A New Alias

The night of May 17th marked the most defining moment of my experience here on the vine, it showed that i didnt have to die jus to change. It showed me that even a stranger can care and grow to love another, to save that person from his fate. Thank you Lillya Wildchild for all that you have done for me so suddenly and recently but i still need to change. Hopefully during this new week, i will find a new name and alias for myself and wash my hands clean of ElusiveStorm's reputation. before i can do so i your help comicvine to find that particular Alias for me. I have already chosen my primary power for this new persona: Audiokinesis. Here is a description of this uncommon yet pwerful ability:


Sonic Scream: ElusiveStorm’s most prominent offensive weapon is his voice, rivaling that of Black Bolt, ES utilizes this power to the extent of which a hypersonic shout can level a city or awaken distant volcanoes and cause tremors on a continent on the far side of the planet. It has even been stated as capable of destroying a planet. Able to have a limited amount of control on this power through speech, he can only whisper without causing any damage decreasing his ability to speak tremendously.

Sonar: Can use his sonic powers as a form of sonar (Sound Navigation and Ranging). By sending out a precise, pure note and listening to the returning, altered wavefront of the note, he can evaluate his surroundings in total darkness with varying degrees of resolution.

Vocal Unconsciousness: Ability to affect the fluid in someone’s ear causing the person to go unconscious.

Sound Immunity: ElusiveStorm’s hearing and equilibrium are unaffected by his power or other similar abilities.

Enhanced Vocal Stamina: Possesses superhuman stamina in his lungs, throat, and vocal cords.

I place my fate in everyone's hands and need your help for me to start fresh

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Elusive Farewell & A New Beggining

Hey its ElusiveStorm, well it seems my regular account has gone into some technical problems that may result in a possible termination. With this untimely coincidence, i am withdrawing all of my participation from the vine until further notice. This is an official farewell and looking back at all the wonderous and epic memories well remembered from this site i am honored to have been apart of the vine. I am pleased to have worked with so many outstanding and remarkable characters, including: Mighty Magneto, Nighthunter, Renegade Lantern, Gambler, Darkchild, Lexi, Res, Lst Paladin, Spartan, Warlock, WW and Celestrion and etc. A special farewell will go to my closest friends here on the vine, old and new.

LadyoftheNight16: You were the first person on the vine to be considered a close friend, your charisma and optimistic attitude was never corrupted, you'll be a friend forever.

Rdeegvainl: The original Arcryn, you helped my team live through so many trials. A brother in arms, i know greatness will continue to reach your name.

Zee Crusher: My first official foe, we've clashed many times on friendly terms and both won our fair share (even though i lead in our little battle scores lol). Whatever trials you face, i know your more than qualified to overcome them.

Lux: Hey my favorite assassin, your still the future of the vine among many others, i hope to hear many great deeds of your purpose.

Maelstrom: A devoted friend that never gave up on me, i'm sorry that we;ve havent kept in touch since you left but you helped shaped ES and advised him to become better than his novice status.

Phoenix God: Hey PG, there is no better ally in tough situations than you with your quotes of wisdom and strength of heart.

Akira Overdrive: What can i say? You were the biggest factor in my vine life! From humble begginings to rough trails between us, your a great friend that helped me start up, but a better foe in all aspects. I expect you to keep your @sshole-ish attitude and rise up again here on the vine or so help me God, you'll regret it lol.

Well, i'm done my goodbyes except for one, the big cheesy dramatic finale. Ive changed alot throughout my whole experience here but one thing has not, my love and passion for this place. I'll miss everything about this place but things must move on so briefly, i thank everyone for making this experience interesting and great for me and farewell.



ElusiveStorm has finally relinquished his involvement in the vine universe but a new power will replace him, it is up to everyone what this man should be called.

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