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If you want to see Bendis shine again, get this! 0

I came into this read with extremely negative expectations. I remember way back when the Ultimate Universe was still in its infancy and it was outright stated that they were never going to do a crossover. But that was 10 years ago and as Bendis has pointed out in an interview about the crossover, "Things change." It just seemed gimmicky and lately, gimmicky has taken precedence over quality content and depth, such as with Marvel's AvX and DC's New 52 for the most part. Lately Bendis has just not...

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Get it because I said so 0

I have been loving this series so far. Kaine has been a thoroughly enjoyable character that has very human struggles. He is a man that is good at his core but struggles with who he used to be and because of his past, he sees himself as a villain. But beyond that, what makes him interesting is that he wants to be good.This issue was really good. We got to see so much; how the city of Houston saw him, his internal conflict, his friends and some crazy fighting. I did not like a few things. They gav...

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Great issue! 0

This series is my second favorite post apocalyptic dystopian comic series next to The Walking Dead. It does not play at being edgy like DC's New 52, it outright is hardcore edgy comics. Never does an issue arrive that is not packed to the gills with blood. One of the coolest things about it is pretty much what was one of the coolest thing about this series when it came out in the 90s. We get to see some of our favorite characters in a dark mirror. Like Star Trek's Mirror Universe. Often the bad ...

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Great issue to get you into Captain America 0

This is my first read for the Captain America volume. It is the second issue in the "Shock to the System" story arc. I was worried that I would be kind of lost without having read Captain America 11, which started this arc but I had no such problems. Everything I needed to know was on the first page. There is a new Scourge villain but this one believes what he is doing is saving America. Gyrich is his handler and used to be a high ranking politician/patriot that Captain America got fired last ye...

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Meh... 0

I can only review this issue as a reader that has not read any of the issues from the previous Batman Incorporated series. I decided to pick this issue up because of the ridiculous praise this issue has gotten, it had Grant Morrison as the writer and because it was a first issue, which is usually the perfect time to jump into a series. However, I felt like I was getting the middle of a ongoing story here.A face only Burnham could love.Honestly, I have no idea why this issue is getting so much pr...

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Decent JL Fantastic Shazam! 0

There were a lot of big names on this issue. Jim Lee, obviously one of the most notable among them. I happen to love Gary Frank's work as well. In fact for me, Frank is the main reason I picked up the issue even though he only had the 11 page short at the end of the main issue.Let's start with the Justice League portion of the issue. Jim Lee is an amazing artist and anyone that says different is just trying to be a tosser. There is no disputing the fact that he makes the characters look good. I ...

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Very fun for this non-Hulk fan 1

The first thing I noticed about this issue was the cover. I have never seen Komarck's art before but I can honestly say that he is awesome. The lines, the rendering, everything about this cover is something I would want hanging on my wall as a poster. Just a fantastic piece of work.Then we go inside and get art that I love just as much from Palo and Martin. I have never been a Hulk fan. I have never really understood how Hulk could carry his own title. To me, he has always seemed like a plot dev...

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I have had the pleasure of reading the first two Higgins issues on Deathstroke before picking this up so I could compare the two takes on Deathstroke. I have never been a major Deathstroke fan but I never had a problem with the character either. I mostly was ignorant to his appearances in Pre-New 52. I have been told that Higgins was ruining Deathstroke. After reading Liefeld's first issue on the new Deathstroke series, I just do not see how that is possible.Everyone is aware of how terrible of ...

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Save the change for the important issues this week 0

This was an issue about everyone else rather than Mark. In fact, Mark is barely in the issue at all. As far as the series goes, it would normally be a rather unnecesary read but the final page caused me to do a 180 on that opinion.It was just filler for the next issue but we do find out exactly the kinds of effects the disease has had on Mark. Rather shocking to be honest. I have followed this series since day one and it has been a blast the entire way. Lately I have been getting the feeling tha...

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Good, casual fun 0

Things start out with the duo subduing some sewer creature followed by Spider-Man getting rejected for a date that was really more of an excuse for a meal. But Spider-Man is not one to take no for an answer when it comes to his stomach so he follows She-Hulk to her exhibit. There he finds some shady looking girls sneaking into the exhibit and decides to take a peek. She-Hulk notices the same and they quickly take down the sneaks.But that is where things get a bit wonky. All in all, I really enjo...

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