Aquaman and that Darn Seahorse!

 I like Aquaman. He's one of my top heroes for a lot of reasons, but none of them, none of them have anything to do with that stupid, Silver Age seahorse.

I hate the seahorse. How does that exactly look heroic? He swims faster than that stupid thing can, and here he is, riding on it (at least when he rode the jet ski on Superfriends, we knew it was to pick up chicks. You don't pick up chicks on a seahorse). What will a seahorse do in a fight? Tie something up with its tail? Yeah, right.

Ride a shark, stand atop a huge freaking wail, or a giant squid - but a seahorse? Because it has horse in its name? No way. Nuh uh.

I have two pictures below. The first one (a valentine) shows the seahorse he's usually riding.  That thing looks out of it, and just plain lame. I recently discovered that at least in his main filmation show, he rode a different looking seahorse.

Ignore Aqualad in the second picture (his seahorse looks like its on something). Look at Aquaman's seahorse. That thing is pissed off about something. Maybe because it realizes its a seahorse, and it realizes it wants to be a shark. This leads me to surmise that this seahorse is crazy angry all the time. I think its actually going to impale someone on the nubbed end of its tail. Think about that! That's a seahorse I can accept.

So please, for all of you out there who like the seahorse, please call for the angry, mad as hell, I'm going to eat your soul seahorse from Filmation. A MAN's seahorse. Or dare I say, an AQUAMAN'S seahorse.