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Well everyone, its finished what i had set out to accomplish. the ElusiveStorm is no more and i would gladly like to ask each of my friends to take this account and the original ElusiveStorm off their friend's list. I will reach each of you with the new character that i have jus created.

PS: I would like to be the first the say "Goodbye ElusiveStorm"

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He felt the cod hand of Lya touch his, he nodded in response to her question. He turned around to meet her face and smiled. The kinetic power within was starting to grow unstable and the only way to prevent any harm or destruction was for him to meet the cloud head on and find out if his only hope would become a reality or be a fatal dream that would end his life.

"Please hang back by the ship, i'm going in."

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek, he had mentioned about this defining moment so many times over the past few days and it was time to finally accomplish what he had set out to do. He had let go of Lya and ran towards the mist, which seemed to form a fanged mouth ready to consume him. Without making a sound he fired the kinetic energy that had been bottling inside his body, relieving the pressure but fueling the monstrous beast-like cloud.

"Goodbye ElusiveStorm"

With saying that he had jumped into the Terrigan Mist's newly shaped mouth where it consumed him leading into the darkness of its celestial body.

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your on the right track, i have no explanation why my powers just spiked.

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well do what you want to, i aint in control of your fate, jus mine if i do survive "Playing in the mist"

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Everything has changed:

The Beggining

Leadership of a newly hated race

Peaceful isolation

*Stealthy Human Warrior8

Exodus Phase

Now, The Changing, Death of ElusiveStorm

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if your exposed to it too.

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Logan turned to see Lya, he smiled noting that the end was near for the man he had been known as to many The ElusiveStorm. Suddenly his hands started to glow with kinetic energy, then his orange eyes started to glow with intensity. A few hundred yards away, the source of this mission had revealed itself, the Terrigan Mists. It was an overwhelming force that had the power to change the universe, it was the reason for the unexplanable growth in ElusiveStorm's kinetic powers.

"Maybe you should go back into the ship..."

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Could some one please Eyes changed to Glowing Orange, the white parts of the costume changed to orange and lastly the energy streams changed to glowing "kinetic" purple.

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Phases through the High Caliber's main doors, his eyes glowed with brigt orange fury today was not a good day for ElusiveStorm. he started browsing around the shop

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Logan walks through the doors for what seems to be his last visit here as the ElusiveStorm, he takes a seat at his favorite table beside the window and starts to think.

God, why have i done all these horrible things?