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Sorry but honestly would give this movie 2-2.5 stars. I'm not a huge superman fan but I generally like the movies, though this one was quite awful. It made me want to rewatch the Christopher Reeves movies because at least I like the first two.

The movie managed to make me hate Jonathan Kent, which I NEVER have hated him in any incarnation I've read or watched.

Zod: Poor casting and they stripped him of any real motivation outside of that weak compulsion he had to "Protect" Krypton.

Lois: I liked, she was better than the last one and didn't mind the red-ish hair.

Martha: She was fine as well.

Perry: Served his purpose.

Plot-holes up the arse. Also WHY was Jor-El a warrior? That contradicts everything the movie sets up. Liked Kal's new birth origin in theory but that needed work.

Just a subpar movie.

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O_O I'll check this out, since it's not involved with the current spidey continuity. Nice to see James get a big project so soon out of the DC gate.

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At least wonder Woman gets another series lol She's like 8 titles behind batman and superman XD

Don't really care about reading a series about their relationship O_O

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Brett's Doomsday is awesome they should've used his design, way better than the one they picked.

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There are some good concepts here but it needs some serious tweaking for him to look less ridiculous, like those arms lol

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Great article. I like to think (like stated above) it's because the ship flying with Kal alone would have a better chance of reaching earth. It seemed logical that Jor-el and Lara would want Kal to have the best shot of surviving putting his safety completely ahead of their own.

Also it's a plot device XD but I like to ignore that from a story standpoint because it diminishes the sacrifice.

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Lol I actually like the 5 star reviews. 10 stars just gets too convoluted and 5 allows for a more straight forward approach like corey said. But I agree with Tony, the more they people complain the more I want you to keep it regardless XD

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So.....the Staff of One resurrects Nico for one page, and then she drops dead out of exhaustion? Or am I reading the scans in the wrong order and the Staff brings Nico back as Zombie Grimm? Either way, LOL. Do yourselves a favor and stop reading this.

Wrong order lol the 3rd image is supposed to be first XD

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O_O Actually really happy I read all these titles to begin with so I don't need to add stuff to my pull list to accommodate this event.

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Meh, I'm losing more excitement about these spiderman films every time news is released