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@super_buck said:

@the_titan_lord: What? I've given proof. What's your counter? Show me Laura countering blur speeds.

I understand that it's not exactly what you're asking for, but I have it on hand and it seems at least somewhat relevant. Since apparently leaving an after-image is a high-level feat, it seems worth noting that Laura is capable of not just charging straight ahead but actually fighting at "blur speeds."

To paraphrase an earlier comment in the thread, she's not super sonic but she was moving at super speeds. It's clearly indicated by the blur in the art.

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@lunacyde Does Wraith's suit make the things he's holding invisible? I read maybe two issues with him several years ago, and I don't remember if that was ever demonstrated. Am I allowed to ask you for clarification?

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@highaccuser: Adam tagged Jay once in Black Reign after Jay blitzed him with a few punches. (Sort of like the Barry/Superman encounter in New-52 JL.) But Jay has easily outrun Black Adam in a race, and in another encounter he beat up Teth Adam until he was distracted by endangered civilians. I think I can rustle up scans for all of those if you want.

Internal monologues are all well and good, but Wally's feats put him leagues above Superman. Jay has kept up with Supes before, and Barry showed he was faster in the notorious "Those were for charity" instance, for example. Wally is faster than Barry and Jay, and his feats are way above Clark's. Superman has speedblitzed Captain Marvel before, so he should be a lot faster than Adam, anyway.

Flashes do hold back against Rogues, but Cold has tagged a blitzing Kid Zoom. He's also tagged Superboy and Superman in Flash #166, which indicates he can tag Adam. The gun slows Flash down enough that Cold can tag him, and Wally knows this well enough not to mess with it head-on.

The Rogues don't kill Flashes. It's part of their code, because they don't want the whole Justice League after them. (Yes, they killed Bart, but there's a lot of context to that.) Do you want scans of Flash in a mirror world? I can probably dig some up pretty easily if you're that skeptical.

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Mirror Master has sent Flash to mirror worlds a bunch of times. Cold's cold field can slow Batson down anyway, and Captain Marvel can be BFR'd while he's caught in the field.

Flash is orders of magnitude faster than Captain Marvel. Billy has been blitzed by Superman, who Wally could run rings around. Black Adam, (who's roughly equal to Billy), can't even keep up with Jay Garrick, the slowest Flash. Even at his best, Marvel doesn't have speed feats to match any of the Flashes.

@oceanmaster21 Against an opponent with Superman-level durability, I doubt the tornado would do anything more than make Billy uncomfortable.

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@fetts: I did consider footprints, but I assumed that they would be rapidly obscured. The match takes place in, after all "the mother of all snowstorms." Snow is falling rapidly and wind is gusting at 40 mph. Snow is going to be blowing everywhere and footprints are going to disappear almost immediately. In the hour you have to wait to spawn, all of my tracks on your side of the bridge should be completely wiped clean.

I have the tactical and deductive skills of Batman, so if this isn't the case I'll figure it out pretty quickly. It won't make a difference for a while, since I want you to follow me so that I can ambush you. It will only make a distance at the end of my return trip, when there's a possibility that you would see my footprints heading towards the tree and then disappearing. Since I have no knowledge, there's also the possibility that you can fly or otherwise cross the river at other points than the bridge, so if you were to go directly to Cabin A, I wouldn't want you tracking my fresh prints from behind, even if the snow obscures them within an hour. So I would be best served taking to the trees a while before I reach my final destination in order to further obscure my path, just to be on the safe side. (Batman's paranoia is infamous, and his tactical brilliance is legendary. Seeing whether the snow isn't covering my tracks fast enough is child's play.)

Damian has the agility to traipse across the rooftops of Gotham and Batman has the skill to do so even more effectively, so with the combination of the two I'll be just fine in the trees. And I'm essentially invisible Batman, I'm not going to wait in a place Ethan Hunt would expect, anyway. There's a reason Bruce doesn't get shot very often; his situational awareness and predictive tactics are a large part of why he's so effective. He's smarter than Ethan and Legolas put together, and against an unknown foe I'm naturally going to take every precaution.

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Here it is one last time!


I'll run from the starting point across the bridge to Cabin A, receiving an assault rifle with a sniper rifle scope from Swagger. Then I'll run back to the bridge. While I'm on the way the siren will sound, alerting me to your presence. I will take up residence in a tree by the bridge, giving me a good view of Cabin B and of the bridge.


My vantage point and sniper scope will let me know if you're going to Cabin A or Cabin B.

If you go to Cabin A, then you'll have to cross the bridge and pass under my tree where I am waiting, silent and invisible. When you do so, I will unload a magazine of assault rifle rounds into your unsuspecting body. Batman may not have a lot of experience with guns, but he has ridiculous hand-eye coordination and an automatic weapon and you're less than 30 feet away. Black Widow doesn't have the reflexes to dodge bullets after they've been fired, and you don't have the skillsets of consistent bullet-timers to make that possible, either. At that range, I should have no problem emptying a magazine into you.

If you survive, by some miracle, I will stealth away and find another place from which to ambush you, either with my gun or the blades in Wraith's suit.

If you go to Cabin B, I will wait in my tree and watch you. When you leave, if you cross the bridge to Cabin A, I will kill you as explained above. If you go to Cabin C, I will follow you from a distance, first stopping by Cabin B to get some explosive arrows. With Batman's skills and my sniper scope, I should have no problem keeping track of you. Once you're there, I'll take shelter for 5 and a half hours, letting precious time tick away towards my 48 hours. Then I will ghost up to the cabin and plant Rambo's explosive arrows around the door and walls. Once I've done this and pinpointed your position, I'll throw a cooked frag grenade, an incendiary grenade, and an EMP grenade through the window. The EMP grenade should knock out the lights and any technology you have while the incendiary grenade sets the cabin on fire. The superhot flames from the incendiary and the blast from the frag grenade should be enough to hurt you and set off the explosive arrows around the base of the cabin. The combination of all that should bring the house down on top of you, or at the very least leave you disoriented and wounded.

If you survive, then you'll stagger out, wounded and disoriented and with your goggles and some of your trick arrows disabled, and it will be easy pickings for me to shoot you or stealth-kill you with my blades.

If all of that somehow fails to kill you, then I'll ghost away and stay in cover, keeping tabs on Bonham in case he is invincible. If he is, I'll make sure to disrupt you every five hours in case you're trying to do the ritual again. Since you can't really detect me with any degree of consistency without Kraven's senses and tracking ability, I'll have little trouble staying unharmed for the next day and a half, giving me the victory.

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@fetts: And the text-deletion bug ate my post.

I might cry.

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@fetts: @lunacyde: Sorry, this week has sucked. I got a computer virus, I thought I had removed it only to have my computer crash for the second time in as many months, and I finally managed to restore it only to find that now I have a different virus. I've had a post mostly composed twice only to have my session self-destruct, but I'll try to have a real post up within the hour.

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@jgames: Batman has revisited his most painful memories all at once to beat an enemy that was trying to steal his mind by overloading it. Watching videos isn't going to break him.