall guy, and who better than "Mr. Lebeau?" Spectrion smiled, admiring Ethan's careful planning. On Ethan's side he manipulated a 3D display of the buildings and the tactical make up.

"Now, I couldn't stop the alarm from sounding It was activated before I got access. Most I can do is re-route the signal to the executive's office, allowing you to avoid the swarm of security that is 20 meters away from your position. Head out the corridor and make a left turn, that will take you to the walkway that connects to the next building. Get there and right below it a car will be waiting to extract you." The hall was longer than he'd remembered as Spectrion charged forward, ducking behind a wall as a squadron of twenty armed men cut through the hall. His camo activated and he was invisible to the men as they marched past his location. They went right and Spectrion went left. The moment he ducked out of cover the men turned on a dime and fired relentlessly. Bullets whizzed past him as he picked up his pace exponentially. The men were hot on his trail now, a bullet caught him square in the shoulder and he yelped in pain. "WHAT THE HELL? WHY IS IT EVERY TIME I DO SOMETHING FOR YOU I GET SHOT?" Ethan shuddered as the noise roared in his ear. "The security has heightened senses it seems. Not surprising, humans have become obsolete in this day and age. Wonder what else they've got." The bullets kept coming, no end in sight. Spectrion, due to high stress and sharp pain, was losing his cool. "HEY! Why don't you come down here and get a blood sample when you find the time. RIGHT NOW, YOU NEED TO GET ME THE F#CK OUT OF HERE." Ethan shook his head. "Keep going once you get to the walkway I can activate a lock down and your home free. Spectrion saw the pristine walkway, its glass windows appeared as salvation to him. Yet on the other side of the walkway forces had gathered, their sights baring down on the hero. C'mon, c'mon. The suit kicked into overdrive, constant light surging through it as Spectrion manipulated time to a near stand still, this ability would quickly exhaust the suit of all energy but it gave him enough time to acrobatically dance through the bullets. He dove forward as the lock down sequence was initiated, cutting both parties off to him. A couple managed to dive in after him but he took off, propelling himself through the window. He fell 30 feet and hit the ground hard. The butterfly doors of the BMW X9 opened up and he climbed in, breathing heavily as the suit shut off. The roar of an engine and the sound of bullets ricocheting off the car's exterior were all that he heard as he slipped out of consciousness once again.


Sleeping at the Top

Have you ever been to a Fantasy Factory? A place where the most outlandish, awe-inspiring inventions are created and put into use for the amusement of individuals. Few places like this existed in this world. Where everyone sees inventions as financial advancements instead of practical devices. With companies like Zeraz Industries, or Starks Enterprises most innovations created are mass produced and marketed throughout the world before most of its applications are revealed. Although Ethan Starks, former Owner of Starks Enterprises, profited generously from this business venture he still held a fondness for his passion of building. Thus the reason why he created his own private workshop where he created inventions the world may never see. Devices and tools built by him and for those he decided to expose to the inner workings of his mind.

A soft pitter patter of footsteps echoed down the empty halls of Ethan's Workshop as a lone soul traversed the area. The building itself was both a technological and architectual phenomena the likes of which the Earth would not know of for many years. The foundation seemed as if it was rooted into the ground. Yet the shape and structure of the building seemed to much for the way it was placed. Like a tree on the brink of tipping over the building seemed to lean a bit too far for the beams embedded into the ground to keep it steady. Some see the building as a magical creation and its creator laughed at those people's limited perceptions. The curved walls of the site gave off a feeling of encroachment as you walked beside them. They seemed to close in on you as well as make the ditstance traveled seem longer in retrospect. At The end of a corridor there were paths to the left and right, each leading to a white door that would sliding open when it sensed movement as well as the right genome.

"I know he is here, I can hear him breathing." A figure whose stature and features were identical to Ethan Starks growled as he sauntered through the workshop. For the past year he had made many attempts to find and destroy what was left of the man Darkchild nearly killed. With him being the only person somewhat aware of Ethan's true condition at the current moment he refused to allow his predecessor return and snatch what chance he had at a life back. After taking the right turn and stepping past the metal door he spotted a pod, leaning against the wall. A speciman laid inside the pod, his skin seeming to glow vibrantly with every heave of his chest. "Am I too late?" The doppelganger chided to himself as he cautiously made his way across the room. He found it quite peculiar that the room housed only a single pod. No room in the entire facility was like this from what he remembers of his ventures through here before. In fact, much had changed as far as the interior of the building was concerned. The once colorful, matte walls were now a bold white and the shape is much more freeform as oppose the rigid design of before. Even the light fixtures had become more dynamic, providing light to specific areas heavily, as well as motion activated light. The identity thief felt unfamiliar with his birthplace but quickly shook away the thought as he stood face to face with his original creator.

"All this time, and you were right here. Healing, growing stronger no doubt. But, there was no doubt in my mind that I would find you. No matter where you go, you can never escape me. Because all I am is you. Now I will end you!" With a ferocious roar the doppelganger extend his hand out to the pod. Yellow energy gathered in his palm whilst energy bolts strode up his arm with fierce intensity. Seemingly, in response to the power fluctuations the room went dark. Ethan's body no longer was glowing and all that could be seen was the expulsion of energy from the doppelganger's arm. it crashed into the pod and bright yellow light engulfed the area as the energies collided and erupted. A vicious roar was expelled from the building and people striding by were frightened the sound. The lights were restored and a large smoke cloud covered the blast radius. With a snide smirk the doppelganger turned to make his exit. "Where do you think you're going?" A synthetic voice chimed in. In that same moment the metal door slammed shut with a loud thud. "AVA, how nice it is to here from you. If you would be so kind as to open the door I won't make my way to the mainframe and cause your programming to order the extermination of every Starks Enterprises employee."

The doppelganger's calm demeanor, and smart alec smirk subsided went he felt the presence behind him. His shoulders cringed and his smile curled up into a frantic grimace. "Impossible! You heart was ripped from your chest! That blast contained enough energy to melt adamantium! Yet your still here! Why is it that you and your damn family have such a hard time staying dead?!" As the dust and smoke settled, Ethan, crouched on one knee with his fist planted in the ground, opened his eyes for the first time in many years. His wild, raven colored hair had grown length, extending past his shoulders. He was no longer wearing the tuxedo he had on the day of his so called death. His body was covered in the tight suit he wore under his carrondium armor. The blue lines that ran across the suit complimented the black base well. He rose to his feet, casually swiping the locks of hair from out his eyes. His classic smirk was ever present as he bore into the eyes of his clone.

"You threatened my livelihood. You threatened my wife. You threatened my kids. You tried to steal my identity! Then, you come in MY workshop and threaten MY AI? If you weren't me I'd kill you." Ethan eyes began to glow white, transparent energy swirled around his aura and the pressure in the room dampened. "That's right, you won't kill me, because I'LL KILL YOU!" The manic clone lashed out with bolts of pure lightning. He tossed them aggressively at Ethan. With quick, precise steps Ethan managed to evade the bolts. Every bolt erupted with light as it carelessly crashed into the force field's erected around the walls of Ethan's facility. Blue shimmers flashed as the energy was deflected and displaced. Ethan's footwork was flawless. With each step he positioned himself out of harm's way whilst quickly closing the distance between his attacker. A blood lusted roar was bellowed by the doppelganger as he ceased his electrical bombardment. The two men stood within arms range for no less than a second before erupting into a grand bout of fisticuffs. Their speed was blinding as they kicked parried and evaded strike after strike. Neither could get the upper hand but one could see that the battle was truly an uneven match. While Ethan fought effortlessly his opponent poured every ounce of feeling and strength into his movements. Ethan clearly outclassed his opponent and the clone knew it. A wild haymaker was the deciding blow as it flew well over Ethan's head. The clone had no time to recover as Ethan came around his extended arm and let off a blast of energy directly into the clone's face. The white energy rushed like a tidal wave from Ethan's right palm and the clone's body collided with the shields so they nearly gave in. His body slid to the ground lifelessly. Ethan's eyes returned to normal and his aura calmed itself. "Pshhhh. He wasn't so tough. I hit em with my weak hand." Ethan walked over to the body and tossed it over his shoulder. "AVA warm up the Vanquish for me. And tell Mrs. Starks she has a 5:30 appointment with Mr. Starks. Oh and remind that there's no sleeping when your at the top." Ethan smirked and it felt good. "Will do sir."


Starks Enterprises

 Corporate Office, L.A. 
After marketing several billion dollar innovations Ethan Starks has launched his self employed, arms dealing business, Starks Enterprises, United States number one weapons supplier. With factories setup in the capitol of each state Ethan has attempted to swallow the business whole, leaving no room for weak competitors. He claims that he will usher in a new wave of technology in an attempt to redefine the term "Modern Warfare."

 Ethan Starks, CEO     

      Cassidy O'Rourke-Starks, Executive Assistant