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  • Saying I have no defense when I have soundly beaten you at every turn just makes you look foolish.
  • Going in circles again but immorality is subjective and it's certainly not something that should be dictated by an intellectual child. Selfish =/= evil.
  • So... because others can help but don't, makes it not evil? Evil is subject to a head count? Well according to many in this thread, my choice of self-preservation is not an evil act then, because I have supporters. Thanks for the easy win.
  • It's not a key point just because you say it is. You may not have caused their initial hunger but you perpetuate it. Which makes you just as evil as those that do evil to others. Assuming your original logic is sound... which it's not.
  • Again you show that you don't know what a strawman is. It's not a strawman when I'm just paraphrasing what you said. I am evil for not killing myself on the off-chance that the murderers won't kill perfect strangers.
  • Well until you get out there and give your life for some kids, how am I to assume you would?
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@dernman said:
@erik said:

Best way to avoid the friendzone is to never try to be her friend first. Trying to be her bestie first is just asking for a drop kick into Nosexsville. There are exceptions to the rule but generally speaking friends are friends, lovers are lovers.

Which pretty much sucks for me because usually I'm not interested in more (like a relationship) unless I'm friends first. :/

Hookers and blow, my friend. That's the best way to patch the hurt. Hookers and blow.

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@marvel_boy2241: Ad hominem maybe. Factual assessment of who you are as a person? Absolutely.

Wrong. Such a person is not evil. Such a person is the majority of the human population. Selfish and flawed but hardly evil.

Yes, using your own logic in other scenarios makes you evil. At least it would if you knew your own argument, which you clearly don't. Your inaction is causing continued hunger. Therefore you are making said homeless people remain hungry. EVIL.

Just because others also have the power to help the homeless but don't, doesn't mean you are taking the moral high ground by starving them to death.

Haha! Calling me evil for not killing myself is hilarious. When can we expect you to do anything other than talk about how morally superior you are? When can we see you put your moral code to practice?

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@zaccooper said:

I'd go with Warpath

Surprised he wasn't an option, along with Colossus, considering they're both pretty heavy hitters and practically invulnerable

Probably because both suck at everything except being invulnerable. :p

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Psylocke because at the height of her power, she could have defeated most of the others here at the same time. She would care about accomplishing her mission (protecting me) much more than Emma or Magneto would, has no qualms about using her power like Xavier would, and looks much better in tights than Beast or Cyclops would to me. :p

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@erik: Not always. With the girls I've dated, I became really good friends with them first and that has always been my key to a long lasting relationship

It's almost as if you only read the first two sentences in my three-sentence post...

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So you admit that you know that your actions inadvertently put them in danger. You didn't know it but at the time, you were essentially risking the lives of that family

I'm definitely not flip/flopping. Enough with this strawman! Saving your life is fine. Risking others for yourself is bad.

No. the homeless man knows that the purgers spare the rich all the time. They even said they would. There is a good chance the purgers would have let the family go. But even so, lemme ask you this: Say you knew without a doubt that the family would be spared, then would you give up your life for them?

No I'm not. Staying at home on my computer is not putting anyone in danger. Staying in a house after some madmen threatened to kill you and the family in it, if you don't leave IS. Because you know that entering the house put the family in danger.

Your trolling about the girl, right? I'm laughing so hard right now. You made me lol. Tell me you are trolling.

"They depend on the goal of that society. We think stoning is wrong because 10 we probably think the child is innocent 2) we value life. Morals only differ depending on goals of society."

Ah yes. Try to keep up, bra. Morals do depend on the goals of a particular society. Think about why killing that child is wrong. Most likely the reason killing the child is wrong is simply because "killing a child is wrong." Our society has already outlined that we value youth and we value life. As a society our goal is to keep as many people alive and happy as healthy as possible. Their society goals are quite different. They value religion, most likely. Their God probably said it was ok to stone the disobedient boy. They value their after lives more than their lives. Their goal as a society is for as many people as possible to enjoy their afterlife.

This may be true. Only if our goals are different. If we both have a goal to live happily within the same exact area, our actions will be very similar. If we both had a goal to get as many people to our afterlife as possible, our tactics would be quite similar.

No you didn't. In the gang scenario I didn't bring any harm to the peoples' way. I didn't cause the gang members to come. In the purge scenario YOU brought those madmen there. different logic.

I don't care about the maority or anyone for that matter. I'm stating my opinion and using logic to defend it.

No you didn't. Your scenario was missing key components that the purge scenario had. In you story I didn't cause anyone trouble. I didn't bring the gang members to their neighborhood. In the purge story, the hobo's presence is what brought along the madmen.

Some agree with me. But i don't want to drag anyone in this.

Don;t know who that is but you are owned yet again. Man this has got to be a record.

  • I am astounded that you got that admission from literally nothing. That sentence had nothing to do with admitting to anything. It did say however, that prior actions are irrelevant should your logic actually be sound. Someone is in danger. Your life should be forfeit should there be more than one life in danger. It kind of seems like you are struggling to employ Utilitarianism as having the morally objective high ground. If that is the case, then it must be applicable to other situations. If you expect someone to lay down their life for the greater good of several people, then you must also do the same in real life, where your sacrifice would equate to the great good of several others. Like I said before, you're all talk. You're sitting on a high horse when everyone knows you belong in the mud.
  • I'm not risking anyone's life by trying to save myself. There is no guarantee that my death will save their life. Once again, these are brazen murderers. Why should their word be trusted? That's just absurdly stupid.
  • Right. The word of a band of killers is so very trustworthy. Get serious.
  • Yup. You are putting several people, countless people in danger if we use your silliness. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for acting like a scumbag. You can make reparations though. Go pick a fight with some gangbangers, in order to save the life of some innocent girl that is probably going to eventually be shot by accident. That should solve this problem to everyone's satisfaction. You get to maintain your lofty moral code and for a spell, the Vine will get to enjoy itself without your company. That is until you are released from the hospital...
  • The only one trolling this thread is you. Trolling your own thread, what a shame.
  • If I'm struggling to keep up, it's because I am having trouble decoding the erratic, no-sense drivel posted by a child. I can assure you, it's not for a lack of intellect and many people on this site can verify that fact. Even people that don't like me don't often say I'm stupid because they know it's the quickest way to lose credibility in an argument. But you seem determined to show everyone that intelligence is not shared equally among Viners, so be my guest.
  • Killing a child is wrong because killing a child is wrong? LOL my my what an excellent display of that logic you said you have so much of.
  • Allowing evil to take place is just the same as doing it yourself, according to you. So yes, you are putting people to harm.
  • In the Purge scenario, the men chased me there. I didn't bring them anywhere.
  • Interesting that you would say you don't care about the 'majority or anyone for that matter' when you also state that your moral opinion is based directly on the morals outlined by the majority. You are just all over the place.
  • The homeless person didn't cause trouble in your scenario either. He was trying to flee trouble. Trouble just chased after him.
  • People agreeing with you on what is morally correct is irrelevant. I said if you want superior logic, you need only read every post here but yours. I could expand on that but if you missed what was painfully obvious, it would take two of three posts for you to get it, if I tried to explain it.
  • You don't know who that is and lack the ability to look it up? Sounds to me that your ignorance has defeated you.
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Best way to avoid the friendzone is to never try to be her friend first. Trying to be her bestie first is just asking for a drop kick into Nosexsville. There are exceptions to the rule but generally speaking friends are friends, lovers are lovers.