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Name: Ethan Starks

Age: 26

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'1 "

Weight: 220

Powers: Ethan returned from the realm of death with a host of new abilities. In his time spent in the Land of his Dead he was able to spend much of his stay with his mother in the magic realm as well as James Wilson, The Honor Guard. Under her tutelage his magical capabilities have been greatly expanded. The restrictions once placed on his body have been lifted in his rebirth allowing him to access a repetoire on par with the Goddess who tutored him. No longer is a transformation required for him to access his true magical prowess as well. His strength has increased greatly placing him in about the 15 ton range at best. Both Ethan's speed and agility have seen significant boosts as well. His senses and perception are at superhuman levels, on par with his fathers. All this is a sign of his once dormant Krpytonian abilities awakening.

Skills: Ethan is a marksman, a well season fighter, and a brilliant strategist. He has some parkour skills as well. Because he is from a more advanced age is intellect is higher then the average person. He's also a technology specialist. Due to his time as Gambler's Apprentice Ethan possesses the trademark skills and abilities of an assassin. Since Ethan's rebirth, his repertoire has expanded. He's further developed his skills as a free runner and a gymnast as well as his fighting skills. Honor Guard's training further advanced his fighting skills, Ethan may now rival some of this world's best fighters.

Personality: Like his father, Ethan is full himself. He's inherited his mother's belief in upholding righteousness and his father's flirtatious demeanor.

Family: Aurora Starks, Light Starks, Phaedre Starks, Cassidy O'Rourke, Aliana Starks, Thomas Starks

Carrondium Armor VII

Ethan's workshop, still the vast storage space of all Ethan's inventions maintained tip top condition in his absence. The moment he returned Ethan was able to resume work. The first thing he created was a new armor, unique in both design, implementation, and versatility. After venturing to the Ice Dragons island and exploring the lair Ethan found himself inspired by Andferne's legacy and crafted an armor with a keen likeness to his, hoping to carry on his legacy and use this symbolism to inspire the people he was prepared to defend with his life. Firstly the entire suit is made of a hybrid of carrondium metal and a symbiote from the realm of magic. This provides the suit with the ability to absorb ambient energies. These energies surge throughout the uniform enhancing both the users abilities as well as the suit's. The suit possesses a gravitational actuator, which allows the wearer greater control in the air. At times the user will feel lighter when that extra swiftness is required. The reverse is possible as well in cases where the wearer may wish to dive faster or apply more pressure to their blows.

The suit possesses a stealth system that allows one to blend into the environments seamlessly. The gloves have in each hand a grappling hook on one end and a dart shooter. On the back of the suit there is a mass storage system. Two slots lie adjacent to one another housing escrima sticks. Just below that is where the mass storage system lies. The storage is managed through neural readings and dispenses whatever tool is required by the wearer at the moment. Though the storage space is infinite the size of the items that can be stored is limited. The suit is flame retarded, has a built in air filtration system which doubles as an life support system, security system, can resist low caliber arms fire and absorb shock. Lastly, the suit has a built in comm system, this combined with the omni tool that Ethan wears, which is wired to the supercomputer in his workshop grants vast amounts of on the go information as well as multiple visual options which only further enhances his superior senses.Through Lady's Liberty's and Ethan's further augmentation the chest of the armor, specifically the star in the center is plated with a substance rivalling diamond's density, making it all but impenetrable. Ethan incorporated a molecular shield capable of absorbing energies with a greater capacity and speed, breaking down the energy and converted it into fuel for Ethan's abilities when super-charged.

Offensive Weaponry

Shield: A concavo-convex metal disc approximately 2.5 feet (0.76 m) in diameter, it is indestructible due to a blend of adamantium with carrondium providing the shield with both energy displacement abilities as well as shock absorption, giving the illusion that the wearer possesses super human strength. Its design is relative to that of his armor with the star emblazoned directly in the center, identical the one on his chest.

High Tech Visor: The main feature of this device was to help Andy control his beams. But over time more gadgets and devices were implemented into it. One of which is a sound emitter that increase or decrease the sound waves of objects. This feature when increase helps him to hear so keenly that he can hear the subtle changes in one's heart rate, and even the sweat dripping down someones cheek. When lowered it protects his ear drums from sonic disturbances all of which can be done on a whim with just a subconscious thought. A state of the art targeting system has been incorporated into it which grants him spatial perception on a superhuman level. Giving him near perfect aim and an uncanny sense of trigonometry. With this he can predict the position of superhuman speedsters with enough accuracy to tag them with his blasts. Other additions to this unique visor are various visions. Such as X-ray vision, microscopic vision, and telescopic vision as well as night vision. The visor also holds a motion camera which let's him not only record what he sees, but play them over again or even enhance them. It also contains a direct up-link to his own database which he continuously feeds information to. The last addition is more of a luxury, an MP3 player. Upon discovering this device, deep within the Dragon's Lair Ethan brought it back to the JLI and restructured it to work for him. Not only that but Ethan was able to install a high powered energy cell which allowed him to fire thought controlled optic blasts without the innate ability. Ethan enhanced the power cell further giving him a variation on the type of energies released.

Kinetic Blast: This blast was made of pure concussive force, capable of mowing down anything in Ethan's path. Like Andferne Ethan can control the size and intensity of the blast, but to a greater extent.

Ion blast: The ion particles in this white beam are designed specifically for shields or items that displaced energy. The ionic bonds welded together tightly enough that they could ignore the properties of multiple shielding types allowing Ethan to destroy them with sufficient output

Heat blast: This blast projected concentrated radiation that could fry a target within seconds, depending on the intensity. Ethan can use this with surgical precision thanks to the targetting system in the suit and on low setting the blast is inivisible.

Cryo Blast: Firing off a blast empowered with cryo energy this power can chill a target down to the bone, stalling there nervous system, slowing down there receptors and possibly freezing the target outright.

Stun Blast: This blast when aimed correctly can disconnect the the neural link between the body and the brain effectively making whatever it touches inoperable for a limited amount of time. Attacking different parts of the body can produce different effects.

Escrima Sticks: Two, titanium made fighting stick with electric power cores. Every time they make contact with an object 1.5 amps surge from the stick to the target. Using his suit Ethan can amplify this ability to produce devastating displays of electrical surging. The sticks also possess the ability to ricochet off people and objects when thrown correctly. After Lady Liberty's upgrades the electrical surges power has been greatly amplified. With Ethan using his own power enhancing capabilities the escrima sticks charge can bypass most armors, delivering a shock incapable of resistance.

Wingdings: About 7 in long, shaped like a bat wing these are used as projectiles. Ethan also possesses a remotely controlled version of the wingding with which he can reach impossible areas with. There is an explosive type, freeze type, and a sonic type which possesses a multitude of adjustable frequencies. Lady liberty's creation of a diamond like substance has been placed on the edge of these wingdings, giving them a razor sharp non-serrated edge capable of possibly cutting through adamantium.

Smoke bombs: Releases a thick smoke within a 10m radius. Used to stun and conceal,

Gas bombs: Releases an odorless, invisible, incapacitating agent that renders its victims unconscious for several hours at a time.

Flash bombs: Releases an immense amount of light, used to blind and conceal.

Sonic bombs: Releases a high pitch whine that will render a human incapable of movement.

Poison Dart: Releases a neuro toxin into the blood stream than can kill within twenty for hours. Knowing that Ethan would be facing enemies with healing factors Ethan designed the neuro toxin to disable said abilities upon its first entry into the bloodstream. After effectively shutting down the immune system it locates the brain's physical memory, deleting the knowledge of how to repair the tissues. From there it spreads, destroying the organ systems one by one.

Paralysis dart: With less lethality, this dart shuts down both the immune system as well as the nervous system, rendering a target paralyzed but conscious.

Knockout dart: This dart effects the brain's frequency, prevent it from sending signals to its receptors correctly. Being to bypass a healing factor as its not detected as a poison this effect may disorient or possibly render the target unconscious. They're motor functions and senses would suffer the most. Depending how high the dosage is, damage may be permanent.

Zabrak Tystels- A disruptor pistol fabricated by Ethan Starks for the Zabrak people, this weapon shot an energy wave consisting of disruptive, non-harmonic energy pulses that excited a target's molecules to the point that it destroyed the bonds that held their constituent atoms together. Using these weapons the Zabrak were able to reclaim there planet from a synthetic race that had pushed them out over a century ago Ethan dual wields these pistols but only brings them out on his most dangerous missions.

Omni-tool: is a handheld device that combine a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack, and minifacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, an omni-tool can be used to analyze and adjust the functionality of most standard equipment, including weapons and armor, from a distance.

The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment.

Cain Gauntlet prototype: a portable particle accelerator surrounding an array of dust-from element zero chambers. By subjecting its eezo chambers to extreme positive and negative currents fueled by antimatter reactions, the weapon projects mass effect fields that shear away at the target. The fields warp ambient materials with such explosive force that the impact produces a mushroom cloud. It uses graphite rods as neutron moderators, but they require frequent replacement to sustain power. Fortunately, the omni-tool can refabricate most items into graphite rods. The prototype can release two shots before requiring a reload and takes 4 seconds to charge. The amount of charge-up time is understandable as the weapon is a juggernaut capable of unstoppable destructive power

Gravity Gun: The large pistol shaped gun fires concentrated bursts of dark matter. When these burst make contact with any type of material it causes the matter to be compacted into a highly dense ball. The molecules bash against each other with such strength that they begin to burst, rapidly destroying the object. As the effect spreads the bursts become larger and more more potent resulting in fiery explosions. Dark matter is highly unstable, therefore the gun may fire twelve shots before becoming inoperable and requiring a reconstructive reload.

Anti-matter grenade: This grenade is only effective when in direct contact with an object or surface. Ethan has coated the device in a strong adhesive, incapable of being separated through any natural means. The grenade can be activated remotely from Ethan's omni tool. When activated the antiparticles combine instantaneously with the normal particles, destroying them outright.


This suzuki Rx is a top line custom remake of Ethan's. Outfitted with twin rocket launchers, nitrous, and a jet plane feature this speed demon is not to be tangled with. Within the confines of Andferne's advance visor Ethan discovered some research notes as well as a blueprint for motorcycle upgrades. Via an electromagnetic link up to Ethan's omni tool the vehicle can be operated remotely, making it possible for it to be summoned from long distances. Furthermore the bike has been reconfigured to not only morph into a one manned jet, but a suit of armor that boosts Ethan's speed, strength, durability, and reflexes substantially. The suit is outfitted with all of Ethan's offensive weaponry and the helm has all the technological abilities that were built into his omni tool, making it a titan of machinery.

The BMW X9 was developed by Ethan before he sold the concept to BMW. He created a prototype beforehand, with titanium armor plating, aluminum BBC Twin Turbo 632 cubic inches, V8 twin turbo, octane-on-demand multi-fuel system, ejector seats and a host of tools and gadgets. The vehicle is activated by a power glove which sends a bio electric charge through the systems.