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I must admit, I saw The Enigma Spider-Man death scene coming but I just wasn't ready for it. Some of these Spiders grew on me and I just wasn't ready to let them go. The Assassin Spider-Man for one (poor Alex, she's gonna be devastated), The Noir Spider-Man (hope he manages to recover, he barely survived), The Multi-Armed Spider-Man (the guy grew on me with his science mumbo jumbo), The Monkey Spider, just to name a few. Anyway The Scion has been revealed and now that we know time travel can play a part in this, questions about who Karn might actually be and the origins of The Inheritors have risen. Is Jennix his world JJJ? Could he be his world's Parker? Can Solus be Loomworld's Ben? Is the Karn actually the Scion who somehow traveled into the past and raised as in Inheritor!?! It could explain why we never see him actually absorb any life force what so ever -_- remember those puncture marks from his fork, they are like spider fangs.

Only Slott can tell..the bastard lol I love and hate that man

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I can just image Oprah as Waller now..

"You get a bomb in your head! You get a bomb in your head! And you get a bomb in your head! Everybody gets a bomb in their head!!"

*crowd start cheering*

Best thing I read all day lol.

I can already see the opening sequence to the movie now....

"Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I'll tell you how I became the leader of Oprah's Suicide Squad on film"

In all seriousness though I like the cast and see potential for great things. I also see how it can bomb greatly but I'm trusting DC to actually pull a rabbit out of Zatanna's hat. Seeing how they have the whole thing planned out I expect situations involving both Joker, Harley and Enchantress to give clues on the untitled Batman film and Justice League Dark. I never really worry about who is playing the character but instead more or less if they can truly bring the characteristics of the character too life. Michael Jai White could've played Bruce Wayne/Batman in Nolan's trilogy, actually capturing who the character is and what makes him who he is and I would've loved it. With that said I prefer Michael Jai playing Black Spider, the man just screams ninja assassin. Wesley Snipes can be Bronze Tiger. Regarding Task Force X, I'm just going to see where this goes for now.

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Awesome! My favorite part about this is that they have finally gone back to what the first movie was about which became completely forgotten in 2 and 3. The power of science, genetics in particular. The got so caught in the fact that they could, they didn't stop and consider if they should. This movie has my money in it's bank.

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I can't wait to watch this with the kids tonight, we're gonna have a blast. Thanks G-Man

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@bigggheadtj: I think you are right on that, I remember Morlun saying something along those lines.

@soa: Yeah I caught that too. is it reall Miles or another Miles? I'm not sure either. Although if it is Ultimate universe it could explain Peter's return.

So here's what I can figure out:

1. Loomworld (Earth-001) is the same as any other Earth. There's a Robbie, a Doc Ock, so on so forth. So that begs to ask who exactly are the Inheriators? Sure they have names but is that their true identities? The last time I saw a being from another world consuming Spider Totems was the Parker of Earth-11638 aka The Ghost Spider, formerly The Amazing Spider. He consumed every Spider he could get his hands on to become the most powerful being on his Earth stronger then even Galactus.

2. LS (Lord Solus) favors Morlun because he is the one who will inherit the role of the head of the family. From the bit of dialogue Daemos an Morlun got from LS it sounds like they know Daemos will meet his end before his father, which is why Daemos is going all out Hiroshima on his hunts. As for when who knows....oh wait Slott does.

3. Kaine is The Other, we knew something was special about it because well it's part of the reason why Morlun got trounced by Ol' Webhead during The Other. The Bride has been mentioned before as being Silk. So does that must make Peter the Scion. He is the only Spider to give Morlun the ol' one-two boot twice, albeit at nearly the cost of his life but hey a win's a win.

4. Morlun makes excuses because he can't beat anyone in 616, Black Panther even beat Morlun by sending him to hell...literally. So yeah he's staying away for a while longer.

5. Lastly as I said in #1 Loomworld is just another Earth, so can Master Weaver be that worlds Peter? Could explain why he keeps making Peter or someone similar to him the Spider-Man. I'll let that one linger for future issues but this what I can see so far.

Quick update: I just remembered The Weaver itself could be Earth-001 version of the Spider that bit any and all of the Spider-Men and Spider-Women on every earth. Madame Web (Julia Carpenter) did say that Peter is at the center of the Web of Life and Destiny, where it just so happens to be where the Weaver sits and spins the multiverses Web of Life and Destiny . That being said, Karn could be that worlds Parker, seeing how he never likes his hunts and using a weapon that leaves two puncture marks like a spider's fang..sneaky Slott is sneaky. But we'll find out more as the story goes.

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So what? This all leads to a Marvel/DC crossover mega event called Omniverse, where they meet and take down the merged form of Brainiac and Beyonder known as Breyniac or Beainder or something. I can dig it. If anything I want to see what happens to the other verses. That's what drew me to Spider-Verse, to be able to see the reactions of the characters in response to these events. If it doesn't tug a string or 2 it's no good

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I'm not surprised that they hold him in such high regard. From what I gather he is only one out of all of them who has ever actually defeated an Inheritor (Morlun) not once but twice without the Enigma Force. Just good old fashioned Spider-Sense and reflexes, a dash of quick thinking, a spritz of prep, and a hint of Parker Luck. Pretty impressive resume for the war if you ask me.

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lol I'd rock the Robin costume no problem. Not saying I'm in shape or anything (far from it actually) but I'm not easily embarrassed enough not to go out in it. I so want that Cobra Commander costume. It looks awesome!

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ended way to early, I loved the direction it was going. So sad to see something with potential die off so early. I wished that had decided to do one final season straight to DVD/Blu-ray and finish it off and release it to end the series how it was intended too.