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I'm in lol I only read suicide squad because of Harley. That outfit needs an overhaul

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liking how diverse the art styles are this week. <--Not sarcasm.

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@youngjustice said:

I don't get Zimmmerman supporters, they ignore the fact that he ignored the police and because of this he was attacked, pretty certain that Trayvon wouldn't have attacked if he didn't feel like he was being harassed.

Zimmerman should have staying in his car, at least in retrospect. If it had turned out that the person he was following was a criminal and he'd stayed in his car and the criminal killed someone, where he could have prevented it, then we might be asking why he didnt do anything.

Martin also should have run away and call the police, not attack the guy following him.

They both made decisions that contributed to the event.

This case was gray, because both were at fault for the actions that exacerbated the incident.

Also Zimmerman is not exactly "white" he's clearly tan and he has a hispanic background. =_= But people desperately want this to be a black vs white race case. Also NBC clearly altered the 911 call to portray zimmerman as a racist when he didn't even say Trayvon was black at first till the operator asked for a description even then he didn't jump to black. He simply thought the kid was a "thug" because of his demeanor and he was paranoid.

Zimmerman clearly suffers from paranoia and a hero complex thus portraying him as a cold blooded racist killer is not accurate. If the right charges were applied and the media didn't miss represent this incident then things would have ended with zimmerman in jail for probably 10 years plus probation and community service.

Also there was minimal evidence that could be used unlike the OJ trial or Casey Anthony which both had INSANE evidence deemed circumstantial.

P.S. why did they only show young pics of trayvon?(politics) They also depicted him as a freakin saint =_= Sorry he was a teen with thc in his system, no sainthood there. If we use logic not emotion and just dealt with the facts and the truth this would have been resolved properly.

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O_O Gahhhh Sara was only on for just under 4 minutes T_____T Sadness. Well at least the podcast is over 3hrs as a plus because I need something to listen to till Tony's next podcast pops up. Geez I'm such a comicvine junkie lol

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T____T Awwwww... well this day just hit a road bump. The vine won't be the same without you Babs/Sara, wish you all the best and will keep an eye on your site & Twitter. Really gonna miss reading your articles and reviews every week.

Ugh...just thought of no Sara on the podcasts T____T This is going to take some serious adjusting to get used to this because you've been on the site since I joined. O n O

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are you kidding me ? this? a 4? they pulled the catwoman-is-still-alive thing right out of their asses after downright showing us lies the previous issue. this review gives credibility to paid-off reviews.

Take that accusation crap somewhere else. Your opinion differs from tony's OPINION, no need to be rude because you disagree with the review. If you don't like it write your own review and loosen up.

Wow comics don't always tell you the truth, let me show you my shocked face

-----> =_=

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Brainiac should be next then when you're doing the final man of steel movie use doomsday. You can tease Darkseid for a justice league movie or league sequel.

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@grubich said:

It actually was everything I expected and hoped for. The only thing I was only slightly disappointed abt was no "kneel before zod". It's kinda sad how there's always ppl to complain abt a movie. Why can't ppl just enjoy most movies for what they are, which is someone else's take on a character.

The movie was quite awful. I don't care if you change anything about superman(I'm not even a fan of his comics), by all means do whatever you want with his story but the development of all the characters and their motivations were crap. The story had gaping plot holes and pointless sacrifices. The best scene was little clark and Martha Kent at the school, it was brilliant, if they had more scenes written like that then this movie would have hit it out of the park. That scene was the only emotional scene that made me care, then they chose to diminish Pa Kent and make him teach Clark to be a hiding coward. They made Jor-El more likable than the man who raised Clark. I even like That clark went on a journey all over the place, it humanized him but they didn't fully commit to that concept.

They sacrificed depth and emotion for mindless action and CLEARLY thousands of people were killed by superman throwing Zod around the city and Clark only cared about the people Zod was going to kill in Grand Central. Hell a snippet of Clark glancing or acknowledging the damage he was causing could have redeemed his carelessness. Simple throw aways is all a movie needs to redeem one's actions.

Side note: Watch Perks of Being a Wallflower, even if you don't like it, it proves a simple sentence or a look can redeem someone who does something awful or a horrible event your life.

All I need is a good story, all flaws in the effects, acting, fights...all that can be overlooked for a well done story. Like a comic book, I can over look art(for the most part, I've seen some terrible art) if the story is compelling. This movie was one note and Superman felt hollow.

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I agree with you Tony, the superman killing thing really didn't sit right with me or many of my friends(even non-comic readers) If they did the Phantom Zone right, they could have used the Phantom Zone projector to banish zod in the last second or use some of that Kryptonian tech to restrain him(freeze him like they were before krypton exploded)

I really hated Pa Kent in this movie, the fact he said it may have been ok to let clark's classmates die just to protect his secret was disgusting and his death felt pointless. Smallville the Tv show had MANY flaws, but Pa Kent's morale lessons for clark were better.

This movie was kinda awful since no one really felt fleshed out and Lois' investigation was like a two second marathon that looked like minimal effort.

The pacing was just all over the place.

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10) Kal-EL did choose his destiny. He chooses to save Earth and that Krypton already had its chance.

9) General Zod flying was an epic scene. Looks at the face expression by Superman when he saw him fly and got called a farm boy. You really can't blame him for flying earlier when he doesn't even have 24 hours on Earth.

8) Who cares about temperature in a movie? Lois was the least interesting part of that scene. I was more focused on what Clark was doing.

7) Superman did care. Nobody died in Smallville and the Kryptonians and Military did more damage than he did. How the hell is he going to stop General Zod and other Kryptonians from tearing him apart. You think General Zod or Faora were interested in fighting somewhere else? Goku might pull that shit in DBZ but realistically no villain would care about the heroes worries. General Zod made it clear he was going to exterminate Earth.

6) General Zod already stated that they were out of resources and the fact that Kal-El was on Earth and lived healthy for that long and that Kryptonians were able to get used to Earth's atmosphere made Earth and no brainier when it comes to terraforming. Jor-El could have warned the council earlier? As a Superman fan you should know that in every origin Jor-El is never listened to. And if you watch the beginning again Jor-El clearly states that he had warned them about harvesting energy from the planet's core before.

5) A ship that is smart enough to have auto-defense, auto-repair system and maintain embryos can't create a simple suit? Once Kal-El put the key in Jor-El's essence was in control of the ship.

4) They took Lois because they were clearly hacking into Earth's sources and found out that Lois knew more about Kal-El than anyone on the planet. Of course eventually they found out that also his mom knew about him which is why they payed her a visit.

3) He had no choice but to kill General Zod. Zod made it clear that one of them will die in that battle. With both of ships gone there was no way to send Zod to the Phantom Zone, Zod was getting stronger by the minute and letting him escape would only bring more possibilities of the death in the future. On top of that General Zod was basically committing suicide and asking Kal-El to end him since he had no soul and purpose. I know where you are coming from but next movie will most likely focus on Superman's guilt for killing Zod and realizing that there is always a way. Zack Snyder and David Goyer set up the sequel perfectly.

2) General Zod clearly stated that it was a temporary weakness.

1) I do agree Clark could have saved Jonathan but the point they wanted to put across was that Jonathan would die to keep Clark's secret. I thought it could have been done better but it wasn't a horrible scene by any means.

10) He followed Jor-El's plan for him. Jor-El wanted him to be the bridge for a new kryptonian race but not at the expense of the humans.

9) Zod looked ridiculous lol Sorry but that scene had me crying from laughing so hard. Could have been done in a way more intimidating fashion.

8) Really? Even on the Smallville tv show everyone addresses the temperature by doing a simple shiver/or hand rub. Lets have some reality for something on EARTH, this movie was supposed to be a little grounded in reality. lol

7) Damage was fine because of the scenario but smallville people had to of died. No joke, it's not possible they didn't. The product placement in that scene made no sense. Smallville is a small country town but had such mainstream stores. Speaking as someone who has been in many small towns, those stores rarely exist especially together. (iHop, 711, Sears)

6) There was a colony on the moon...why didn't they go after earth sooner instead of starving to death? or get resources from earth? OR ANY OTHER PLANET they colonized near(not just the moon base)?

5) Why the hell is the ship there and no kryptonians survived it's landing? If the ship was still functioning why did no kryptonians take over earth back then? Or at least use it to get to a safe pace, not the frozen waste land. It was there 20,000yrs ago.

4) Lois on the ship was POINTLESS. They didn't care about humans, they were going to have a genocide anyway. They had Clark and mind scanned him. Lois was redundant and a pointless plot device. Hell use her to get Clark to do what you want, build some tension.

3) The Phantom Zone wasn't even another dimension prison, it was just an orbit near a blackhole. Why were they frozen with a ship that had the potential to be rewired to fly through space. If Jor-El did it once, clearly others were aware. Awful interpretation of the Phantom Zone.

ZOD HAD NO MOTIVATION. He was programmed to "Protect" Krypton at birth and like any other program protector he over did it. Shocking, so Zod was a one note villain as was Faora and the rest of the nameless Kryptonians.

2) Zod's power set and the kryptonians made no sense. They were super strong and crap but it didn't explain or even have a throw away line or scene explaining them adjusting(aside from zod's x-ray vision which was way later than their use of strength, semi-flight/super jumps). Or how about why they gained other abilities without the helmet? The helmet helped them breathe, that's it. The atmosphere is not where their powers come from, otherwise why would they have those shots of clark clearly laying in the sun to regain strength(he reaches out to the damn sun).

1) Jonathan was AWEFUL, what a total butchering of a straightforward character. Dear Clark, let your classmates die as long as your secret is safe. Don't save anyone just because you can, you might expose your secret. His death was just pointless and terrible. Clark without using crazy powers could have saved the dog. Atleast have him die trying to save a child trapped in a car, then have the strain of freeing said child trigger a heart attack. You know a heroic death is better than a pointless one. Also they made Jor-El more likable than Jonathan.

Jor-El was a BORN scientist, yet instead of using tech or chemicals to escape zod's forces he became a prize fighter =_= They clearly beat us over the head with the concept of being born to have only the ambition to do what you are assigned but contradicted it at every turn. How come no one had a real birth? Did they have abortions when they got pregnant? Did they not have sex? Were there pills to make sure no one got pregnant? Everything can be addressed with a simple line or snippet of a scene.

This movie was quite terrible from character development to the paper thin plot. The pacing...omg the pacing was ridiculous. The movie's tone wasn't even consistent.

Also WAY too much Crowe, it was over done