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$50 says the Arkham Knight is Hush.

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So damn good.

With respect to the fly - perhaps that is how Joker is spreading his new Joker toxin?

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@mogo1 said:

Loved it. Very simple death. He didn't save a whole city or world. He gave his life for just a few

Mcniven is the freaking man and he made this event even better. I wonder how they are going to bring him back from that sort of death. Can't really regen from that

QFE. People who don't like the ending/his death are missing the point. Like Cornelius, the perception of Wolverine is that he's nothing but a killing machine (albeit a heroic one), and so we all assume he would just die as he lived - in a violent blaze of glory. But even as Cornelius asserts that all he is is a killer and it's all he ever amounted to, all Wolverine can do is reflect on the happy moments of his life and die in peace. It brings the story full circle, which is that of an immortal rediscovering his humanity. That's what makes this story, and the ending, awesome - it has the reader empathize with and see the humanity in a character that we have only really appreciated for his feats and combat exploits.

Personally, I hope he comes back soon - this story shed an important new light on Wolverine, and I think this story would still impact Wolverine whenever he does come back. For him to face his humanity - to reflect on an incredibly long, violent life, to think about the things that made him truly happy and then to face the end would certainly make him a different person should he return. I'm rooting for it.

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There's already someone in the armor...you can see their ear.

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Strode could probably solo this.

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Sooo...Axis. Heroes out of the picture, villains must band together to save the world. Sound familiar? Way to be original, Marvel.

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My only problem w/ this book is both the Minotaur and the First Born seem way too OP. The First Born has literally killed Death...come on...

Other than that gripe, this book is awesome. Feels like Game of Thrones :D

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I'm sorry, but anyone voting for Under the Red Hood has clearly never seen Mask of the Phantasm. It's not just my favorite animated comic movie, it might be my favorite comic movie period (up there w/ The Dark Knight and The Avengers). Its story is deep, edgy (especially compared to Batman: TAS tv show), the voice acting is ridiculously good / spot on, the action is amazing, the score alone is practically tear-inducing, etc. I love Under the Red Hood, but seriously if you haven't seen MotP you need to LIKE NOW. It is astoundingly good.

@g_man said:

If anyone has not seen Mask of the Phantasm, they need to rectify that immediately.


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I want more sinestro and adams bromance

I would pay so much money for this as a monthly series...

"Yo Sinestro, JL is giving me shit and making it hard to rule Kandaq" "BE RIGHT THERE BRO" [chaos ensues]

"Yo Adam, my old corps enslaved my planet" "BE RIGHT THERE BRO" [chaos ensues]

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I called the Anti-Monitor bit back in March after issue 6 (my bet on who his "assistant" is: Superboy Prime...duh). Superwoman's baby will obviously be Alexander Luthor (jr.) - as in the one we all know and love from COIE and IC.

All this leads me to believe Johns wants to do COIE/IC: New-52 style and maybe make it bigger by throwing Darkseid in the mix. Could be interesting.