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Even the infidel Johns has become a true believer... I hope,cant wait to see this Batman display time travel and omniscience. But seriously, I dont see what the big issue is? most likely he'll have all knowledge in the universe for a brief period. Morrison did this already in Return of Bruce Wayne,Batman is still Batman today despite that and knowing Johns he'll use this opportunity to knock Batman down a peg.

I also dont recall anyone complaining when Doom and Thanos find magical hearts and gloves that allow them to enslave the universe,how exactly is this any different?

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Darkseid was depoweredin the new 52 Darkseid because he is just a fragment of the real Darkseid (Final Crisis)... I think that goes the same with the AntiMonitor.

I doubt any darksied can even hold a candle with the COIE Anti Monitor, Anti Monitor was basically after Lucifer and Michael after taking down spectre

Darksied isnt even close to the spectre no matter how much amp he gets

COIE AM was amped,those were not his normal power levels,and besides it was still Darkseid who destroyed him in that story,not to mention FC Darkseid>COIE AM.

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Batman is not a coward for not killing. He doesn't kill because it would lower him to their level. He would be considered a criminal for one swift action. However Jason did point out he doesn't do much quite a few times. Batman: Under The Red Hood is a good example of this. Here Batman explains why he doesn't kill.

here are two links to watch it for free:



He is already considered a criminal and crazy. He is already at their level by some.

Batman doesn't have to do anything,he doesn't work for the public nor has he been sanctioned by the state, it's HIS crusade so he'll follow HIS rules and perimeters, Gotham should be thanful for anything he does.

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Yes and easily,people will go to great lengths and make ridiculous excuses to claim he cant but Batman has all the qualities of great heroes and noble warriors,or he just makes a robot and asks it to lift it for him lol.

Nah, never. But, Wonder Woman could easily lift it, and Superman could also under the right circumstances

The murderer can lift it but the guy who regards all life as sacred cant?

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Just dont care imo,Grail is Grayven turned in to a woman,Batman became a New God in Return of Bruce Wayne and still remained the same character. This story is already unoriginal.

Oh and this is what's gonna happen to Batman,we find out that he's been jealous and insecure of his superpowered friends and has been secretly craving powers,so he gets tempted by the darkside(literally) and becomes a lousy New God only for Superman to use that box Batman gave him. Bat haters will be very pleased, Master Race cant come soon enough.

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@citizensentry: Wikis' can be edited by everyone eh? who exactly made that cost of being Batman and Iron Man ? and it's only relevant to the movies in which case Bruce stomps,Baleman was far more responsible than RDJ Stark.


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  • Intelligenge: Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Wealth: Bruce Wayne vs. Tony Stark
  • Combat Skills: Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Strength: Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Speed: Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Versatility: Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Friends: Batman vs. Iron Man


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HAHAHA, Superman fans are having nightmares,maybe this will make up for the expected garbage Earth One sequel coming shortly. You just cant kill BatGod or Miller,there's gonna be lots of bleeding now.

On a serious note,I'm more excited for Miller's contribution than Azz's, Azz's Batman work hasn't impressed meTBH,I loved the Knight of Vengeance story but Joker was rubbish and Broken City was bleh.

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I like it

Same here,I'll never understand CB fans,they complained about Heath not being comic booky,bleachy or over the top crazy,we finally get something like that AND THEY'RE STILL complaining.

The only thing that bothers me is that they're basing this Batman world on Millers work too much,though I can see a hint of Morrison/Daniels RIP Joker as well. They're plenty of other great Batman writers and stories out there as well,I wish they'd use them as a template too.

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This is true but maybe he has a cooling system they can always invent something to make Batman survive.

also, even if the joints can spin 360 degrees the human limbs cannot.

I am just curious on how the writers can do this without looking stupid.

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@black_arrow: Depends on the solar charge, even Zod's and Nam-Ek's kryptonian stuff can be broken.

Don't forget the meat-in-the-machine issue, the shell is hard but the innards are squishy. Batfleck is a Lobster waiting to be boiled.

Was Cap America squished when his shield withstood the brunt of an RPG? or even better the Mjlonir? does Iron Man get squished when he fights his baddies? the purpose of an armor is to provide protection across the board,the armor protects Batman from everything Superman throws at him,that's why he's wearing it and standing in front of him,the screen writers are more aware of the limits of Superman's powers and Batmans abilities(we haven't even seen what he's capable of and some people are already crying PIS) than you or I,it's up to them to decide what works or what doesn't stop nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.

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TDKR has been adapted in to 2 animated movies,an episode of BTAS,a loose adaptation in the "Batman" cartoon, it had considerable influence on The Dark Knight Rises and obviously on the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. There MUST BE SOMETHING great about it.

Hipsters just refuse to see it.