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moving on.... Ryan Reynolds would play an awesome deadpool. in the trinity movies he did an awesome job of being a completely sarcastic jackass and all he needs is the lines and i bet he could do an awesome deadpool. and no that doesn't make you gay.

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Doctor Dare says:

"Tenacious D has the best Lyrics."

YEAH TENACIOUS D!!! but i have to say jimi hendrix is better. and even if he didnt make the lyrics himself (e.g. All along the watchtower) he sings em better always.

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alright i didnt read what he said all the way through so if you read this BEFORE i edited then. My Bad! i thught he said born with addy claws... and that would make no sense
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Modi says:

"Depends on what genetics can achieve and technology.I reckon at somepoint something akin to iron man will around, at least an armored suit."

well they did make this suit for the army or sumthing (not completely finished yet, still only a skeleton) that can lift two hundred pounds with little work from the wearer. their apparently thinking about turning it into a suit for army people, but it could also be used for people who do heavy work with heavy things. in the future i think more of a starship troopers thing could happen (referring to their suits) now that would be kool.

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Legendary Bio Vishanti says:

"Could NC teleport Juggs into a steel wall?? I heard that if he does that, the steel wall would be inside of Juggy, along with outside."

well all the matter would sorta part to the side wouldnt it? and i dont think juggs body is going to part to steeel considering he can simply run through it.

and the whole any momentum amkes him invul thing.... well his atoms and moleculas have momentum of their own so wouldnt they push all other molecules out of the way? i dont know maybe i think too scientifically

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Gambler says:

"This is the Cat. He's a normal human and the master of **ONE**style of Martial Arts.He owns Deadpool. Now was there anything in that scan, that Batman couldn't have done? Change out the throwing stars for bat-a-rangs and there's no difference, except Batman has mastered over 200 styles of Martial Arts and Cat has only mastered one."

(i took out the picture but) he ends up beating the cat. and in a battle batman would probably be screwed because of 1)deapools healing ability and 2) he does have a lot of skills. he is skilled with a blade and weapons so hes atleast as good in that and he can simply shoot bruce down.

basically it comes down to deadpool holding a gun over batman well hes on his knees saying

"bite this bat!"

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now before anyone reads this and gets all pissy. i know its just a comic but this is how its working so SHUTUP!

alright so Kurt does teleport cain into a wall. but by the laws of matter two things can't be in the same place at one time. and because of the way juggernaut is built the wall would end up giving way and would probably explode. and in that moment kurt would be like. oh fuck my little german ass(or whatever nationality he is). juggernaut could probably never hit NC considering his speed and teleportation. his best bet would be to drag juggernaut into the range of a psychic then take off his helmet and let the psychic finish him. but othewise the fight would last a long time to no end until juggs finally caught nc.

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i hate to have to ask but what does ibftl mean?