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I love the show, it makes me laugh and my baby sister, who's 5, loves it to. Also because of this show she became more willing and less frighten to watch the original Teen Titans show and grew to love that too. She still prefers the new one for it's absurdity but hey isn't that why we love Adventure Time too. Anyway she now is more into comics then before so I say let it keep going.

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Sounds cool but Batman v Superman: World's Finest what have been better IMHO. I always felt like this started as a Man of Steel 2 and just change into a new movie all together. Like in the comics. you have Superman, World's Finest, Batman, Justice League, etc. Hope that's what they are going for because the most any character should get in another character movie is a cameo where he isn't too out shined or over shadowed.

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I loved them all!!!

btw @captain13 very nice with the music video, definitely a favorite

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From Batman: Under the Red Hood

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eh...6.5/7 out of 10. Decent for a Movie but doesn't remain a staple in the Batman mythos. Honestly I wanted to see Tim instead of Dick because it feels like they are trading in the Nightwing name for more viewing audience. In my opinion that was not Deathstroke at all. I refuse to believe it. Damian is deadly but he's not that good against the Terminator himself.

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Just what I expected to get out of this movie even though I haven't seen it. My only disappointment is that Rhino doesn't get a full brawl scene :(

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@punyparker: Is ASM #1 out already? I thought it got released next week...coincidentally the same week when TASM 2 comes out -_-