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@erik: If I don't have my phone port back and retrieve it. Set the alarm to go off on the next 10 seconds and slide it into the middle of the room, if no reaction apport it back and silence the alarm, proceed along the rooms perimeter heading east.

When I started frying corpses did any of the ones in the distance begin to move?

No bodies moved.

Your phone has caused a reaction though. A rumbling in the center of the room can be heard. Out of the flooring crawls one of these babies:

It will not stay in the room.

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Ha ha, I cautiously but quickly head west, following these sounds. "Finally" I think "signs of life, and action"

The west path turns back south again after 20 meters. As you travel down the south path, the fighting becomes more clear and you can hear a stun grenade. One final turn west and you enter a large room. 80x50 meters. In the center, you can see a staircase leading up. You can choose to travel up to the fight or one of the alternate paths out of the room.

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Leave the country. I'm not staying in a country that is stupid enough to allow the Purge to actually happen.

The purge in this situation is global.

As for me, I would go camping for a few days with my numerous guns and ammo. I assume most killers would be in the city, where there would be a lot of victims. So traveling out in the wilderness is anyone's best bet.

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@erik: since I'm tired of going south ( one wasted trip) I head North

Your northern path forks east and west at 30 meters. Faint sounds of battle can be heard from the western path.

@erik: I have if you had just let me go on auto mode but anyway for these killers.

My personal experience, won't even need to touch the bats for this, I've seen enough zombie films, I just start firing energy balls at the corpses as I continue forward

Autopilot defeats the entire purpose of this particular level. So I won't be doing that.

A wise decision with the bodies though. But the presence of the killers intensifies despite your efforts.

Traveling 'forward', you come to a circular room after 100 meters. This room has a 30 meter diameter. It has an eastern and southern exit, in addition to your entrance, which is on the western side of this circular room.

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@erik: You said I could sense them at the start and I have been actively moving forward.

No you haven't. You have barely moved whereas they have moved a great deal. No one is near you. But you sense plenty of killers at the moment. An overwhelming amount, in fact.

@erik: is it possible to travel the path west ?? Argus was once chained and dropped of a pier in a cement boot after he was badly beaten and injured. He can certainly remain under water for some time. If not I go back the way I came. Though I'm confused because I didn't have any other direction choices before the two south way paths. So if I can't pass the water filled tunnel and I completely trapped separately from all other players???

Sorry I should have been more clear. No path is completely submerged. All water-filled hallways are waist-deep water. So yes, you can travel west. It goes on for 80 meters before a fork takes you either north or south.

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@erik: How am I wandering aimlessly when I am actively going towards others with the sensing ability?

No player is near you to sense. But I suppose I can put that ability to use.

You sense killers. You sense the presence of killers everywhere, close enough to touch you all the way out as far as your senses can stretch.

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@erik: I simply avoid making 2 right or left turns but if I'm forced to circle I use distance traveled and photographic memory (Batman) to give myself a good mental image of where I am relative to where I started. I will also travel closer towards where I sense killers.

Erik come on, I'm handling turns once every other day, this is efficient. This way means you can get back to me when I actually encounter someone.

I can't help it if you are not on when I am. But okay, I can see that this game isn't holding your interest as it is. So I will make it more interesting for you.

You start to find bodies piling up as you wander aimlessly through the halls.

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@erik: Just keep my character moving and continuiuing to do what I he was doing unless he notices anything, hears anything, senses anything. That includes noticeable terrain changes, say rock to tile, gems etc

Also avoid any turns that would have me going in circles, just incase you had me going in circles for eternity.

Your character has no way of knowing what would take him in circles or not, so I can't oblige you on this. If this is boring you to the point that you want to autopilot, I can make it interesting for you.

@lunacyde said:


I head back making sure to avoid the tripwire and take the hall that when i last decided headed north and was 10 meters down the hall...the one before the one I took at 30 meters.

Your path leads south for 80 meters, where you find a path leading west or continuing south. You hear faint noises of combat to the south.

@erik: cool so if i were to jump as far as i could to the right after the flash bang went off (i know im blinded but i should still know where my right is) i'd be able to dodge whatever Higor threw at me right? i mean i dont know that they are coming but my character would jump at the sight of a flashbang im asking before i tag them to make sure everything is legal

Sure. I'm fine with that.

@erik: So Do i have to wait to see how Jack responds?

Pretty much. He should be allowed the chance to reply to your posts. If he doesn't after a spell, I will assume he abandoned game and you win by default. But that time hasn't come yet. In the meantime, you can observe the other fights and debate issues you find among them, if you choose to. Not a whole lot to do other than that while you are waiting anyway.

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@cjdavis103: Well someone else already has part of the build, so there is technically an issue with the card itself. But suit yourself. It saves me the trouble of having to make a bio card for your character anyway.

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@lunacyde: ]

Why not

Kind of lazy, don't you think? Especially since this thread has different item restrictions than mine does.

Also, you just told me in the other thread that you can't be trusted to play and gave permission for someone to puppet your character.