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@ivar17: Eric Masterson to be clear was Odin Work (Masterson was mortally wounded by Mongoose, and is given Thor's form and powers after the original is sealed in Eric's mind, by Odin), that is not what is happening with the female Thor...

That was only initially. When Loki gets Thor banished, Eric is given the full powers of Thor on his own without Thor's consciousness inside him. He still had to change back and forth each time, but it was him regardless.

For this to work the way Marvel wants it to, she has to be as powerful as Thor, otherwise they will receive criticism for not going all out with it from the very same people they are trying to impress. And its not like its without precedent. Eric Masterson gained Thor's strength when he took over the role, as did Dargo. She won't have Thor's combat ability per se, but she will still display some even if whoever assumes the role has none of their own. Eric Masterson beat Ulik on his second confrontation with him when he first assumed the mantle and that was before any combat techniques were taught by either Cap or Hercules (it was pointedly stated that he lacked Thor's actual skill). Considering the intent, don't expect her to inherit Thor's recent jobber status outside his book as well. They'll want to present her as close to flawless as possible.

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I'm of two minds on this one. I think this may be a good opportunity for the Thor character, but at the same time whoever this female is will not last as a character.

I am a longtime Thor fan, he is one of my favorite characters who has suffered from poor management by Marvel and the writers it has chosen to take his title. It seemed that with the popularity of his movies and his inclusion in the Avengers things were looking up for him somewhat at least in his own title. However with all that being said, one of the biggest complaints from many people is that he relies on his hammer too much. Most people don't know what powers are his and what powers are actually Mjolnir. There are even those who think that without the hammer he has no powers and is just a normal man. While I have no idea what event could have possibly happened to make Thor unworthy of his own hammer and yet still be worthy of placement on the Avengers, I think this will be an opportunity for him, provided the Marvel staff don't screw it up, to flex his own muscles so to speak. We'll see exactly what it is the God of Thunder can do. Again potentially this aspect of it might be interesting.

The one that is going to suffer is going to be the character that they get to be the female Thor. Visual wise she looks good, but this design could have been used for Valkyrie to update the swimsuit look and to give her a push to even Sif with a few color changes. Introduce Toruun, Thor's daughter into the main continuity with this costume. Instead we get this. Let's face it, it does not matter what she does, she will always only be the female Thor. She will never have her own identity. When Thor regains his hammer, she will be relegated to that limbo that all such characters wind up in. Thunderstrike got an ongoing for a little while and then he died. Thor Girl was a supporting character in minor books and then wound up being a skrull and no one has heard from her since. Even Beta Ray Bill, the most popular of Thor clones is scarcely used in anything major.

This is a lazy attempt at diversity and speaking as a Hispanic male, I can understand wanting to show more 'color' as it were in comics. But this is not the way. This tells me that a female character cannot be intriguing on her own merits, she has to steal the legacy (and hopefully the fan base) of another character in order to be successful. Females should take that as an insult, just like I took Miles Morales as an insult.

So as I said, potentially good for Thor, but this new character has no future.

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Is there some update that Herc got his powers back because if not his part in this fight is over pretty quick.

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In the first movie, when he, Sif and the Warriors Three are battling the frost giants he calls down a massive bolt of lightning that effectively ends the immediate fight, wiping out the giants around him. He later summons a tornado capable of lifting cars. In the Avengers he hurls lightning at Iron Man, calls lightning down to kill a bunch of chitauri when he rejoins the Avengers and calls down a massive bolt of lightning only a building and then channels the energy against the chitauri, destroying two of the giant monsters in less than a second and making him the most effective combatant in that battle. In Thor 2, he projects lightning at Malekith's face, summons a massive bolt of lightning to try to destroy the ether, and damn near every hammer strike was laced with lightning along the face of Mjolnir. These are just the instances I can remember off the top of my head. They are doing a decent job of showcasing these abilities and balancing them with his more preferred combat abilities and displaying his versatility. Using them to a greater extent does not suit him. I've read entire Thor comics where he doesn't use these powers once. He said it himself to Loki "Some do battle, others merely do tricks".

Nor does he need it. In the first Thor movie he singlehandedly devastates the Frost Giants and defeats the Destroyer inside of ten seconds. As I said above in the Avengers last battle he was the single most effective character shown in that fight, taking out enemies physically at the same pace as the hulk and his energy attacks far more effective than Iron Man's. In Thor 2 he takes everything Maliketh, powered by what was later revealed to be an Infinity Gem, could through at him and is ultimately capable of defeating him. I have my qualms about the movies, like his fights with Iron Man and Kurse but overall I understand why it was done. Complaining about every perceived slight is not going to make people see your side to things. As a Thor fan myself I have my issues with the way Marvel has chosen to use him in recent years, but overall the Movies are a pretty solid representation considering it is a movie and is not going to be able to show everything.

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Ok so show me a comic where all of Thor's combat revolved around the projection of lightning. It doesn't, he hurls his hammer and then moves in and smashes things with said hammer upon its return, punches it with his fist, etc. When the situation warrants, he calls down lightning or projects it from his hammer or any number of esoteric options available to him, but he does not rely on this things to any great degree. And that has been showcased in the movies to a similar degree as what's shown in the comics, perhaps even more so. Just because someone showcases a certain power to a greater extant than someone else does not necessarily mean they are downplaying anything. If the movies concentrated on Thor's use of all his powers, there would not be much time for anything else.

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Not really because in Electro's case, that's all he has so they need to showcase that and in Thor's case, he has never, even in the comics, heavily relied on lightning. If he needs it, its there, but generally speaking, he doesn't need it.

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The problem with this question is that the whole "Thor can call the hammer to him" is a relatively new concept. The hammer has always returned to him when thrown, but if he dropped it or set it someplace, he still had to retrieve it. At least two instances of someone else picking up the hammer (Captain America and Eric Masterson) were the direct result of them trying to get the hammer back to Thor, who had either dropped it or had it knocked away from him.

When Beta Ray Bill had Mjolnir Thor could not take it back, its one of the reasons why the fought and why Stormbreaker was created. When Dargo first appeared, Mjolnir tried to get away from him but still could not journey on its own. Dargo had to create a vortex and send the hammer back to Thor. Did not work since he got the hammer again, but he tried. Since the concept of Thor being able to call it to him, to my knowledge no one worthy has tried to deprive it from him.

Odin so far is the only one I can immediately recall being able to stop the hammer from returning to Thor when thrown. Zeus tried and failed and he is considered Odin's equal in power. Odin I assume is capable of doing so because he was the one that enchanted it in the first place. And as stated above Odin has taken the hammer from Thor quite a few times.

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@experio said:

@powerherc said:

@bigcimmerian said:

@powerherc said:

Here are a few:

  • Sif
  • Enchantress
  • Lorelei
  • Brunhilde the Valkyrie
  • Moondragon (Though she was mind-controlling him at the time.)
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Hellcat
  • Blitzania
  • Hela (Ultimate Thor)

Herc has more hehe.

Yes, Herc does.

More than what you listed o_O


- Snowbird

- She Hulk

- Hebe

- Black Widow

- Namora

- Alfyse

- Rhea

- Hypolita

- Arachne

- Dejanira

- Psylocke

Plus countless more mortals and immortals.

You forgot Northstar and Wolverine (alternate universe)

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@maninthemountain: Ok everything about your post was off. Hercules has bled on numerous occasions, Ares is currently dead (and he certainly bled a lot and it was always pretty red), Zeus and Hera have been dead and returned (like a number of Asgardians) so your definitions lack substance.

Second, using anything said in the Marvel cinematic universe to justify any argument in the Marvel Comic universe pretty well negates your argument. The two are mutually exclusive. Just because one occurs in one does not make it so in the other. And Tony Stark is hardly an authority on the nature of divinity in the Marvel universe (don't recall him being handed a handbook to the gods that he could read overnight). And how do you know what is and is not mortal blood? Its Thor's blood.

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This conversation is getting old and unfortunately, the latest Thor movie and SHIELD series do little to help this (probably to avoid anyone complaining at them using the term gods or perhaps because Joss Whedon is an atheist, who knows). The Olympians, Asgardians and all the other true gods of the Marvel universe owe the right to call themselves gods from their decent. All of the gods can singularly trace their lineage back to Demiurge, the same force that, in the Marvel universe at lease, spawned all life on Earth. They inhabit pocket dimensions, sure, but these pocket dimensions have always been considered part of the Earth plane, simply inaccessible to normal humans. Most of the gods trace their decent also back to Gaea, the last remaining Elder Goddess, though some stories talk of a second generation of gods that Gaea then mated with, it varies from pantheon. For example, Thor is usually considered her only child among the Norse pantheon, while ever Olympian is descended from her.