Radical Comics Shrapnel Hubris 1 of 3 Review

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At its core, Shrapnel Hubris could be described as the Revolutionary War... in space. Venus stands as the last free colony, putting it on the defense against the United Space Marine Corps. This edition of the USMC is comprised of genetically enhanced soldiers, making them the greatest armed force in history. Together with the Martians, the USMC see themselves as superior races to the Herlots, the Venusian colonists who are armed only with their God given talents.

The story follows several soldiers of the Venus military forces, most notably Captain Narayan, leader of Venus army. She convinces the leader of Venus to send three ships comprised from her army as well as ex-USMC’s to Mars to strike the USMC. Things get off to a rough start, upon take off from Venus one of the three ships drifts too close to the sun and is destroyed. Before their battle has even begun the soldiers must face loss. In any war, be it modern or in the future, there is always loss and mourning.

For one soldier, the loss is much greater. He and his wife had been separated in case one of the ships didn't make it. As she was in the ship that crashed, he now must raise their son alone. Captain Narayan too suffers psychological trauma from the crash, blaming herself for the loss. After a gut feeling about a disaster, Narayan picked a different ship for herself. She consults a therapeutic computer program that attempts to ease her mind by rationalizing the events but it does little to help her as she's forced to press on towards Mars.

Posted by NexusOfLight

Cool review. I gotta say, I loved   Aristeia Rising. It was one of the first comics to get me interested in the sci-fi space genre. I haven't picked up this issue yet. I might just wait on the trade but I'll definitely be reading this some time in the future.

Posted by EnterTheHero
@NexusOfLight: Yeah it was a pretty good book. I haven't read Aristeia Rising but it was recommended to me because of this review so I'll probably pick it up. Thanks for reading the review!