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Since both Jubilee and monet are on the same XMEn team i hope synch comes back just to mess them up

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If the creator of nico can let the story go and move on why can't everyone else the series is almost over please don't hate because it puts your favorite characters in danger i mean its comics of course thier gonna be in trouble

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black panther and black swan end up doing it i'm calling it

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so since jubilee is still a vampire i'd hope Blade would pop in to finish the threat he made to her back when she first became a vampire well i can hope. Does anyone else wanna see that too or is it only me

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PRODIGY!!!hell yess my favorite NXM no matter what anyone else says

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if Comic black manta got and upgraded suit like the yj one he'd be the coolset character under the sea

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hes going to be retconned and placed in uncanny xforce as the main villain

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Honetly no............if storm wants to stay with the jean grey school and do her teaching thing and maybe date wolverine(i don't realy care)she can...t'chala and his crew in the illuminati will be busy running the world and the king of the dead thing i'm sure will help t'challa get the avenger girls like captain marvel.....i mien he can congratulate her on her new costume then tear it off lol...........seriosly though just let them be friends and move on

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i hope DC loses the rights considering how they treated Dwanye Mcduffie, when i heard he died, my hate for DC went maximum. DC editorial are disgusting retards that its sickening, if i ever meet one i swear on g-man i will punch them straight in the face. DC have treated Dwayne and his the milestone characters like complete trash and dont deserve them

this. lol this.

how exactly did they treat him badly? everything I've read about his time with DC was basically him trying to continually use characters that DC said no to....that happens to everyone

Do a little research and you will see it is true. They have treated others worse but whatever.

I did a little research and that's what I came up with....apparently a few of his JLA story lines had to be cut short because of Final Crisis and some of the characters that he wanted to use were off limits because of Final Crisis...I don't see how that's a real happens all of the time...we all know that the big 2 have their favorite writers where the rest of the writers have to pretty much bend to them...right now it's Geoff Johns, Lemiere, Morrison, and Snyder over at DC and Marvel has Hickman, Bendis, and Remender

You're forgetting Lodel from dc and Fraction at Marvel they aren't the biggest but thier big