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Catching Up!

Here's a bunch of links to my recent articles! 

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Velocity #1 Review

Hey check out my review for Velocity #1 from Top Cow comics. Great book with fantastic art work! 
  The wait is over and the fastest woman in comic books has finally arrived with her own series! Pilot Season winner Velocity returns with a brand new first issue from writer Ron Marz (Magdalena, Witchblade) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Madam Mirage, The Core). I'd say that art is what has made this issue so highly anticipated. A beautiful female Speedster is great idea but the art seals the deal.
The story begins with Velocity, a.k.a. Carin, escaping from some killer robots. She explains that she's fast... very fast. In a way it's a tutorial on her powers and weaknesses. Ever since she was enhanced by the Cyberdata Corporation she's been able to run at mach 7. No she can't shake her molecules to run through walks or travel through time, but she can move fast enough to create contained whirlwinds and bounce off walls. 
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Comic Con - Making the Panel

Here's my first feature in our "How to Survive Comic Con" series entitled Making the Panel check it out
  Comic Con is the largest convention for comics in the country, but year after year there are hundreds of new attendees that have never gone to a con in general. Consequently, there are hundreds of people that A) have no idea what to do or expect and B) still have no idea what to do even after attending the year before.

This article is designed to help you see the Panels and Speakers that you so need to see.

A Panel is when a company or person has a time blocked out in a room to promote their work or answer questions from the audience. Some big reveals happen at Comic Con in the form of Comics, Movies, TV Shows and Video Games, making it a once in a lifetime experience, a s Twilight fans from the last two years discovered when exclusive footage was released before the movies. Don't think they don't still brag about that. In fact that's the hook of the Panels: you get the info first, straight from the horse's mouth.

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You Missed That Issue! Booster Gold #1,000,000

Here's my newest You Missed That Issue  
  Welcome to another "You Missed That Issue!" This time we have Booster Gold's addition to DC's 1.000.000 series. If you're unfamiliar with the "million" concept, it was DC's experiment to show what the comics we know and love now might look like when they reach the million issue. It was also their way of saying that they plan on being here and making comics until they get to that point and beyond. When Booster Gold was announced after 52 wrapped up, Geoff Johns and company thought it would be funny to give Booster a million issue so as to say that the character is strong enough and important enough to make it that far.
So why this issue? Why not any of the great issues before this issue? It's simple... the last line of the book. It's a single moment that caps off the story and makes the strongest statement about the title and its importance. But we can't simply jump to the end, for the ending means nothing taken out of context. 

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Blue Beetle Live Action TV Show?

Read the entire here... it's funny!  http://playeraffinity.com/comic-news/DCE-News-Blue-Beetle-Live-Action.html  
Coming from Geoff Johns' Twitter feed is news that DC Entertainment is filming a live action test for a live action Blue Beetle TV show. The test is of the character Jamie Reye's (The current Blue Beetle) activating his Scarab suit. Johns also stated on the feed that if he could he would be bringing the footage to Comic Con in July. The Brave and Bold cartoon show will also be featuring the character for most of the new season in order to increase the public's awareness.

Just to clarify it's not this Blue Beetle...    


PAC News 6-13-10

As always check out the full article thanks!   http://playeraffinity.com/comic-news/PAC-Weekly-News-6-13-2010.html
 P.A.C. News is back! That's Player Affinity Comic News for those of you that forgot. Not a lot happened in the world of comics this week, but we do have some fun stuff to cover and awesome photos like, our thumbnail image, to show you. Let's dig into comic news for the week of June 13th, 2009!

Up first, we have an awesome crossover drawn by deviantArt artist, Gotta Be Carl. He's taken the world of the X-men and Futurama and made one glorious image that's worthy of t-Shirts and posters! Seriously I'll write a comic for this guy to draw if no one swoops in and hires him! Have you ever read a Futurama comic? They are so-so in quality, but with Gotta be Carl's art I think the book would be astonishing! Bonus points if you can name Leela's mom (that ones been bugging me)! Share the images with your friends, and you can play, "who's that" for hours.    

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Mystery Society #1 Review

 Check out Kevin's review for Mystery Society #1


Searching for a purpose in life is a difficult thing. Finding someone to share a bond with in life is an equally daunting task. That's one thing Nick Hammond and Anastasia Collins have, a very special bond. Something that this husband and wife share with each other within their exclusive Mystery Society.

Reporters for GNN, Tom Thomas and Jessica Finch introduce co-founder of the Mystery Society, Nick Hammond. He is being escorted to Hover maximum security prison to be sentenced for a string of charges. Ranging from breaking and entering to grave robbery. But before the charismatic Nick Hammond starts his stint, he breaks his long silence to the press and feeds into the media pandemonium and shares some of the secrets that his Mystery Society holds.    

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Hit Monkey Review

Didn't like it, here's why  http://playeraffinity.com/comic-reviews/Marvel-Hit-Monkey-Greatest-Assassin.html 

 Hit Monkey is a monkey assassin, but sadly, not a very good one. He's just a monkey that knows how to shoot a gun. He began as a digital comic on Marvel.com that grew in popularity "forcing" Marvel to actually print the issue.

The story of Hit Monkey goes as such: An assassin is on the run from someone he has pissed-off and is forced into the mountains of whatever godforsaken country he's in. There he's taken in by monkeys and accepted into their clan by all. Well, all but one… Hit Monkey!

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