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@Inner_Demon: Kain's sitting stance was a cross between a child amazed by a story he'd listened to and a scientist taking notes. As the demon explained his abilities to Kain the Horseman immediately put what was said into perspective. The logic was sound and these types of powers were always of interest to Kain due to his desire to understand them. "My interest is peaked. Tell me more, demon."

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@Inner_Demon: "Very interesting. You truly sound like the stuffs of hell, ID, there is no denying that. When you dive into the mind of another, can you see what they see? Feel what they feel? I'm more curious than anything because those are abilities beyond my capabilities." Kain scooted forwards a little bit in his chair to listen when he remembered he forgot to ask his guest something more. "Pardon my manners, would you like a drink?"

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"Psionic powers eh? I can certainly use a being with your talents. What kind of bodies can you take control of? Can you take many or is it just one at a time? How long have you existed and why have we never met?"

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@Inner_Demon: "Offer me services? What do you bring to the table? There has to be more to you than your... robust... size hm?" Kain leaned forward in his throne, interested by what the demon had to say.

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@Inner_Demon: "ID eh? You are an interesting character. Which begs the question of 'what may I do for you?' Since clearly you came for a reason. And yes, conversation does count a reason." Kain was calm, unable to wipe his plastered smile off his face.

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@Inner_Demon: The plump man caught Kain's eyes. He smiled at his guest and allowed his right foot to rest on his left leg. Kain's long brown hair drooped by his cheeks when he spoke.

"Good evening. I am the Lord of this estate, Kain Siegfried Aizen. And you are?"

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Kain marched through the doors and smiled when he saw his home. It was devoid of all life but strangely it was comforting. His throne was abandoned and begging for his presence once again. Tenebrasque In's Warrior-King sat could not help but warm himself on his much loved throne. Its Ebony and silver frame fit to his body perfectly. He did however, change his clothes from what he returned in. A purple shirt with a vest and black slacks were his clothes of choice. His hands forearms were naked, save for the living tattoos on his forearms and few rings on his fingers. Violet drapes swayed in the midst of a gentle breeze visiting the facility. Dimly lit sconces illuminated the faces of what gargoyles served as decoration inside this glorious throne room. Their grotesque faces were sculpted with a sinister, toothy grin. Kain sat in his throne room, awaiting his first visitor.

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@_Quickster_: Yes.

Good posts people. I wasn't expecting to see so many posts up when I woke up this morning but I'll get something up in a few days. I've got a few things to take care first and a few people to beat down in Tekken Tag 2.

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I've posted.

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  • Kain's been revealed to not be dead.
  • A few Titans have been killed.
  • Gaea was revealed to not be Gaea, but a no name Titan.
  • Hermes has joined the game.
  • Everyone at the memorial has been transported to another private base in Russia. A secret one.