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@fetts: Hugo Danner is a power. I have let adamantium plates and carbonadium armoring, in addition to Mando iron as special items. The Hugo Danner rule does not apply to special items. I don't let people gird themselves head to toe in adamantium but the Power Suit is nowhere near adamantium anyway. It's just insulated from temperature extremes. In the case of the power suit, getting hit drains it's power. The stronger the attack, the more heavily power is drained until the suit can no longer maintain it's form and returns inside the host.

I heavily restricted @ferro_vida's energy reserves though and for the sake of this scenario, I am going to assume one 9mm bullet will take 1 point of energy away from him. An explosion will take quite a bit more. But because the suit is insulated from temperature extremes, the temperature of the flamethrower attack won't do anything. However, if it does have concussive force, as you say, then it will drain Ferro's energy.

I agree that you have MUCH more maneuverability than the flying space pirates and the homing missiles are not overly agile anyway. In fact, they are kind of sluggish with turning, if I recall correctly.

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@wyldsong said:


@wyldsong said:

And this is where I stopped reading on that response. Got anything else for me?


Who do you think you are fooling? I know you read it and I know it tore you up inside enough that you felt compelled to respond to it. No one believes your lies.

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@wyldsong said:

@erik said:

Actually, I think that is exactly why you gave your vote. If you actually read the arguments presented, you will find that Upper was able to directly prove Gojira wrong on several ocassions. Sometimes even using Gojira's own videos against him.

Actually I stopped reading right about here, as I am quite sure the rest of your post is full of more of the same drivel. Can't say I expected anything different. You have proven less than insightful. Not surprised really. Anyhow, time to move on, as I could either spend time in fruitless discussion with you, or deal with others that I actually enjoy dealing with=)

Ha! So, you are a creature of habit. You failed to read all the debate between One_Upper and Gojira and you failed to read the argument presented to you directly. I suppose I owe you a thank you for validating my point for me. You say drivel but how would you know one way or another? You are posting from ignorance, as usual. How are you considered a decent debater? You can't even debate without a posse to back you up and even then, you skid your knee and run away with tears welling in your eyes, mewling about how anyone that calls you out is a poo-poo head.

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@gojira2014: I have decided that you are actually an alright dude. Therefore I apologize if I addressed you roughly. You do seem to want a fair tourney.

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@gojira2014: There is no flame war (if we exclude the part where someone started name-calling). It is a very important discussion on why votes might be bad votes. Honestly, you should be glad for this. Because if you really do want to run an honest tourney, then honest votes are absolutely required.

And if I am being real here, I wouldn't have even posted if people weren't kicking dirt in Upper's eyes over not posting scans.

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Who hasn't?

That's where I form some of my best arguments. No restrictions in the loo.

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@erik said:

@cdiddyman911 said:

I just practically pissed my pants laughing

Incontinence is a potentially serious issue.

Meh, I was on the toilet.

Been there.

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I just practically pissed my pants laughing

Incontinence is a potentially serious issue.

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@tparks said:

@jedixman: You're misinterpreting what I was saying a bit. because I actually have no intentions of weakening your's or Erik's opinions.

I find this funny because the very next post after this is you trying to 'weaken the opinions' of other users. Which I find funny since you are questioning the integrity of others right after openly admitting to voting based on who presented pictures/videos and nothing else.

@wyldsong said:

@erik said:

@wyldsong: Since when does one need scans to win an argument? I would tune all of you up at the same time in a debate and never once post a scan or video. Who has the better argument should be what gets the votes, not who posted the fanciest pictures or videos. Seriously some of the saddest reasoning I have seen for votes in a while.

Yes, because that was exactly what was intoned in my vote, "Ooh, look at the pretty colors and moving pictures, he gets my vote!"

Actually, I think that is exactly why you gave your vote. If you actually read the arguments presented, you will find that Upper was able to directly prove Gojira wrong on several ocassions. Sometimes even using Gojira's own videos against him.

Now in reality, I said @gojira2014 had well formulated arguments and responses, and was able to back up those responses. I never downed @one_upper for his debate (and I don't belittle unless they generally give me a good reason to), but when it came down to it, I preferred goji's argument and his proof to one's debate.

Gojira honestly did have some nice points. But he had many flaws too while the only flaw (by your own admission) you are putting at Upper's feet is that he didn't give you, as you say, pretty colors and moving pictures.

Whatever your self perceived belief is of your style of debate, that is great and all, but I learned long ago to never blindly take anyone for their word on this site, whether they are in the HoF or not.

That's actually a good thing, I agree.

The gathering of proof and appropriately using said proof, and the art of research over such proof is an art unto it's own. An art I quite enjoy. Sometimes I play the word smith and dissect arguments, sometimes I lay the groundwork with scans with the initial posts only to move onto the purely written format, and sometimes I use a combination of each, all of which is really painfully evident to anyone that knows me and has debated with me on these boards for any length of time. I must be doing something right to have made it into the HoF, as I got votes from people that know me on each of my listed fronts.

Fine. But assuming someone is lying when they are actually providing references is just silly.

You won't find me calling out someone on an opinion on how they voted.

I guess this is you subtly suggesting superiority?

We are all different and unique little flowers on this site. We all have different ideas and visions of the world. We all believe differently, see things differently, and have had different life experiences. Which all helps to give every single one of us a difference in opinion.

I don't have a problem with people having informed opinions of any type. I have a problem with people voting based solely on pictures or videos, which several here admitted to. It's stupid.

You don't like the scans and videos that someone took the time to work on, and piece together, and work into their debate? Fine, I don't fault you for it, and beyond this simple little post, you won't hear me call you out for it.

I don't hate feats. I like them just fine. I just don't think they should be the foundation of what is considered a logically sound argument. Feats used like they were used in this thread are a crutch.

That is your opinion, and you have a right to that opinion. Others may not agree with it, but it doesn't make it wrong. It simply makes it a different opinion than your own.

I don't have much to say to this. I guess I agree.

The same goes for those with a difference of opinion than the one you carry. I don't take others for their word on this site. Discussion is fine, but without proof, I will find it baseless, and have no problems asking for proof.

That's great and all but... Upper gave proof. Just not of the visual variety.

If proof cannot be provided, then I find their words to be subject to the utmost scrutiny. It is not up to me to go and look up things people quote for their position in a debate forum, especially in a CaV. It is for the person defending their position to provide such proof.

Which he did in fact, provide. It is not, nor has it ever been a requirement in the 7 odd years since I have been here that scans have to be provided to make an argument sound. Are you seriously even reading what you are typing? You are literally saying proof is only valid when it's an out-of-context scan or video. That's bullsh!t.

Though due to my love of research, I have quite often looked up the proof for many a person's position that countered my own...and wouldn't you know it? What they say usually doesn't match up to the reality...imagine that.

Agreed. But that has nothing to do with this thread.

You enjoy the style of debate that you enjoy and vote how you feel you should vote. I will enjoy the style of debate that I enjoy, and vote how I feel I should vote. And never have I voted on the basis of anything so inane as "who had the most scans or most videos".

Only you just went into a long explanation on why you voted based on who provided the most videos... even though they disproved his own argument...

I vote based on the argument, and the ability to back said argument up.

If that were true, you would have voted for Upper.

Whether you agree with me or not on who had the best debate here, meh, it really doesn't matter thanks to that all important life experience and difference in opinion, but one_upper's debate fell flat with me, and the lack of proof did not help.

You mean it didn't have the flair that Gojira's did. NOT the same thing and certainly not what should be voted on. By his own admission, he was unable to provide you scans, which is why you got proof in a different form.

You wanted discussion, well there it is. And now that I have said my piece...C'est La Vie.


@gojira2014 said:

Tagging you all as i want to recheck who you voted for. I think its 4-3 meaning one upper still has a few days to win over me. however there is SO MUCH DERAILING here that I lost track twice who is voting for who.

So if you kindly please just re post who wins so I can at least give One_Upper a fair shot for his well written arguments, as well call in other voters who will give this a fair read for the next two days, then I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks you for your time.

It's not derailing to debate why votes were had in a thread now currently open for voting. I personally don't have a problem with your style of debating and it obviously is working for you. I have a problem with the reasoning behind some votes and am directly calling the integrity of those votes into question. That is not only on topic, but extremely valid in a thread where votes matter.

@cdiddyman911 said:

I found this thread...hilarious. Back when @stealth_warrior was around, he did the same exact thing @one_upper did. He didnt post scans. He provided zero evidence for quite some time and people didnt have a problem voting against him no matter how good his arguement is.

And if his debating style was as good as One Upper's and I would have seen it, I would have been making the same case for him and chiding every one of you for laziness and dishonesty.

And that fact that some people are so arrogant they will say that can

"I would tune all of you up at the same time in a debate and never once post a scan or video."

is ridiculous, laughable and quite entertaining. @lukehero Gave his fuc*ing opinion and @erik ridiculude him.

Yeah, I called his integrity into question for casting a clearly bias vote.

This is a place that isnt meant for people to be that cocky and rude.

The irony in this statement is amusing.

You said you would beat everyone who voted, including one of the best debators on this site, @wyldsong. I dont see why a opinion mattered so much as to say that that you would easily tune up Lukehero when you two have never even debated.

If your hero thinks that he can beat me in a debate, he is welcome to accept the challenge. Wyldsong is better than you or Luke but I haven't seen anything that gives me pause. Luke on the other hand is as easy to read as an open book.

This whole thread is ridiculous. Sorry Luke for the troll doing what he does best to you.

Thank you for escalating to name-calling. Something I have never done. I think you just helped support me by making that slip.

@cdiddyman911 said:

@one_upper Alt accounts much?!?!?!

The joke being you cast a vote without even reading the arguments and then have the audacity to outright accuse someone of sock-puppeting? Do you have actual proof of this? Is this how you actually debate? Because I am now confident that I would work you over in a debate as well if this is the measure of your character.

This made me laugh.

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@jedixman said:
@tparks said:

@erik: You have an opinion. You're opinion is no better then anyone else who voted, just because you're view is different. It's one thing to bring up why you see something your way, it's another to call my opinion absurd or to claim that the battle forums are not a good use of my time because I do not share the same opinion as you.

Meant to say this in my other comment:

You cannot claim that everybody is entitled to their individual opinions in the setting of a debate. This is a debate forum, where you must prove whether or not your opinion is valid. So, yes, an opinion can be better than others, if it is logically valid.

I definitely agree with you here.

@tparks said:

I'm talking about my vote though, not even the debate itself.

Also, I have no problem with the way you've disagreed with me Jedi, and I have no problem with however you want to form your opinions. You've disagreed, but not belittled me. You've been respectful to me. My post that you quoted was not directed at you at all.

Totally not passive-aggressive at all. Not even a bit.