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Anyone have a picture he has actually "drawn" not something he's traced from stock images? He's not really an artist if he just traces photos and throws a character's costume on them. It's kind of insane he still gets work when I can't even read comic when I can clearly see he copied and pasted the same face and body in most of an issue. His "art" leaves much to be desired, the colorist tends to save his images from being pure crap.

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@bloxxeh said:

@herokiller12344: I hated how one moment Gwen was an alien and another, she's a witch. They needed to make up their mind. -__-

They were trying to retcon the alien thing during the same run they introduced it XD I think now she's both essentially but i haven't sat through omniverse because it's trash. I sat through the whole run up until that point lol The animation level dipped after the original series then become awful now. And they retconned the whole ben 10,000 storyline completely.

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@hopesummersforthefuture: Present Beast looks like hes changing again....he looks like hes a cat-like beast again

He kinda looks like TAS beast mixed with cat beast O_O They can't make up their minds on his look i guess lol

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I'm not hating Laura's costume here, they're trying to reference her talon look O_O. Jean's look on the other hand =___=

So I'm guessing AA is over at least for Laura so I don't have to buy any proceeding AA titles if she isn't in it. My pull list is shrinking ^___^

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warning dont read my answer if you dont know what happens

um if at the end of all-new x-men 16 was really adult jean grey why was iceman and beast so old(like in thier 70's-80's)???? Something is fishy

Because maybe teen Jean stays in the present so therefore she wouldn't be as old as beast and iceman. Pretty much we just need to resolve the issue of the O5 x-men being in the present and seeing how they explain the conflict. Hmmm I'm so behind XD I don't get comics till like next week or so for the month of august lol

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@jkma68 said:

Tony Stark, in an effort to spend more time running his company and hanging out with Pepper, creates an A.I. Ironman that is run by Jarvis...Jarvis gains complete sentience, becomes Ultron, tries to take over the world (yadda yadda yadda) Tony sacrifices himself to stop him...TWIST...but not before transferring is consciousnesses into a newly designed armor and becoming the Vision. (then they can hire someone else to be the Vision for future movies and they won't have to spend so much for RDJ).

I'd be fie with this since RDJ is weaning himself out of the franchise

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@ungratefulninja said:

@novi_homines: You're right but I feel he could do well in the role. It'd be a different direction but Elba is a fantastic actor. This may sound naive but I don't see any reason a black actor cannot play Bruce Wayne, if the actor can be charming, suave, and collected in a suit and strong, brilliant, and gritty in a bat suit then why not look at them as a choice? Then again, I'm not a Hollywood casting agent but it's just an interesting thought I have. Maybe one day. Miles Morales always gives hope.

Not gonna lie, I'm tired of hearing Elba being suggested for EVERY ROLE from Doctor Who to Batman. He's a fine actor but you can't just throw him at every role and say he's amazing so it works, some great actors suck in roles they are expected to be good in. Honestly if a black panther movie was to ever happen and he was cast, he may be the only reason that movie garners enough attention to succeed even if the script was mediocre.

Affleck has a hand full of good roles that's it. I don't find any of said roles to be good or anything impressive but people seem to like them. The man is just a stiff actor and has a limited range. I liked the directors cut of daredevil(it's decent, not good) but the man even runs like he has a rod firmly inserted up his bum. It's just going to be like SLJ as Nick Fury, he's just Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne as Ben Affleck in a suit. Not to mention he hates wearing costumes so he'll have his face exposed like 90% of the time like RDJ even while in costume.

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Great review, Agreed there was no real Wow moment but I liked how it tried to be more "serious" than the last film. 3/5 feels about right rating wise, the rape joke was kind of an awkward moment in the movie for me because it's not a scenario you treat so lightly. From what I've noticed a lot of people didn't like that it wasn't as comical and over the top as the last one(Not that this one wasn't crazy with mother Russia and other random stuff), the last movie felt like it had more heart to it. Possibly the pacing is what made this movie seem disjointed because there was 3 separate(main) stories that weren't intertwined well enough to keep up a exciting pace. Hit girl's storyline needed a bigger pay off moment that I felt they dropped the ball on in the end. The adrenaline syringe did make me laugh in a good way and I liked the Hit Girl vs Mother Russia wasn't just hit girl winning the whole time.

Oh and Todd's recasting was annoying as sin, writing todd off and saying they had a new friend would have explained the way they treated him better.

I thought the acting of the two leads was probably the best part of the movie. Also Jim Carey was surprising, I normally can't stand him but he was good here(Thought the same of Nicholas cage in the last movie)

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Psh I'm out lol I can't fund anymore events XD My pull list just shrunk way down after realizing I don't find myself caring about this event enough to even pick up one issue.

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One thing annoyed about this movie even though I really enjoyed it(just watched it), was how the only female character was treated. It was just a series of objectification and weak characteristics. Aside from that Marky Mark and Denzel were hilarious together.