recently i seen pic's of him ripping the adamantium out of logan again why did he do it this time ???


If wolverine's bones and claws where boned with Adamantine    the metal that hercules golden mace was forged out of would magneto be able still to affect it the same as ADAMANTIUM ?

Politans who speak from there butts

Hey politian of maryland itss not the comic's that are the problem here 
nor is it videogames or music.....!!! Its small minded hipocrits like you and  
all the othier politan's that are the problem with the present times. 
you and the economy are the problem you all are to dang greedy here and thas why  
schools are suffering and why there no jobs,anywhere you all are just fillin your own pockets and your needs not  helpin the people of the country.    where to dang busy bailing out banks stockmarket and car companys that's the real problem !!!!!  
 Just cause you dont like comic's dosen't give you or any politan the right to speak ill on comics.   
It makes kids intrested to start reading. Marvel cartoon's
are what got me intrested in comics to begin with. Here I have been a fan of comics since i was a boy and still am 
I'll be a comic fan till i die. Publisher's like MARVEL or DC or Darkhorse ....are what made me believe in good in this world 
and god did as well. but you politan's like from maryland neeed to get life and focus on the real issues like createing jobs and start pushing money into communities and schools to get them back on track. And not blame this comics !!! You all need to pull your heads out of your 1940's or 50's way of life  and start liveing in the here and now  but dose anyone agree that comics are a problem with kids and in school reading them ?


Gen !3 Fairchild

I think she should have more of a muscular appearance than she has now,Dose anyone else think she needs here appearance changed ???