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Giving Joker a fight without prep/knowledge is kinda lame...that's his only real strength as far as fighting goes. In an unprepped, straight up fight he would lose to just about anyone from Batman's rogues gallery, let alone someone as skilled as Bullseye.

I like getting the Joker in a weekly battle, but no prep? Too one-sided.

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I have a soft spot for the Joker, but that Batman cover is just awesome.

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I dig the tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey in that alternate cover...very cool

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@bgibs13390 said:

Ozy takes it. Rorschach and Owl Man had better feats than Bats and Big Daddy and he was throwing them around like nothing. Big Daddy's guns might be a bit of a challenge but Ozy's agility should make up for it.

This is a joke, right? None of the street levelers in Watchmen have anywhere NEAR the feats Batman has. Not close. From general stuff like bullet-timing (Ozy obviously did as well, but Batman dodges bullets on the reg), to combat feats (the list of superhumans Batman has defeated, some effortlessly, is enormous compared to Ozy's zero), to things like martial arts mastery. Not to mention his standard gadgets give him a plethora of ways to incapacitate Ozy without even fighting. Batman can solo this easily - with Big Daddy, it would be even easier.

I get that Ozy is a cool character and can do some cool stuff like catch bullets, but you have to consider context - he exists in a world with a single super human, and he's basically got no real combat feats other than handling two street levelers with no formal training and who were out of practice, to say the least.

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I think Nightwing alone could give Cap a decent fight (though I think Cap would win eventually)...the addition of GA is too much. As good as Cap is, he wouldn't be able to stave off a precise, skilled melee assault from Nightwing while also dodging/countering Ollie's arrows from a distance. That's not even including all of the trick arrows and gadgets the team can throw into the mix.


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GL - much to versatile for Magneto to counter, could easily BFR mags into space if he couldn't KO him otherwise. Good fight to start the month, tho

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Really good battle. I think Arthur would take it, tho.

First, if Arthur is able to take the fight to the water at all, it's over. He has a massive advantage underwater - he would be way faster, more durable, stronger, etc. to a level that I don't think Tony could compete. I think in most cases in which Tony doesn't end the fight early, Arthur would undoubtedly move the fight to the water upon seeing he can't decisively win on land.

That being said, I'm not convinced he can't win on land, either. We have seen absurd strength feats from Arthur in the New-52 (like picking up a cruise ship, smacking Superman across Gotham, etc.) that would make him incredibly effective. Tony does have the speed/flight advantage on land, however I'm not convinced he has the ranged advantage. While he does have a more versatile arsenal of ranged attacks, Arthur could throw his trident at him (which, with his strength, would be a pretty fast-moving projectile), throw cars at him, etc. Even if Arthur couldn't tag him with those attacks, he could at least use them to help move the fight towards water for a decisive win.

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$50 says the Arkham Knight is Hush.

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So damn good.

With respect to the fly - perhaps that is how Joker is spreading his new Joker toxin?

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@mogo1 said:

Loved it. Very simple death. He didn't save a whole city or world. He gave his life for just a few

Mcniven is the freaking man and he made this event even better. I wonder how they are going to bring him back from that sort of death. Can't really regen from that

QFE. People who don't like the ending/his death are missing the point. Like Cornelius, the perception of Wolverine is that he's nothing but a killing machine (albeit a heroic one), and so we all assume he would just die as he lived - in a violent blaze of glory. But even as Cornelius asserts that all he is is a killer and it's all he ever amounted to, all Wolverine can do is reflect on the happy moments of his life and die in peace. It brings the story full circle, which is that of an immortal rediscovering his humanity. That's what makes this story, and the ending, awesome - it has the reader empathize with and see the humanity in a character that we have only really appreciated for his feats and combat exploits.

Personally, I hope he comes back soon - this story shed an important new light on Wolverine, and I think this story would still impact Wolverine whenever he does come back. For him to face his humanity - to reflect on an incredibly long, violent life, to think about the things that made him truly happy and then to face the end would certainly make him a different person should he return. I'm rooting for it.