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1) Misogyny has been going on for centuries then? Men have ruled the world for centuries, are you telling me that parts of the world that never even had contact with one another came up with this conspiracy to practice misogyny?

2) Care to provide examples of companies with female CEO'S that do extremely well?

3) Where did I even mention the words public speaking? I asked you to give me the names of the best female communicators in history, so that we could compare them to arguably the 3 best male communicators. It's clear to me that you couldn't produce an intelligent response so you resort to attacking my character, which is a little weak in my opinion.

5) Me asking you to back your statement up doesn't mean I'm uncomfortable with women doing something better than me. You're charge of misogyny is completely baseless and makes it quite clear to me that you can't provide evidence for any of your claims.

  1. Is that a serious question? You must be a very special kind of person to bury your head so far in the sand that the concept of misogyny seems new to you. I mean... wow.
  2. Google will help, sure. HP, IBM, PepsiCo Inc., Xerox Corp. Avon, and the list goes on.
  3. How about instead, we look at the scientific data instead? As I said previously, women have enjoyed a rather second-class standing for most of human history, with some exceptions. So we can't really can't compare what you want to compare. At least not as you want them compared. What you want to do is compare popular public speakers and that is a case by case basis that has more than a little bias towards men for the simple fact that women in history have been dismissed for simply being women, public speaking ability notwithstanding. Though it doesn't surprise me that you would want to use bias data. I mean after all, you are extremely and very clearly threatened by the idea that women might be able to do something better than you. But back to the data. A 2009 article by Ellen Bonaguro and Judy Pearson showed that men were much more contentious (supported by your very posting style!), much less friendly, less attentive, left less of an impression, less dominant, and less dramatic. Now, I don't know how you want to rate communication but scientific evidence does support that generally speaking, women are better communicators. The fact that you wanted to use exceptions to general population is laughable. How's that for intelligent? And exactly how many scientific articles have you brought forth to debunk my claims? Oh wait, you wanted to use exceptions to the general population to support views on the general population... that's like saying generally speaking, human beings are genius-levels because Einstein existed. It is quite literally, the most stupid thing I have read today.
  4. No, it wasn't that you asked, it was how you asked it. Which honestly was fine by me, because you did me a favor in supporting the findings of Bonaguro's research. The charge of misogyny is not baseless. If you really want to, I can pull up countless articles supporting that as well. I honestly didn't think something so obvious would need to be supported though...
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Cupcakes or strawberries?

What's it like being a mod?


You can do whatever you want. The only thing that might conceivably stop you from doing whatever you want is whether or not you care about how loud users complain. Apart from that, there's very rarely anyone to hold you to account. So in that sense, the experience of being a mod varies based on what kind of person you are.

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Would you say that Capitalism is unsustainable in the long run?

Depends on the specific flavor of capitalism you're talking about. Every capitalist country has its own level of government regulation built into the economy, plus their specific geopolitical positions, so they're not all going to turn up the same way. Capitalism goes through cycles of boom and bust, and these discussions of whether it's sustainable or not only ever show up during the bust periods. If I had to give a general answer, I'd just say capitalism will evolve into a new form to suit its new requirements. Perhaps into a somewhat diluted form of the kind of capitalism that China practices, or perhaps into a variant of the kind of directed economic growth that Japan adopted after the zaibatsus were dismantled and reformed into keiretsus post-World War II. There will be a push for more government influence on financial policy.

I am such a Saren fanboy. Everything here is gold.

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@granitesoldier said:

Independent. I know what I think are good ideas, and I know what I consider bad ideas. Fortunately, that means I don't coincide with either party of rats.

The thread isn't asking about the Democratic or Republican parties though. It's asking about whether or not you side more with a liberal, conservative, or independent political philosophies. You don't have to side with a particular party to have views that fall into either of those political philosophies.

That sounds like libtard nonsense! You must be demo-donkey!

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Why do people find these topics to be so entertaining on this site? These threads are awful.

Everyone likes to see their jimmies rustled.

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@rubear said:

Well, well, where are great female scientists for example?)

Marie Curie.

Good example, yes. This is possible, but is this tipical or exeption of tipical?

Are genius-level scientists typical in general?

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@rubear said:

Well, well, where are great female scientists for example?)

Marie Curie.

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@erik: Please explain to me how they "blow men out of the water". Why don't women beat men in political elections more often? Why are there more male ce o's and administrators, two fields that require great communication skills. Finally, could you please tell me who some of the best female communicators in history are? I'd like to see how they compare to guys like Gahndi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Ronald Reagan.

  • Ahem... Let's see... Misogyny?
  • Misogyny? Companies with female C.E.O.s do extremely well.
  • Public speaking doesn't encompass all of communication lol. I suppose you would know that if you were a strong communicator.

I'm sorry the idea of women doing something better than you makes you uncomfortable. I bet in your perfect world, women aren't allowed to have books, too.

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@edamame: Without air conditioning during the summer, none would survive. You could go without it at this time, but it wouldn't be really comfortable.

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@erik: By communicating, you mean hitting people, yes?


No one can say they had a mixed or unclear message of anger when a girl breaks their nose.