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Gone Too Far 0

After defining his stature as an aggresive and malevolent Spider-Man, Doc Ock goes head to head with a bunch of pranksters. Also, it's quite clear that the rest of the Marvel Universe, namely the Avengers, have noticed a change in Spidey. How far will Spidey have to go for the Avengers to take charge?The Good Without trying to sound like a Slott-fanboy, he's done an awesome job with the pacing for the last six issues. He's done a lot, and I mean lot in what 22 pages? He covers a bunch of villain...

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Someone Dies 0

Peter Parker once vowed that under his watch, "No one dies". With a new Spidey in the suit and Massacre on the loose, Doc Ock just might break Parker's moral code to solve this problem. The GoodIs that an iconic cover or what? I feel like down the line when Spidey goes back to his original status quo, this is the one image that will defines this new era for Spider-Man. Continuing on the Camuncoli praise, his art is looking mighty fine here. His characters are fully defined and his panel work is ...

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Senseless Massacre 0

One of Dan Slott's creations, the supervillian Massacre, makes one heck of a return. Peter Parker let Massacre off pretty easily (back in Amazing Spider-Man), despite everything the villain had done. With a new Spidey under the mask, how will Doc Ock deal with Massacre's comeback?The GoodIs it just me or is this new Spider-Man really something to behold? I've given praise for Dan Slott time and time again for his reinvention of everyone's favorite superhero and this issue continues to show off S...

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Poor Old Otto 0

After last issue's developments, Carlie Cooper is slowly doubting what she knows about Spider-Man. She's no longer sure if Peter is still under the mask. Plus, Doc Ock faces the Vulture. With his new responsibility as Spider-Man, how will things go between he and his old friend?The GoodI can't believe I'm saying this but I love this new take on Spidey. Much like Peter, he's smart and a bit of a wise-ass but he's never afraid to make everyone else around him feel inferior. Although he isn't very ...

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Smasher 0

Smasher, one of Hickman's new additions to the Avengers takes the forefront in this book. How did she come about to become the first human in the Imperial guard?The GoodThis issue was much better than the last. Both the writing and the art have improved and the end result is a fun and satisfying adventure with a brand new character. Hickman fleshes out the Avengers' Smasher with a wonderful origin story. We're able to see her humble beginnings, her family, her aspirations and eventually her tran...

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On Like Hyperion 0

Picking up from the previous arc, the Garden's origin bomb shows its consequences in many places on Earth, including the Savage Land. Can the Avengers take on the task at hand?The GoodIf Jason Aaron, who I should say is an awesome writer, ever stops writing Thor: God of Thunder, I hope Marvel lets Jonathan Hickman write the book because he's currently doing a great job with Thor on this comic. Hickman's Thor is regal and elegant whilst being dauntingly confident and powerful. It's perfect. Hickm...

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Superior Doc Ock 0

Doc Ock finally gets a new lease on life. In Spider-Man's body, he's keeping up with his science and he's able to enjoy the perks of being everybody's favorite superhero. Having Peter Parker's memories has sparked an interest in Mary Jane. With Doc Ock living in Peter's body, will Mary Jane figure out what's really going on?The GoodRyan Stegman's really put his signature on this "new" Spider-Man. He's fierce, vicious and malevolent. Doc Ock Spidey has amazing panel presence because he's clearly ...

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A Fresh Start for the Young Avengers 0

Since the original Young Avengers disbanded after the Children's Crusade, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie bring us a new group of youthful heroes that will hopefully come together as the Young Avengers. With Kid Loki in this book, is he gonna be able to piece together an Avengers team much like he did decades ago?The GoodIt's always refreshing to pick up a new number one. It's even more refreshing in this case because we finally have a new Young Avengers book! Heinberg and Cheung made their mar...

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Lucky Shot, Dead-Timer 0

Zombie-fied selves of deceased presidents are causing havoc in New York City. Deadpool, his buddy Ben Franklin and a few S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are in charge of dealing with likes of JFK, Hoover and Abraham Lincoln. Determined to take care of them, he goes through great lengths, but what happens when he squares off with Abe Lincoln in the ring?The GoodDeadpool is in great hands with this creative team. Posehn and Duggan's take on Deadpool just about sums up Wade's character. Like Deadpool, the stor...

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Stand Down, Cap 0

Red Skull unleashes his wrath towards some new mutants, will Havok's team of Uncanny Avengers stop his madness?The GoodRemender's writing is consistently good so it's no surprise that he shows his handle on all the characters in the book. He writes the Red Skull as a fleeting maniac who leaves a harrowing impression every time he shows up in a panel. We see some great character work with Havok as he steps up to the plate and is fleshed out as someone fit to lead an Avengers team. Remender's expe...

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Red Dead Nightmares 0

With DC's relaunch, we've got a new creative team consisting of Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman working on one of DC's most interesting characters, Animal Man. As a superhero who would give the world for his family, what exactly will Buddy Baker do when his daughter's powers start to manifest?  The Good This issue's introduction is definitely different, it's not exactly ground breaking but, it is a different take on getting new and old readers up to speed with what Lemire's take on Animal Man wil...

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Age of Archangel 0

After an epic adventure in the Age of Apocalypse, the Uncanny X-Force return to their home dimension. But they are soon caught off guard by the overwhelming numbers that are accompanying the now evil, Archangel. When Archangel demands for the Life Seed, the item that X-Force had fought for in the AoA, will X-Force hand it over or will they die trying?  The Good Well, Opena's back. And he makes one hell of a comeback in this issue of Uncanny X-Force. The effort he puts into his action packed pane...

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Not Your Jeanie 0

With Wolverine and Fantomex leading two different X-teams, they're out to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Fantomex is out looking for Archangel's cure, while Wolverine is working on a way to get all the mutants out of the AoA. But with the AoA version of Wolverine in the way, will X-Force succeed in the Age of Apocalypse? The Good  Remender does it once again. After 13 issues, he still manages to write such great fast paced action with a plot that keeps on progressing. Also, Remender's cons...

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Kill Father 0

Deathlok cyborgs have come from the future to secure the "World" and eliminate Fantomex. Fantomex, along with his group of murderous mutants plus Deadpool, must kill the man behind the Deathlok attacks, Father, or die trying. The Good Remender's X-Force has always been consistent with one thing, characterization. Remender always seems to manage developing the characters of everyone on this death-squad. That being said, Fantomex and Deadpool are written quite nicely in this issue. The verbal conf...

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Burning Bright 0

After the passing of one of his best friends, Peter Parker heads to the Baxter Building to talk to the Fantastic Four. The Good This issue serves it's purpose very well as it reminds us of the great friendship between Peter Parker and Johnny Storm. Slott writes about the untold stories of Spidey and Torch and they are all really well written. Not only does Dan Slott write our web-head well, but he seems to have a great talent for suppyling dialogue for the remaining members of the Fantastic Four...

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Madripoor's Mastermind 0

After creating unbelievable chaos in Madripoor, Daken comes face to face with Tyger Tiger. Now with Madripoor in his hands, what exactly does Daken do now? The Good Leaving off from the last issue, Daken's finally taken over Madripoor, and we see his true intentions with the poor nation. He gets Tyger Tiger to become his figurehead while he sticks to the shadows. What surprised me was Tiger actually agreeing to Daken's offer, considering that she tried so hard to keep the peace within this small...

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Taking Back the World 0

After killing Fantomex's mother and taking the mysterious "World", X-Force is left wondering who is behind this ambush of Deathlok cyborgs?  The Good First off, the art is amazing. Esad Ribic is on cover and interior duites on this book, and like the last issue, he is just blowing me away. Ribic's got some amazing action-packed panels that goes so well with Remender's writing. Other great things about this issue are the pacing and the characterization of certain characters. The pacing is perfect...

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The Devil's Daughter 0

After a mystical intrusion in the Raft, the Thunderbolts agree that they need a magical powerhouse. Luke Cage and his fellow New Avenger, Doctor Strange, agree that Satana will be a perfect addition to the team, but how hard will it be to find her? The Good This issue deals with recruiting another member to the team, that being Satana. I'm not really familiar with her, but Jeff Parker's glorious writing saved me the time of having to look up her history. Parker adds in enough information and gre...

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New Suit for a New Problem 0

After the death of Marla Jameson, Spider-Man vows that no one dies while he's protecting New York. But how hard will it be to keep this promise when a new villain, Massacre, is bent on killing the very people Spider-Man promised to protect? The Good Spidey's lost his spider-sense, and he's struggling with problems that never used to come up. We see Spider-Man lost and confused without his spider-sense having to think for him first, and Slott does a great job incorporating problems from past stor...

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Not Connecting Yet 0

Bendis' story about the current New Avengers and the '59 Avengers is still not connecting. But is this better than the last issue? The GoodBendis' writing is definitely at it's best here. His dialogue for the New and '59 Avengers just seems so real, it's as if he's met these characters before.Probably the best thing about this comic is that it's so much more interesting than the last. Last issue, there were tons of things missing and it was hard to follow. But here, the writing gets you really i...

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Taking Over Madripoor 0

Leaving off from the last issue, Daken's plans come to full fruition as he gets closer and closer to possibly taking over Madripoor.  The Good Daken is a character nothing like his father. He is very decieving, cunning and he's always one step ahead of everyone. Daken is the master planner, he has everything mapped out in his head so well that readers like myself are always wondering how well put together this guy is. He will do everything and anything to get what he wants, making such a great a...

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