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Gaea stared at the little mortal standing before her with some strange floating black torso levitating behind him holding her blade. She took note of his features; long brown hair, six fangs and a red coat. Gaea's eyes were fixated on one detail of this man; his eyes. His eyes were a brilliant gold full of murder, lust, wrath, war and chaos. His eyes were powerful as they sent the image to his brain, her own widened when she realized who he was. Gaea's worst nightmare stood before her in a red coat and black pants. He relayed a message to Charlie telepathically while still holding Gaea's attention. He commanded that Charlie gather as many survivors as he could in the immediate area and take them to the Level 05 Labs. After a brief discussion, Charlie commenced with what he was ordered to do by this man in red.

The Titan broodmare raised her weapon in a panic then slammed it back down on the man in the red coat. However her weapon simply fell to the side. Upon further examination, this man was now holding a long thin blade which dripped blood meanwhile her entire hand was gone. Like clockwork one of the Horsemen appeared and annihilated this Titan's knees with a tremendous explosive round splashing Gaea's earthly blood on the ground. Her agonized scream faded from that of a woman into that of man and back into a woman.

“You petulant little insects dare to attack the Titan Gaea!? I am the reason for your insig-”

“Cut the speech Titan. You aren't Gaea. You may look like her and be as arrogant as she is but you hit harder than she does. That, and she doesn't use a sword. It's beneath her.”

“Stop speaking as if you know me. You know nothing!”

“I know a lot, and I know you aren't Gaea. Your blood's already changed.”

The man used his sword to point at the watered down moss exploding from her wound but faded to yellow gore. Gaea's wounds healed quickly but the rest of her body changed. She was no longer covered by flora, in fact she was no longer even a she, she became a he with grayish skin. This new Titan's rage could be seen on his face. It was unique, powerful. The likes of which were never before seen. Ancient tattoos covered the Titan's body in black ink.

“Very perceptive of you insect. I am-”

“I don't care who you are, Titan. A name means nothing on the battlefield. As far as I'm concerned you're nothing more than a large nameless, faceless corpse. Telling me your name only means your memory will live on with me for another few days.”

“Insolent little-”


At that moment several black tendrils constricted around the Titan's body and grew enormous barbs to separate flesh from bone. Six flaming vortexes shot from the earth around the gray-skinned Titan surrounding him perfectly. When the Titan's “pest” turned away to face a fallen Ivory Queen, the violent vortexes all slammed into it at once immediately reducing it to ash in and impressive explosion contained by some unusual cube made of light. Lady Lyn's savior knelt beside her with his hair covering most of his face, particularly his eyes. His sword disappeared in a puff of black and red smoke as his hand touched her soft shoulder.

“You need to go with Charlie down to lower level laboratory. You and the rest must leave. This situation is hopeless. I will hold off these abominations for as long as I can so you can get out of here. I'll meet with the rest of you in the lab. All of you need to get down there so we can get over to the most desolate part of the country where the experiments run a little more free and can post more of a threat to incoming threats. Not only that but there's not much reason for anyone or anything to be living over there so these things won't think to visit us and if they do, they'll be in for a few surprises”.

His hand swung around with a whip materializing out of thin air. His weapon swung with such force it broke the bones of anything caught in its hit box. Several beasts were even cut in half from the force. This Titan-slaying warrior disappeared in a puff of smoke then appeared long enough at the heart of another cluster of foes several dozen yards away to destroy them as well. Limbs and organs were divided as he repeated this pattern of attack multiple times. This persisted until he found himself surrounded by a cluster of Titans and Demi-Gods. None of the Titans surrounding their Kin-Slayer he recognized. Even the Demi-Gods were new to him. All existed solely as nameless, faceless victims to meet their demise. But not today. They were powerful, he had no idea what power he held and did not want to risk hurting those on his side. He did however, need to escape.

The situation grew worse by the second. It went far beyond hopeless. There was no salvation he could witness amidst this wreckage. The man's heart sank as he saw glorious Russia get dismembered before him. So much innocent blood spilled without cause, without reason. This was unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. His emotional distraction opened him to being stepped on by one of the enormous Titans. This giant beast's foot did not hurt the man, it did however keep him busy. This courageous man held the foot with both hands only to be impaled multiple times by the Demi-Gods simultaneously. Their blades all penetrated his torso and spat violet blood on the ground. The pain weakened him enough to allow the Titan to finish crushing him like the bug they believed him to be. Once the monstrous Titan removed his foot a burly Demi-God grabbed him by his hair and tossed him out to the middle where he suddenly came back to life in mid-air.

The man spun around in mid air sending out his whip to grab the throat of the Titan who stepped on him. Pulling his whip down brought a Titan head off its shoulders to earth. The burly Demi-God charged holding one ax and one hammer. He swung his weapons at the Titan killer's back however met a the grizzly fate of being impaled by enormous poisonous metal wings which shot out of his back. A tattered red trench coat spun around to reveal an angered man, an insulted God. A large black sphere made entirely of darkness obliterated another Titan's chest after erasing a Demi-God from existence.

“I am the Horseman of War, the destroyer of worlds and harbinger of death! I am the Warrior-King of Mozaia, the Kin-Slayer, the f*cking Guardian of Darkness and Light! I AM KAIN!”

Kain's final word created a storm of chain darkness lightning beginning at Kain's heart and feeding on all around him traveling between the Gods, Titans and lesser beings. Lord Aizen spun around and darted to the Tenebrasque In manor when he was knocked to the side by a flash of gold. An estranged man running in place with wings on the sides of his feet was in front of Kain who had to stop himself from flying too far away by digging a sword he created into the ground. War's irritation was blatantly on his face when he saw who it was that touched him.

“I'm going to break your legs beyond repair, Hermes. But not today, I don't have time to spare to kill a mere messenger.”

“Still just as vulgar as always, eh Kain? You don't know when to show respect to your betters.”

“I would if I had betters. Now jog on, insect.”

A blast of light exploded from Kain's eyes buying him a means to distract Hermes long enough to continue running to the Manor's Level 05 Labs. The remaining defenses continued to attack whatever they could. When Kain arrived, several faces were relieved to see him but he would not notice. A portal opened up on the far wall showing the secret base Kain wanted the survivors to go to. They were led into this new lab by several dozen experiments and once they entered the rest of Kain's experiments entered in addition to himself. They all entered just in time for when War turned around to destroy the portal he saw a collection of Gods standing on the other side preparing to enter it themselves. However Kain destroyed the control panel therefore permanently cutting off access as the primary Russian Manor collapsed. Kain sighed heavily and turned his head to face everyone who was staring at him, to look at those few who were saved.

“Well... on the bright side, I'm not dead anymore.”

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@The_Assassin_: It's been up for a few weeks already. I have links in the description.

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@Constantine: You can join whenever you'd like. As I've stated, it's an open RP and we accept all comers.

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Is he a lizard? Or just some green kid?

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@_Punk_:There was an ORIGINAL set of Gods who set everything up. They are mentioned in the first post of this Thread and I think the first post of the RP. I am slowly adding other Gods to this but from what I have so far who have been announced/mentioned are:

  • Hades
  • Tartarus
  • Erebus
  • Prosperine
  • Khaos
  • Ares
  • Anubis
  • Ra
  • Osiris
  • Veles
  • Mars
  • Pluto

I am game for including other Gods and if you have ideas please message me.

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@Soul_Rebel: People who want to off Gods, need to get with me first this way it's not just out of the blue. Not only that, but considering there aren't random Gods like there are random Titans, I can't just let people off as many Gods as they want. I've had several people ask about Hades, Anubis, and several others in PMs. Frankly, at the rate it's going, I think I should have several people take down each God.

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Funny mortal.

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Curious and strange.

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I'd like to dissect him.