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Andferne says:

"Kraven says:
"Fantasma Ghost says:
"Thor, S Surfer, Black Bolt."
See my earlier posts. Black Bolt doesn't count in this thread because he got owned by Hulk. *** I just did some further research on Thor. According to a referenced source on Wikipedia, Stan Lee specifically created Thor with the intent of him being stronger than the Hulk. That's why Thor is a god, Lee couldn't think of a way to make any human stronger than Hulk. Based on this and what Eradicator said, I am pretty much convinced that Thor is the mightiest hero in the Marvel U."
Thor has fought the Hulk every time not only holding back, but at the Hulks own game (fista cuffs). Thor mentioned to Cap about how he always holds back during fights, and has even limited himself on what powers he can access on Mjolnir. It was statted that he fights at about 1/3rd of his strength level. So even at 1/3rd of his potetnial he is a match for the likes of Hulk/Juggs/Surfer etc. Think about what he would do if he was cut loose."

my point exactly! And this is WITHOUT the Odinforce.

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I know this is about Doomsday and Juggs, but I have to comment on the Superman comments. Sure it can be argued that Supes is stronger, but I think Juggs would win that fight. First off, Juggs is near invulnerable. He has taken beatings from Hulk, Gladiator, and even Silver Surfer and shrugged it off, and all three of those mentioned are better combatants than Supes. 2nd, like mentioned by Zoom, Juggs is source of power is magic based, and from what we know is near limitless. Superman has been hurt by various villians and even heroes, who were weaker than himself.
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HULK has a better track record, and I think he is more tried and proven. As powerful as Grundy could be, I still do not think he pulls this off, depending on what era Hulk you are talking about ofcourse. If you are considering Banner Hulk up until current Hulk, Grundy loses.

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I would have to say Thor, Cap even stated in a series that Thor always only uses a 3rd of his power, because if he used his power at full force it destroy his surroundings and he wouldn't be able to control himself. So in all of Thors battles that we have seen, Thor has been at around 30%

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Ms. Invisible says:

"There's always the door if you don't like it."

mind you business junior, i never asked for your opinion,

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Post Deleted.

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zero edge says:

"WOW!!!!!!! That is massive point whoring. Good job copy pasting this part There's so many wrong things about this. First of all, the ENEMIES AND FRIENDS PAGE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ENEMIES AND FRIENDS OF CHARACTER ADDED IN THE ENEMIES AND FRIENDS SECTION. (I.E. Iron Man's enemies should not be put in the Iron Man box, that box is for the reason why Iron Man and Madame Masque are enemies.) Looks like we're going to have to talk to G-Man about rolling these back."

That was a complete accident, as soon as that saved I wrote Methos and explained it, I was having problems with my computer. I went back and made the corrections and they took away the points for it, which is exactly what I wanted. I did not mean for that to happen, I didn't even know it did that until afterward when I went back to Iron Man's page. I did let a mod know asap.

as far the friends and enemies go, I just got more in depth with their bios, and most of them were blank when I posted on them. If you guys want to dock points or whatever, go ahead. I was doing it because I enjoyed updating all the pages. The points thing isn't a big deal. I was just hustling, I have built quite a few pages for characters as well. Oh, by the way, no one explained anything to me until Zero Edge sent me a PM the other day. You guys do what you got to do, but I am not trying to hide anything I've done.

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Brock was tired of eating the same damn M.R.E's the army has been feeding him for the last 8 months. He was sitting out in the desert while his girl was at home bangin' his best friend. He tried to act like it didn't bother him, in fact he used it as motivation to hit the weights harder, enroll in online college, and make as many new friends as possible while he was on this deployment in Iraq just to get back at her when he got home. He wasn't on radio watch, or tower guard, so he could take off his gear sit on the hood of his teams Bradley Tank. There he daydreamed about what he was going to do when he got home, and how he would show his girl what she is missing out on. It wasn't too long before they saw dust rising about a quarter mile down the trail, "must be the next shift" says Brock, "their early". As the vehicle approached they started receiving gun fire, and violently. "Oh s%*!, is that comming from our relief?" says Brock, as the vehicle approached faster the platoon could see that this was no military vehicle but a convoy of enemy SUV's shooting RPG's and automatic weapons at them. All of a sudden there was a loud explosion that knocked Brock to the ground. After that, all Brock could hear is a lound ringing noise. As soon as he stood up, he saw body parts and metal fragments everywhere. He tried to get his senses and wits about him as quick as possible. He couldn't find his weapon to return fire, so he hid behind his disabled tank. "I'll wait for the first one to come around that corner and rush him." So he sat and waited, his heart was pumping so hard he felt it was going to jump out of his chest. He leaned up against the tank, when he did that, the metal started forming around where he was leaning. He thought he was hallucinating. We he turned around the first SUV was around the corner, a man with a head wrap pointed a 50 cal at him and motioned to pull the trigger. Brock put his hands up as if he were trying to block a physical blow and the metal from the tank stripped and folded around the SUV and crushed it. When he put his hands down the sand roared back at him like a short lived tornado. Brock fell down in disbelief and just stared at what he had just done......

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I say Cage, out of experience

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to the other teams talkin trash on OUR thread, you will soon see. we are strategic, we are patient. keep talking, when we are set, you will eat every word you say. we have a team gaining experience and getting stronger, and we have allies comming from everywhere in which we highly respect and appreciate. keep talking......