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Thanks a lot man. These scans are a lot of help. I appreciate the help :)


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The second instance was in the video game "Batman Arkham Asylum" where Batman used his car again to hit Bane in the side, and again driving him into the water and ending the fight.

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So I was having a discussion about Batman's super in Injustice. The guy was telling me that his super is ridicules, and that Batman would never run someone over with his car. I said that I remember at least two instances where Batman attacked someone with his car.

The first being at the beginning of the story arc "Red Hood", where Batman delivered the final hit to Amazo with his car, driving him right into the water.

The second instance was in the video game "Batman Arkham Asylum" where Batman used his car again to hit Bane in the side, and again driving him into the water and ending the fight.

So can anybody give me more examples where Batman use his car to run a person over ?

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I also believe that Batman takes all three. I think it's stupid to assume that BC will win just because of her Cry. The only on battle that could be difficult to Bruce is the third one, but we already know what happen when Batman loses his morality and go all out.

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I say Prime takes this in a not so easy fight. I always thought of the Void as a Sentry with access to his full potentials and without morals, he is defiantly very strong, but Prime withstood some inhuman punishment without flinching. Also, this is SUPERMAN Prime we're talking about, not Superboy, which in my opinion makes it more likely that Prime is gonna take this.

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NOTE: This is not actually Iron Man, it's just an unmanned armor controlled by an A.I.
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I think it's interesting how you think that Superman and WW "fit so well together", while I think that the idea of Superman/WW is utterly disgusting. It's because that they're so similar that I think they're horrible together. They like a brother and sister, and they don't bring anything new to their characters. Also, Lois seemed fine after sleeping with Superman, I bet the goddamn Batman won't have a problem handling WW. I asked the question because I was certain of your answer. We just have completely different tastes when in comes to pairings it seems. It's been fun having this discussion with you :D

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I can see where your coming from, and I do respect your opinion. It just goes to show you how two different people can look at the same thing and see two completely different stories. There is nothing to be said really, I explained my point of view, and you did the same. I honestly disagree with you about how WW and Batman are similar. Also, Batman isn't vengeful, but he is defiantly more ruthless compared to WW. I'm kind of curious on what you think of the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship.

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interesting points......but there are a lot of Wondy fans that did not like what happened in BN.......it was soooooo one sided and it made Diana into a love sick puppy and that was kinda sad......especially regarding the whole BN affair.......it was just messy.....

what i consider when i root for a couple in comics is "what can these two characters offer the other" and "how it works or can work"........unfortunately for Wondy i just miss the point...maybe u can convince me...or at least try...

Why should I bother trying to convince you ? Liking a particular pair, or disliking it depends entirely on your taste. The thing that makes a pair appealing to me could be the very thing that makes you hate it. You think that Diana looked like a "love sick puppy" in BN, while I thought that it was one of the best WW moments in recent comics. To me WW didn't look like a love sick puppy because until that very moment, WW never showed any signs of her true feelings, and how heartbroken she was over Bruce's death. Her feelings never got in the way of her duty as a heroine and as an idol. To support that, non of here teammates or her closest friends knew anything about it until that very moment in BN. The way I see it, WW didn't look like a love sick puppy, but looked like a strong character who control her emotions and keeps them in check. BN in general wasn't outstanding , but it gave us that gem of a scene.

To me, Bats and WW work because they contrast each others. One is an idealistic and righteous person, who always see the good in people, and the other is a dark and bitter person who punishes the guilty instead of redeeming them. They represent two different sides of heroism, which make their relationship more interesting. Also, the way they interact in comics has always been special. WW the proud warrior who is welling to stand up to anyone if needed, has always been softer to Bruce out of all the other JLA members, and she always seems to be more tolerable to him than any of the other superheroes. On the other hand, the proud, competitive, and slightly arrogant Bruce seems to always smile when he's around WW, and has acknowledged WW as a person who inspire love in people, which seems really out of character for Batman, but somehow Bruce seems to always let his guard down when he is around Diana. Batman and Wonder Woman bring a lot of new stuff to each other every time they interact, which to me, is the basis of any good relationship.

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When I look at a couple in comic books, I don't take into consideration whether they will realistically get together, or whether they're from the same book or not.

Batman X Wonder Woman. I like it because of the nature of their relationship that have that mutual respect for each others powers and independence, and they have a lot of chemistry together. What happened in Blackest Night was what made me really like the couple. The idea of a warrior like WW to be heartbroken over losing Bruce all this time but keeping inside for all this time, and then her transformation to a Star Sapphire was just so human. I'll admit it, I used to hate WW, but after that book she kinda grow up on me.

Batman X Zatanna. I like it because they're cute together, and they have a history. I also like how Zatanna likes Bruce Wayne not Batman. It may look like a random pairing at first, but once you look at their history together, you can't help but to root for them.

Batman X Catwoman. While I'm indifferent to this pairing, I can't help but to hate how Catwoman seems overly sexualized. She have been throwing herself at Batman recently, as if the writers are trying to shove their relationship down our throats. Like I said, I'm indifferent to the pairing, but I'm not overly fond of Catwoman.

To the people who talks about how some of the pairing are unrealistic, let's not forget that even Selina, the most usual love interest for Bats, will also never get together with him because this is a comic and it will never end, so the chances of Catwoman X Batman happening is just as much as WW X Bat or Zatanna X Batman. Dismissing a relationship because you don't like it is one thing, but saying that this pair is "unrealistic" doesn't make sense. Zatanna and Bruce have a huge history together, and WW x Batman have been hinted at a lot, and in BN it was outright shown that their relationship could easily turn into something great. To me, WW and Zatanna have as much of a chance as Catwoman when it comes to hooking up with Bruce.

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WOW so much hate for the Avengers. Jean Grey is a horrible character, and the whole Phoenix thing is just a retarded plot-device. Let Jean return and FIX everything you say, well this will be an even dumper way to finish the event, and that's why I can actually see it happening.

The only good thing about this issue is that it confirmed that there will be no happy ending for the X-Men. My only hope is that they leave Jean out of this, and manage to finish the event with minimal damage to the characters.