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@sophia89: Remove me from Deadshot, Flash, Flash Rogues, and Mr. Terrific, please. Thank you in advance.

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@erik I'm arriving at the square building to the right of Fetts' position, I think.

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@diredrill: I'll get a post up in an hour or two once I've caught up with what's going on. Is that soon enough, or will you be updating before that?

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@nighthunder: I'm coming to get you as soon as we're done at the hospital, remember? We talked about it in the PM.

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Double post.

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I choose to stay away from the part of the map Jack has shrouded, since darkness makes my invisibility redundant. Instead, after retrieving the same gear from my bag that I had earlier, I go invisible and move to the furthest corner of the map from his darkness, using my mask's vision modes to scan for hostiles and trusting my spider sense to warn me of any imminent danger.

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Shaking off my disorientation, I check my bag. Using the tac-light on one of my pistols, I confirm that it's filled with my gear, and I quickly start transferring things to my utility belt. I pack my spare ammo, a couple protein bars, my water bottle, pepper spray, stink bombs, handcuffs, matches, and knives into it, and carry the rest in my bag.

I switch my mask over to thermal vision, chamber rounds in my weaponry, ready my shotgun, and step through the doorway.

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@diredrill: I'm using my rifle for the moment, but if they're closing in on my position I can deal with them very easily with my pistols. I was just making sure I had their limitations right in my head, sorry for any confusion. I also have a radar augmentation and a cognitive enhancement that gives me a limited ability to predict enemy positions when they're out of sight, so I shouldn't be totally out of my depth tracking them.

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@diredrill: Isn't there a fairly significant cooldown between blinks? I didn't ever play the whole game, but wasn't the strategy against Whalers mostly to bait out the teleport and shoot them/use your powers to blast them while the blink was cooling down? I could be thinking of something else, but if that's the case then I shouldn't really even need my rifle to make quick work of them, my pistols plus augmented Deadshot accuracy should be plenty to deal with any that get close.

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@erik: I can haz starting location?

Also, I assume that it's too late to equip my character with Kevlar armor. :P