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My take is that you gotta put books in your pull-list that matter by themselves. Marvel and DC's big events will always crap out and we'll only remember what was bad about them. The hype makes it so much worse because they say it'll "change" everything.

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Surprised to only see so few comments here! This book is not only gorgeous in terms of art from Tradd Moore but the story and mythology Jordan's built with a handful of issues is a feat in and of itself. One of my favorite books!

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I'd love it if DC decided to put Animal Man in the game, that's all I want!

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The art didn't fit this title's flow at all. Takara's good but Manapul's done so much with the Flash that it's always jarring to see someone else fill in. The art was just too scratchy and littered with really dark inks.

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I was ecstatic to have TWD back on air but this episode felt like such a filler. The most interesting parts happened in the beginning and then it kinda fell off from there. Here's to hoping for more dynamic plots for the rest of season 3!

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The creative teams on these books are awesome. I shall give them a shot.


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I can't help but feel that this'll get cancelled in a few months


Why should we waste money on this kind of titles when we know DC may not even give them a proper chance before giving it the boot? If it doesnt sell it obviously doesnt have a place in the New 52, and why risk falling in love with a series if it means such disappointment.

This is why these series' get cancelled. That mentality is too widespread.

This is 100% accurate. If you don't want to try it, that's fine. Others, however, do want to give something new a go. Comics are not 100% prats wearing their pants on the outside punching other prats into buildings. Some readers wants something a little bit different, mature or indeed intelligent. God forbid we be allowed to have something different instead of homogenized Batman and SELECTED CHARACTER OF THE WEEK spun into forty eight on-goings.

I don't think you got the intended point. They weren't upset about DC trying out different types of books, they're upset because whenever DC does try to release something different (I Vampire, Sword of Sorcery, Men of War, GI Combat, etc.), it gets cancelled. Their reasoning is: "What's the point of getting invested in something like this when you know it'll just be next up for the chopping block?"

And honestly, I can't blame them. While DC is a business and needs money to function, they need to realize that certain books aren't going to sell very well from the get-go. There's no point in giving these books a shot if they're just going to shut it down after a few issues.

DC is a business first and unfortunately, they'll always favor their profits rather than the stories they tell. As long as they have a book like Batman or Justice League to sell well, all the other books get aside.

If DC was really serious about releasing a new number 1, knowing that it probably won't sell well in the long run, why can't they have them as mini series? They did that with Morrison's Animal Man in the 80s! It was supposed to be a 4 issue mini but strong sales turned it into an ongoing. It's just sad to see people get invested over brand new books with their favorite characters and have those books end in less than a year. Comic book limbo isn't fun.

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I can't help but feel that this'll get cancelled in a few months

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Whoever Catwoman's fighting in issue 20 sure looks a lot like Fantomex

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Excited for the new look! Change is never really that bad; it'll hopefully make the site more sleek!

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This may be the greatest thing Greg Land's ever drawn