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  • Kain was on the shuttle with everybody but left to go after Lady Death.
  • Ordered The Assassin to shoot enemies on the top of the shuttle with help from random grunts.
  • Chewing out Lady Death.
  • Summoned Giant Worms (Leviathans) to occupy/kill the Titans.
  • Earth Breakers (Experiments) Joined Kain's side.
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Earth Breakers are the big guy in the suit. (Tyrant)

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Kain was barely through the portal a few seconds when he realized they weren't at the primary lab but were instead don a transport vehicle to the lab. He cursed to himself remember that due to how high risk his test subjects were. There could only be one access route he considered safe. Teleportation was not an available option because of a multi-layered magic “firewall” he requested Lyn and Charlie build up as a safety precaution. Alezra and Selene left his transport before he could warn them about not having a means to come back but shrugged it off. When they try to teleport to the base they would be a ways off and be let in through the loading bay. If they survived the trip. A terrified muscle-head grunt pointed towards the monitor and informed him of Lyn's departure. Aizen threw his head back and rolled his eyes back. His hands slammed down on the monitor which unintentionally clicked over to the footage of Strife, Mike, fighting in Egypt.

“Are you f***ing kidding me? Can anyone follow directions? I tell the girls to sit still but I leave for fifteen minutes and suddenly what I say gets lost in the shuffle. So while the daily doses of psycho and estrogen leave to do whatever, you choose to put on an exhibition in Cairo debuting your powers as a Horseman in Cairo, Egypt so when I got back I would have something to watch?”

Kain's last sentence was directed at Mike. The Horseman's words were peppered with frustration. Kain continued clicking away on the communication device before him; the same device displaying the footage of Lyn and Mike. A fire burned inside Kain's chest and his face. His Horseman essence was awakening. The mark of the Apocalypse was emblazoned on him. He deduced that being reborn delayed the process' primary effects a little. The emotions awakening brought forth felt good. No matter how familiar it was, no matter how many times it'd happened the euphoria washing over him would not fade. He took a moment before turning back to Mike.

“You seem familiar enough with Mercy and Punishment to use them effectively. Use the lift in the corner to get to the top of the shuttle. You'll be shooting out everything and anything that registers as an enemy unless I say otherwise. Random Henchmen, there are two turrets; one up where Strife will be, and one in the lower level. Determine who goes where and do it fast. You'll both provide cover fire for Mike taking out whatever he fails to hit or whatever is trying to sneak up on him. Use your brains to determine who takes what. If you screw this up, if this shuttle fails because of your failures, I will kill you. On the spot. Charlie, lob traps from up here to down there. I need you to focus primarily on piloting this shuttle, but take what time you can to interfere down there. Shouldn't be too difficult since you broke my spell.”

War could see they were nearing their destination but more specifically the enclosures to the nastier test subjects were within range. A particular tree grew where the enclosures were so Kain could identify what was where. Orders were blared at Cid to unlock all of Kain's enclosures including the fifth tier threats. Cid was contemplating arguing with Kain about the dangers of unleashing so many species. Cid determined this was not the time to argue and did was asked of him. War also requested the Earth Breakers be awakened from stasis and a special beta project. A creature known as a Biological-Organic-Beast, or B.O.B, for short. The Solo Tyrant Assault and Raze Set (S.T.A.R.S) program was what Cid activated for B.O.B.

A voice came from the monitor with no warning. The transmission was broken but still somewhat discernable from white noise. Something resonated within him about the voice. She sounded familiar and her words referenced a tale from long ago. What Lord Aizen knew was what exactly the veil between life and death was. It was time. But how could Kain break time? There was no way to do it. However he could only think of who told him about veil. He quickly recalled it being Tiferia; his dead friend, lover and the mother Mistress Death spoke to him from beyond the grave. But what could he do with time.

It didn't matter, Kain would figure it out soon enough, he had to get to Lyn. With a metallic “whoosh”, Kain disappeared through the closing doors. Strange soldiers of golden death fought their hardest against advancing Titan forces but they simply weren't enough. They needed support badly and it would arrive but not quite soon enough. Siegfried grabbed Lyn's arm to pull her away from the conflict. His hair and skin color assumed the deathly white she knew him for. Golden orbs swam in a sea of horrible blackness. His eyes locked onto the eyes of Tenebrasque In's pale rider as he spoke.

“Lyn, what the hell are you doing? I told you to stay with the others, and leave this to me. I didn't come back from the dead just to see you die. That transport is the only way to get into the secondary Russian Complex. Get back in that transport Lyn and watch the-”

An enormous bellow sounded off in the distance. Kain and Lyn turned their heads to pinpoint the origin of this tremendous bellow. The snow traveled forward, something was burrowing forward. Something very, very big. Titans continued to advance towards Kain's base while the snow continued to advance towards them. The head of the advancing Titan Legion propelled fireballs at the snow but with as much grace and agility as a dancer the snow dodged but stop moving as well. Confused by what was going on, that one Titan stepped back to regroup with the others. They created a circle facing outwards despite their smaller mythical creature forces advancing forward.

“-show” finished Kain.

Several mounds of ice and snow exploded from the ground revealing one of Kain's largest creations; the Leviathans. The Leviathans were enormous worm-like beasts with their bodies never completely leaving the sanctity of the underground. Covered entirely in venomous spines and appendages designed to grip prey and burrow through frozen soil and raw ice. The Leviathans' monstrous gaping maws separated into four segments with each one wrapping around their torsos like a giant “X”. The Titans wrestled around with the Leviathans with the weakest Titans being constricted and dragged down to the icy depths. The primal shrieks were deafening, small avalanches rumbled down devouring part of the Titan forces. Unfortunately the avalanches were too powerful and kept Kain's experiment enclosures completely sealed. Only the Earth Breakers were visible while he still had no sign of B.O.B.

“Where the hell is everybody else? This is not looking good. Damn it Tiferia, what were you talking about?! Useless woman and her cryptic bullsh!t. Lyn, get back to the shuttle. I'll meet with the rest of you later. NOW GO!”

War descended down upon the battlefield wielding one scythe in both hands. Despite the Titan/Leviathan conflict, other creatures ran towards Kain and his Earth Breakers. The Earth Breakers were ten-foot tall lumbering behemoths with bald heads and empty white eyes. They had ashy gray skin and olive-green trench coats. Earth Breakers had immeasurable strength but moved with the dexterity of an Olympian. It was Kain, twenty Earth Breakers and twelve Leviathans vs twelve Titans and an entire army. Eons of war, and Aizen's odds still looked like rubbish.

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@Rumble Man: Great picture.

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@WillPayton: Yep that sounds about right. Won't argue with you on the Syfy thing though the majority of them are so cheezy they make me want a cracker. About as cheezy as that joke I just said. LoL.

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@Inner_Demon: "Oh. Well, welcome to family my dear Demonic ally."

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@Inner_Demon: "I appreciate your honest but please, do not fret over your enemies. Everyone, has a price and I am most certain I can turn your enemies into my allies. I do ask for one favor however; do not invade my mind, or Lady Death's."

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@Inner_Demon: "Enemies? They should bother me, why again?"

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"I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't. I usually killed things before word of me would spread. I do believe I would like having you in the fold of my 'family', ID. I extend an invitation."

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"Well, now that you speak of being brought to me, I have a question. Have any of the nightmares you've fed on been of me?"