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Great review, Agreed there was no real Wow moment but I liked how it tried to be more "serious" than the last film. 3/5 feels about right rating wise, the rape joke was kind of an awkward moment in the movie for me because it's not a scenario you treat so lightly. From what I've noticed a lot of people didn't like that it wasn't as comical and over the top as the last one(Not that this one wasn't crazy with mother Russia and other random stuff), the last movie felt like it had more heart to it. Possibly the pacing is what made this movie seem disjointed because there was 3 separate(main) stories that weren't intertwined well enough to keep up a exciting pace. Hit girl's storyline needed a bigger pay off moment that I felt they dropped the ball on in the end. The adrenaline syringe did make me laugh in a good way and I liked the Hit Girl vs Mother Russia wasn't just hit girl winning the whole time.

Oh and Todd's recasting was annoying as sin, writing todd off and saying they had a new friend would have explained the way they treated him better.

I thought the acting of the two leads was probably the best part of the movie. Also Jim Carey was surprising, I normally can't stand him but he was good here(Thought the same of Nicholas cage in the last movie)

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Psh I'm out lol I can't fund anymore events XD My pull list just shrunk way down after realizing I don't find myself caring about this event enough to even pick up one issue.

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One thing annoyed about this movie even though I really enjoyed it(just watched it), was how the only female character was treated. It was just a series of objectification and weak characteristics. Aside from that Marky Mark and Denzel were hilarious together.

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I'm in lol I only read suicide squad because of Harley. That outfit needs an overhaul

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liking how diverse the art styles are this week. <--Not sarcasm.

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@youngjustice said:

I don't get Zimmmerman supporters, they ignore the fact that he ignored the police and because of this he was attacked, pretty certain that Trayvon wouldn't have attacked if he didn't feel like he was being harassed.

Zimmerman should have staying in his car, at least in retrospect. If it had turned out that the person he was following was a criminal and he'd stayed in his car and the criminal killed someone, where he could have prevented it, then we might be asking why he didnt do anything.

Martin also should have run away and call the police, not attack the guy following him.

They both made decisions that contributed to the event.

This case was gray, because both were at fault for the actions that exacerbated the incident.

Also Zimmerman is not exactly "white" he's clearly tan and he has a hispanic background. =_= But people desperately want this to be a black vs white race case. Also NBC clearly altered the 911 call to portray zimmerman as a racist when he didn't even say Trayvon was black at first till the operator asked for a description even then he didn't jump to black. He simply thought the kid was a "thug" because of his demeanor and he was paranoid.

Zimmerman clearly suffers from paranoia and a hero complex thus portraying him as a cold blooded racist killer is not accurate. If the right charges were applied and the media didn't miss represent this incident then things would have ended with zimmerman in jail for probably 10 years plus probation and community service.

Also there was minimal evidence that could be used unlike the OJ trial or Casey Anthony which both had INSANE evidence deemed circumstantial.

P.S. why did they only show young pics of trayvon?(politics) They also depicted him as a freakin saint =_= Sorry he was a teen with thc in his system, no sainthood there. If we use logic not emotion and just dealt with the facts and the truth this would have been resolved properly.

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O_O Gahhhh Sara was only on for just under 4 minutes T_____T Sadness. Well at least the podcast is over 3hrs as a plus because I need something to listen to till Tony's next podcast pops up. Geez I'm such a comicvine junkie lol

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T____T Awwwww... well this day just hit a road bump. The vine won't be the same without you Babs/Sara, wish you all the best and will keep an eye on your site & Twitter. Really gonna miss reading your articles and reviews every week.

Ugh...just thought of no Sara on the podcasts T____T This is going to take some serious adjusting to get used to this because you've been on the site since I joined. O n O

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are you kidding me ? this? a 4? they pulled the catwoman-is-still-alive thing right out of their asses after downright showing us lies the previous issue. this review gives credibility to paid-off reviews.

Take that accusation crap somewhere else. Your opinion differs from tony's OPINION, no need to be rude because you disagree with the review. If you don't like it write your own review and loosen up.

Wow comics don't always tell you the truth, let me show you my shocked face

-----> =_=

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Brainiac should be next then when you're doing the final man of steel movie use doomsday. You can tease Darkseid for a justice league movie or league sequel.