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Ok I like this show XD, the first half of season one was produced by fox so it had no plot, but the later episodes have been good, especially the newest one "Belonging." I even got my friends into it but I mean the show never had a chance, first it air on friday night for it's first season, then a bunch of other more established shows moved to that night and split the friday viewers for season 2. And really there are NO advertisements on tv for the show and half my school never even knew joss started another show. But as long as they finsh this season I'll deal lol, but gotta feel bad for Eliza and her shows getting canceled after the second season and lack of work she gets.

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lol cool art, hey is that cat a Ragdoll?? lol looks my cat

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Thanks for the look at the game, i am totally  buying it now XD looks awesome.

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@Wisppeons: well because he has insane endurance and durability as a sayain but with out his sayain powers that fall would have killed him lol Also getting back to the thread Batman is smarter than Goku, brains and brawn vs just brawn proves batman would win, just break them down to their simplest strength. Batman who has no super abilities, and uses gadgets against his more ability inclined enemies, and still is insanely faster, durable, clever and strong. Goku has always had powers which made him unfairly stronger than his enemies, but without them he hes a karate master. 
Both of them are karate masters basically in what ever styles they do, but logically Batman wins because he has the ability to basically analyze his opponent's weakness in a matter of moments
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Not happy about Julian Sands, because as you said Clark andJor-El were basically identical. But Julian and Tom look nothing alike. But I did like the fact he went to earth before and picked it for Clark, but they keep having him go back there and its getting to be a little. Raises the question why didn't Jor-El just move to earth if he went there so often lol. Oh well I still like the show because there's nothing but Gossip girl knock offs and reality shows on t.v. all the time.

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@Hellos: he doesn't need to click the switch Ben 10 had to but ben 10,000 has mastered the omnitrix and might actually put up a good fight. Think about it 10,000 aliens from across the universe, one of them must have some powers and if galactus ever touched the omnitrix then ben could transform into him XD
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@Sleuth: Actually ben regained ghostfreak as a usable alien, but its the superpowered ghostfreak he battled at one point. Ben just doesn't use him because ghostfreak's mind live in his DNA and only sunlight hurts ghostfreak if he isn't fused with ben. So ghost freak is pretty solid against superboy. Just as a funny battle if ben turned into Upgrade and joined with metallo then he would dominate.
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T__T i wish i could afford a PS3 just for this game, it looks Epic and I like Harley's look just cuz her body suit bothers me lol, this game looks great.

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@johnny spam: Well he is only abandoning what makes him human as a way to protect them and it's only for a little while before he realizes he can't only be superman. The show just wants to give clark a journey of self discovery as both clark and Kal-El in order to find a balance.
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@pixelized: twilight is the worst directed film series EVER, and the depiction of the vampires is just ridiculous