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Great review, have to say I pretty much agree completely. Also I like how Felicity has some emotional development because though she's fun, she needed more depth and prove she can go on the front line if necessary. Then Laurel, I'm glad how she was handled in this episode because it's progress and less endless spiral. But the situation with her dad kinda hurt lol

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Wow I Iove how there has only been a three page preview and someone is pointing the finger and yelling racist. Smith comes from an anime and manga background that means big flashy larger then life character ( think Ninja Ninja )there is nothing racist about this. Hell look at all the diversity in the crowd shots

I believe the accusation was "a little racist". The spectrum isn't "burning crosses in someone's front lawn" and "not racist". That's a false dichotomy.

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@lifeofvibe: how is to kinda racist

theyre upset cuz theres a character with a top hat grillz and holding a bank roll.....not like theres anyone like that on almost every tv channel....

If a stereotype is popular does that make it no longer a stereotype? If some black creators choose to portray themselves a certain way does that give a white comic book artist the right to appropriate that portrayal for their own work?

Would you prefer all the characters to be white instead? How about Asian? Why not make them blue? It doesn't make a difference. the point is, there is gambling and illegal activities going on. That's it.

I would prefer them not to reference racial stereotypes, as such essentially uses "blackness" as a prop—much like the cars and bag of money—as a shorthand to tell the reader what's going on, thus dehumanizing African Americans. The exact same character in less stereotypical dress would have worked for the same panel.

Question...How do you know he's african american? Does it say african or american somewhere and I'm missing it? Pretty sure assuming he's African american is another thing that comes off "slightly racist" all things considered lol. He might not even be american, he could be a Canadian citizen and be Dominican, Haitian, Cuban, Jamaican....etc

Aside from the jewelry he's barely the "stereotype" of a pimp, his clothes are fairly tame in general. Subtract the fur and he's just wearing a big hoodie/coat, those stupid sagging pants people still wear, and a big t-shirt. Not sure where you live but this is pretty normal dress for a lot of people. My high school dressed pretty much like that, the pants varied but same gist.

Side note, Take away the cars and you can see this same guy in NYC in most subway stations like everyday XD I always thought the pimp stereotype was completely outdated and a joke till I lived in manhattan for a few years. Heck you can see the generational differences between pimp attire just walking in certain spots.

Maybe you're just over thinking this image because your mind went straight to some PC train of thought that jumped to dehumanizing african americans =__= Your way of thinking is honestly kind of stressful if you plan to read comics lol Especially since the surrounding cast are wearing relatively the same vibe in clothes with varying ethnicities, reinforcing that the way people dress tends to reflect where they live and less to do with the color of their skin. But hey I looked at a scene and you looked at one character in it.

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I said before and I'll say it again: Marvel, you can put #1 on all the comics you want, but unless you reboot the continuity, it's too difficult for me as a new reader to latch on.

Well I've fallen off the comic wagon recently due to budget constraints, but Marvel is very easy to hop on to. I only started reading around 2008 and knew nothing about any of the big events being referenced prior to my reading. I simply jumped onto reading all the x-men titles mid arcs and it took nearly no effort to catch my footing. Having watched the 90's cartoon growing up helped.

I started reading avengers academy when x-23 join in issue 21/23?(I don't feel like looking it up) and that was in the middle of an arc with all these characters i never heard of before(not an avengers fan) but it all made perfect sense thanks to the quick summary at the beginning of the issue, the character list and well the plot made sense. Even was able to read the final issues of amazing spider man before superior launched and even that was fairly easy to follow.

Now I also jumped onto the new 52 with dc but the inconsistencies of characterizations and plots in the first 10 issues of all the titles I was reading(I was such a comic hoe with that pull list) started making it unbearable to continue(most of the titles i liked were canned anyway). But prior to the 52 I did just jump into a bunch of titles and even then I managed to follow all the plots and character relationships.

All it takes is you jumping in full force because every publisher can't just shuck EVERYTHING they've built up because the arbitrary number on the cover intimidates you and continuity scares you. Marvel's continuity is mildly relevant(Dc as well out side green lantern from what I've noticed), if it's an important reference they make, the author tends to give a mini exposition via the characters through the arc that will give you the gist of the event they are referencing. Best jumping on point for marvel/dc is really just the beginning of any new arc from my personal experience.

It's like watching doctor who, they reference things from it's 50 YEARS of continuity quite often but you can literally jump on anywhere and watch the show because it's the characters that carry you through, not the history.

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You redecorated…I don't like it.

>_> The pants and the shoes are my only real issue with this. Change those and I'm fine with it.

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Anyone have a picture he has actually "drawn" not something he's traced from stock images? He's not really an artist if he just traces photos and throws a character's costume on them. It's kind of insane he still gets work when I can't even read comic when I can clearly see he copied and pasted the same face and body in most of an issue. His "art" leaves much to be desired, the colorist tends to save his images from being pure crap.

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@herokiller12344: I hated how one moment Gwen was an alien and another, she's a witch. They needed to make up their mind. -__-

They were trying to retcon the alien thing during the same run they introduced it XD I think now she's both essentially but i haven't sat through omniverse because it's trash. I sat through the whole run up until that point lol The animation level dipped after the original series then become awful now. And they retconned the whole ben 10,000 storyline completely.

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@hopesummersforthefuture: Present Beast looks like hes changing again....he looks like hes a cat-like beast again

He kinda looks like TAS beast mixed with cat beast O_O They can't make up their minds on his look i guess lol

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I'm not hating Laura's costume here, they're trying to reference her talon look O_O. Jean's look on the other hand =___=

So I'm guessing AA is over at least for Laura so I don't have to buy any proceeding AA titles if she isn't in it. My pull list is shrinking ^___^

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warning dont read my answer if you dont know what happens

um if at the end of all-new x-men 16 was really adult jean grey why was iceman and beast so old(like in thier 70's-80's)???? Something is fishy

Because maybe teen Jean stays in the present so therefore she wouldn't be as old as beast and iceman. Pretty much we just need to resolve the issue of the O5 x-men being in the present and seeing how they explain the conflict. Hmmm I'm so behind XD I don't get comics till like next week or so for the month of august lol

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Tony Stark, in an effort to spend more time running his company and hanging out with Pepper, creates an A.I. Ironman that is run by Jarvis...Jarvis gains complete sentience, becomes Ultron, tries to take over the world (yadda yadda yadda) Tony sacrifices himself to stop him...TWIST...but not before transferring is consciousnesses into a newly designed armor and becoming the Vision. (then they can hire someone else to be the Vision for future movies and they won't have to spend so much for RDJ).

I'd be fie with this since RDJ is weaning himself out of the franchise