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@Talus_: Yes you are. You're like Hamtaro.

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@Talus_: Wrong. You ARE cute. I want to pinch your cheeks right off.

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Only one for me. Sex on legs.

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Intrigued by his remaining heroics.

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I've posted.

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  • Lost 7 Earth Breakers and 9 Leviathans.
  • Stopped time completely.
  • Started time and revived the dragons. Dragons are spawning all over the globe.

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With scythes in hand, War would bring death to his enemies. Hordes of ancient beasts charged towards the Earth Breakers and their sinsiter master. The Earth Breakers charged in first and like a monstrous wall of muscle pummeled the unrelenting Titan minions. Empty eyes directed each towering mass to its next victim. Gray skinned and sexless, the Earth Breakers left piles of unrecognizable mush in their wake. Even cyclops swinging enormous clubs fell victim to Earth Breaker punches. Fire breathing chimera did their best to attack but it was all for naught. Not even their combined sweltering scorching infernos could stave off advancing Earth Breakers. Sixty-foot gaps were closed in just mere seconds by these gray-skinned monsters.

Several Gorgons stood against one Earth Breakers and successfully petrified it in place. However their celebration was interrupted by another bald behemoth using a still living cyclops as a hammer to crush each snake-bodied woman responsible for killing its brethren. Gorgon innards splattered not unlike a worm beneath a farmer's boot. Their deaths came too quickly for even a scream. The cyclops was carelessly lobbed towards another Earth Breaker who launched itself towards it's corpulent quarry. In a blur of motion, a fist broke through skull leaving a headless cyclops to taint pure white snow its executioner gone in a flash to charge after a sphinx.

That was when as if on cue, every buckle on each Earth Breakers' trench coat popped off forcing a long hissing sound from each of their bodies. Material exploded from Aizen's artificial killers as their already awe-inspiringly large bodies expanded further. Bulging muscles popped off tough leather material effortlessly revealing genderless, monstrous murder machines menacingly moving ahead. Their hands transformed into claws as large as a child. Their bodies developed qualities similar to mountain trolls; tough rock-like armor covering vital areas in the chest, legs and arms. Even the once thought dead Earth Breaker was given new life once his coat broke off. The Earth Breakers were somehow more formidable then before and brought more death to the battlefield. What they failed to notice was that for every foe felled by their merciless assault, five more spawned to replace the rank.

Kain noticed this fact quickly. He expected it. Gaea was after all, a high functioning broodmare. No matter how many were slain it would mean nothing until Gaea ceased to draw breath. A flaw had to exist, a means to cease this unending breeding of soldiers. Many legends were told but Kain never had the time to test any and therefore had forgotten all of them over the years.

Try as he might Kain was unable to recall the legend. His only option was to continue to fight and contemplate Tiferia's message from beyond the grave. War charged valiantly into battle wielding his two scythes. Quick precise movements cleaved everything in half. Kain ran along a giant's legs carefully slicing only his tendons to convert him to a roadblock as to steady the flow of enemy forces. Once the giant collapsed Lord Aizen jumped onto the shoulders of a lumbering cyclops. One scythe pierced the beast's bulging eye while the second beheaded it. Flames swung at Kain from a gaping chimeran maw. Elegantly flipping behind a still standing corpse, War slid beneath its feet to reach his new attacker. Aizen's momentum returned him to his feet setting up a neck-breaking claw swipe.

It didn't take long for more Titans to emerge from the wood works and be only a short distance from Kain. Suddenly an immense burst of energy knocked the Titans back putting some distance between he and them. He already knew it came from Lyn, irritating fact but one he wasn't surprised by. She never would leave when told, but her presence gave him an idea. Perdition. Perdition was often times referred to as the “Death Blade” or “Oblivion”, by those who witnessed its horrible power. Metallic black and white tendrils with glowing red and blue energy slithered from Kain's hand to create an enormous blade. The weapon was thick with jagged protruding spurs. Engraved in the weapon's metal were the face and hand prints of the weapon's victims.

“Perdition, show them the pain of the dead.”

Tortured souls ceased to move around within their prison for just a brief moment. Kain's chest swelled with air until he finally screamed at loud as his lungs would allow. Once the sound met Perdition's steel, countless faces and hands pressed against it from the inside out. A tremendous scream exploded from from their countless mouths sending a powerful sonic wave towards all opposing forces. Meat separated from bone, bone turned to dust and chunks of earth broke away from their foundation and crushed smaller foes. Perdition's scream annihilated countless members of Kain's opposition. One final sonic wave finished off Kain's attack and despite the high death-toll, their ranks replenished ten-fold.

This was impossible! There was no chance for them to win this battle. No chance at all. Gaea had to be destroyed but her whereabouts were unknown. Things were looking more and more hopeless with each passing second. Tiferia's words continued to echo in Kain's mind; veil between life and death. How would he access time? Time was the answer. That one word played in his head like a broken record. It tortured him. As he fought the word played. Time. Lyn did her best to slay her enemies. Time. The Titans approached he and Lyn reducing the Leviathan numbers from twelve to three and the Earth Breaker numbers down to five. Time. Aizen swung his weapons and jumped around from enemy to enemy slaying everything in his way however the numbers game began to get the best of him. Swords, claws, spears, arrows and teeth all tore into Aizen's flesh spilling his blood. Time. War dropped to one knee bloodied and bruised. Hundreds of bodies surrounded him with more on the way. The ground shook as one Titan stepped towards Lyn and swatted the pale beauty from the sky. Time. Aizen turned his head just in time to witness her being knocked from the sky and roared in fear. Time.


At that moment gold sand swirled around Kain and revealed to him the pause of time. Everything but Lyn stood in place. Even gravity stopped working and left Lyn floating in the air covered in her armor. Mountains of gold sand continued to blow around Kain who was too focused on everything else around him. Everyone and everything was held in place. Apparently, B.O.B joined the fray while Kain was busy locked in combat. B.O.B's rocket sailed through the air stopping just inches away from a troll's face.

“Lyn, are you alright?” Aizen called out to Lyn to make sure she was alright despite knowing she was since she was still moving and not bleeding too badly. The Horseman thought hard about the situation curiously holding sand in the palm of his hand. These were actually the sands of time. Somehow, he'd acquired control over them. He scooped a handful of sand up from the ground and stared at it. Images of his past appeared before him, replaying repeatedly. Images of the Dragon War. Images of the death of Tiferia. The tale she told him of a man plagued by grief was recited. The man lost his mother, his brother, his wife, his children and everyone he held dear. The man made a deal with a demon in which he would sacrifice his soul for the ability to manipulate time. The man in the story undid the deaths of his loved ones by rewinding their deaths but re-birthing their souls. He had his family, but lost his soul to the demon.

“Undo time? Is that possibly how to do this Tiferia? Was that the purpose of your story? The clue?”

War closed his hand on the moving sand images. Once his hand closed completely everything returned to normal. B.O.B's rocket blew up in the troll's face, his Earth Breakers tore a giant apart and Kain erected several dozen rows of ice spikes to impale his foes. Clouds rolled through the heavens blackening the sky. Tenebrasque In's Warrior-King prepared to attack again yet was interrupted by a booming roar coming from the heavens. From the black clouds emerged thousands of dragons in a magnificent show of swirling death. Dragons he'd killed hundreds of thousands of years ago were reborn. They were absolutely majestic. At the head of it all, was Kain's former lover, Lyn's mother, Tiferia Hystorm. Aizen looked up to see her again in her beautiful, feathered dragon form.

“Sh*t. That was easier than I expected.”

The beginning of Kain's reinforcements came, and soon, the game would change.

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Kain stared outside at the world around his home though his large windows. His hands rested on marble window sill adjacent to the ivy vine growing up the side of the home. He wore a black long sleeve shirt, buttoned down with black slacks and was completely barefoot. He waited for a fresh arrival.

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@_Quickster_: Why are you apologizing? It was a good post. I actually like your writing. It's fun.

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I have posted.