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@xxedward_kenwayxx: Seriously, the best way to get rid of your fear is to pretend you don't have any.

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All of them.

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Game of Thrones, SLAUGHTERSTOMP!

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@erik said:

@beatboks1: It's supposed to be a closing argument. Generally speaking, closing arguments are not supposed to bring new information to the table. It summarizes why they win and why all the previous counter-arguments against them should fail.

Whole heartedly agree and I normally do that. Having said that it wouldn't be fair if one team couldn't counter an argument already made because they hadn't posted after it before a closing statement had been called for. In offering a counter that would likely introduce something new. That's why these days in tourney's I usually mention to an opponent a couple of posts before we call voting about when etc (we each know how many times we can counter and when we will close)

As the last person to post what I'm suggesting actually gives our opponents an advantage, as they'd gain a right of reply not yet taken and we would fore go the same right to any counter they might offer. So I'm not trying to gain any upper hand out of this (hence why I suggest ALL would have to be agreeable). It's just a method I've seen used in a few sites now that does have some real positives. In one site they do the same thing for opening posts so that any and all prep is laid out at once and no players gets to do prep knowing exactly what the the other already has.

That's kind of the nature of debate. In an actual debate, both parties are given an opportunity to make a closing statement. Only one. One side will always have the opportunity to address things from someone else's closing statement. It's never been called out as unfair though, to my recollection. I've not heard presidential debates where a candidate fell to his knees and pulled on his earlobes, saying how unfair it is that someone got to rebut his closing statement.

I don't want the greatest arguments made for this particular round to be hidden in a PM. I want the "best saved for last" statements right here, for everyone to see.

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@raffels said:


@erik said:

@raffels said:

I agree if a Christian tried to impose his beliefs in my work place they would get punished by me but also If I heard someone calling Christians ignorant and their children brainwashed I would council you too.

The problem is that in my case, you would be wrong.

Do it! If you have a real job. Why don't you go around and spread your hate towards to the openly religious and see what happens. You may get more time to spend on ComicVine lol.

Let me make this clear, I haven't made any of my personal beliefs on homosexuality known to you.


Oh snap nice comeback!

I have expressed the right of openly religious people to say what their personel beliefs are and I have expressed I support gay rights.

That's not true at all. You expressed anger that someone can be fired for gay-bashing.

Simply no. One of the first things I said in this thread is I support gay rights. What you call gay bashing I call someone announcing their beliefs in what their god wants referring to the specific situation I was talking of. I never said gay bashing. The failure of your argument to acknowledge why they say they are against a homosexual lifestyle is because of their personal belief in what their god wants. How they follow the Bible.

Yet you keep saying I'm spreading hate and you're attacking me.

Once again, I am attacking your argument. You are choosing to be hurt by having your argument attacked.

No one's hurt lol. I just baited you to show the hypocrisy in your argument.You've attacked my religion not my argument. The failure to have respect for someones religion but demand respect for a homosexual lifestyle is absurd. You don't care about religion bashing why should anyone respect your personal beliefs. Understand religion is a lifestyle in itself and as personal as at gets to a believer but you don't respect that from the words you've typed.

I will fight for the rights of citizens having the right to express their opinion.

They can express it. But a person would be stupid to think that someone can express their opinion without i consequence.

Except if your bashing on someones religion you see no consequence.

Lol your argument was to easy to crack

  • I don't hate religious people nor have I expressed open hate against them here. That is a strawman you have created here because you lack the ability to justify your own hate for homosexuals, which you don't even have the courage to admit to.
  • I was laughing because you think you haven't made your feelings about homosexuals known, but in reality, you have been basically shouting it at the top of your lungs by the simple fact that you believe hate-speech should be fine in the workplace. I'm currently laughing because you honestly think you are doing well in this argument.
  • 'Simply no' makes no sense.
  • It's also a lie. You may have tried to create this protective shield by saying you support gay rights. However, your cover is blown when you say that hate speech against gays should be allowed in the workplace. It's a stupid position to take really.
  • The god of the bible doesn't want hate speech and those that think it does obviously aren't as well-schooled in it as this atheist is.
  • You are clearly hurt. So... another lie.
  • Baiting is trolling. That's cool though. If a moderator decides this thread needs some moderatin', you get a spanking. :)
  • Attacking religion is not showing hypocrisy. That's a stupid argument to make. Attacking a belief system is not the same thing as attacking a person, which is exactly what you do when you say gays should be rounded up and put on an island somewhere or that gays don't have the right to marry. Those are attacks on the person. I seriously think you have some kind of comprehension problem if you can't make that very simple connection.
  • You are free to attack my beliefs as well. I welcome the opportunity to put a bigot in their place.
  • I did attack an idea. The consequence is that I am having an argument with the likes of you. Believe me, I plan to shower after.
  • I don't think you know what it means to crack an argument. I'll give you a hint; sputtering sentence fragments and revealing your not-so-subtle desires to gay-bash isn't how you crack arguments.
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Threaten her.

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@beatboks1: It's supposed to be a closing argument. Generally speaking, closing arguments are not supposed to bring new information to the table. It summarizes why they win and why all the previous counter-arguments against them should fail.

However, people can use their closing post however they want. They will be given here though.

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@laflux said:

@erik said:

I have flagged this, then refreshed the page 10 times so I can keep reflagging!


I'm kidding. I just wanted to see what you would say. :p

This is actually a really interesting topic. The surgical side of it (vaginoplasty and labiaplasty) has been brought up and generated some interesting discussion in my level 400 Anatomy and Dissection class.

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I have flagged this, then refreshed the page 10 times so I can keep reflagging!