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Whatever side allows me to have guns and shoot stuff.

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Favorite sci-fi novel? Preferably one that isn't mainstream.

Favorite DC character that isn't Batman?

If you could clone yourself, would you?

What do you do for a living?

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@erik said:

Batman can't...

Lose I agree

I left it open-ended so anyone could fill in the gaps.

If it is negative regarding Batman, it will be unpopular.

Batman can't shoot very well = unpopular

Batman can't beat Superman = unpopular

Batman can't lift 20 tons = unpopular

It kind of fits for everything. :D

Batman is love.

Batman is life.

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Batman can't...

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Generally speaking, no. But a few years back, I was reading about 10 issues of Wonder Woman a day and after about a month, I had an erotic dream of her.

It was the first and last time in my memory that I had a dream about super heroes.

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My girlfriend, before she dumped me (resulting in me feeling like the reincarnation of Bobby Vinton) said that men are just here in life to pleasure women, and that if a woman wants a footrest (and there is none around) a man should get on his hands and knees so she can rest her feet on his back, which is something She made me do several times.

LMAO! There was some noteworthy posts in this thread but this one is my favorite.

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Probably something that a 12 year old would think is cool.

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It's very important to me. But I have found less time for it in college than I would like. It's like I get into amazing shape every summer, then slowly lose it during the school year lol.

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I see you deleted this comment immediately after posting. Probably because you realized that there was nothing wrong with my formatting, I was in complete control of myself (and you for that matter), and that it was I that embarrassed you in the thread that you are referring to. In fact, your claims to 'embarrassing' me was telling me to get off my high horse, then fleeing the conversation. Want proof?

Seriously buddy, I love you. I don't even have to beat you in an argument. You beat yourself.

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@erik: I will debunk this after my lunch.

You mean you'll try. Those communication skills!