The Kindred

The Kindred are Shapeshifters of a restricted variety. Their powers originate from a curse that dates back to the days of the Greek gods. Nobody is currently aware entirely of what that origin is, but stories and myths have been passed down from generation to generation.

The most widely believed telling is that one of the original ancestors of the Kindred was the story of the Brothers Two. They were two brothers who had deemed to lay eyes upon the visage of Artemis. Tales already told have warned of the danger of this decision. In this case, the god Apollo took his displeasure out by cursing the two brothers into an Other form.

Over the millennia this developed into the entire existence of the Kindred. They have formed their own civilization, their own structures and their own rules. They live by a strictly enforced moral code.

There are ten different kinds of Kindred.

  • Jaguars - Panthera Onca

  • Hawks/Falcons/Eagles - Falco

  • Cheetahs - Ghepardo

  • Lions - Leo

  • Wolves - Lupos

  • Panthers - Pardus

  • Leopards - Leopardus

  • Tigers - Tigris

  • Bears - Ursa

  • Dragons - Draco

Each sect forms their own community and has their own leadership. Each group is referred to as a Patria. It is common for like to run with like. Fraternization between the groups is not prohibited, but it is frowned upon. It has lead to numerous conflicts in the past, none of which have ended without bloodshed in some form or another.

Two Kindred will always give birth to a Kindred. One Kindred and one non-Kindred have a 75% chance of giving birth to a Kindred. If a Kindred mates with a non-Kindred, they are forced to leave the Patria and live in excommunication for the safety of their mate.

Mating between different Patria is not outright forbidden, but it has lead to ostracization from either Patria. Every now and then, there are extremely rare genetic flukes where a Kindred from one Patria gives birth to a Kindred from another. These are by no means the norm. If you are a Panther, mating with a Panther, you will give birth to a Panther. The same follows for everything. The genetics of the Dracos are less…..cemented than that of the other Patrias. They are the most elusive and most thinned of all the Kindred.

Kindred are by nature loners, with the exception of their Patrias. They tend to keep to establishments that cater to Kindred. There are several bars smattered about New Orleans for this express purpose.

The Kindred are not relegated simply to New Orleans, however. They are spread out across the world. Certain Patrias are more widespread than others, and certain ones tend to congregate towards certain locales. The heart of Kindred culture is currently in New Orleans, due to the vast amount of mystical energies that are amassing around the city.

Kindred Terminology

Council - The ruling council. One member from each of the different Packs. All decisions and laws are passed through them and must be voted with a majority. The Council is also responsible for setting up safe houses (neutral ground for the different Patria to congregate, and places where humans cannot traverse without permission).

The Council is overseen by one singular Kindred. Nobody knows who this Kindred is, or if it’s just a myth.

Regis - The Regis is the leader of each individual pack. There are separate packs within each Patria and a Grand Regis who rules among all the packs of the Patria. The Grand Regis is also the Council representative for that Patria.

Rogues - A Rogue is a member of the Kindred who has not sworn fealty to the Council, and who has denied their one chance to do so after their initial refusal, or one who has broken the laws and edicts set forth by the Council. This term also applies to those of the Kindred who have been shunned from their Patrias and who have committed crimes.

A Rogue has not always committed a crime. There are allowances for members of the Kindred to remove themselves from their Patria and exist solitarily. This option is only taken up during extenuating circumstances. There have been three Kindred to go peacefully Rogue.

Seekers - Seekers are the select Kindred who are designated with seeking out and hunting down Rogues and Slayers. A Kindred will have one chance to turn themselves over to their Patria before being labeled a Rogue. After that, they are moved onto the list. Of all the Rogues, there is a list of the top ten who are kill on sight by any Seeker. Aside from that, there are specific Seekers for each Patria.

Seekers are not viewed favorably by the rest of the Kindred, despite being a necessary evil. They are loathe to make personal connections, knowing that if any of those connections go Rogue, they’ll be forced to hunt them.

Sentinels - A Sentinel is a protector of their patria. They are less aggressive than the Seekers and their foremost function is the protection of those under their banner. Their foremost duty tends to be the monitoring of underage Kindred, to ensure that the more animalistic nature doesn’t take over them and lead to incidents within the Mundane or other mystical populations.

In times of war, the Sentinels function as borderline generals and are considered some of the most deadly Kindred alive, competed with for that title only by the Seekers. Sentinels are viewed much more favorably than the Seekers due to their more altruistic functions.

Slayer - A Slayer is the most hated and perhaps most feared, of all the Kindred. A Slayer is a Kindred who has given him or herself over to the full force of their animal nature. They are the top priority of the Seekers

How The Powers Work

A Kindred is born Kindred from birth. Until the age of eighteen, they are unable to control their shifts. Every full moon a shift results from the age of birth until the day of their eighteenth birthday.

Upon that birthday, a Kindred has been considered to reach their adulthood and as such, are now responsible for all actions of their own and no longer fall under parental rule.

Due to their unique physiology and genetic makeup, the Kindred are especially long-lived. Eighty years is the equivalent to the human fifty, and the median age of death is between one hundred-fifty and two hundred years old.

The Kindred are able to shift at will, with no restrictions on time of day, or moon cycle. Gifted Kindred are able to shift particular parts of their bodies (eyes, claws, etc), for specific purposes. This is a rare gift, usually only held by the Seekers and Sentinels.

A shift can be forced upon the Kindred, and this is a concern for when they are out among mundanes, as they are vulnerable for the first minute or so after a shift.

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