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@johnny spam: Well he is only abandoning what makes him human as a way to protect them and it's only for a little while before he realizes he can't only be superman. The show just wants to give clark a journey of self discovery as both clark and Kal-El in order to find a balance.
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@pixelized: twilight is the worst directed film series EVER, and the depiction of the vampires is just ridiculous
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NO!!! , nope i hate him as an actor, he is to evil looking to ever be a hero especially, Captain America he is way too old.

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Um side note they need to upgrade the superman suit like they did for batman in the movie, because the speedo doesn't work anymore, i say streamline the suit keep the S, cape and belt, but just upgrade the look.

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@squidboy3000: I completely agree, I never got into the green arrow character, it's just boring watching someone shoot arrows. Only batman pulls off the no superpower thing.
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FINALLY, they have been planning this movie for a freaking decade. I can't wait, the first movie was good, the second made me want to shoot myself in the face. But I think it should be a reboot, rather than a sequel because the second movie ruined the franchise.

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It's a great show, Fox was the reason the show dragged in the first 5 episodes because they wanted everything dumbed down. But now that the show has gained its footing, it can now start getting serious and reveal the true purpose of the dollhouse, caroline's past, and the rassum corporation. Can't wait for season 2 and i had pre-ordered the first season and watched all the bonus features and episodes, Epitaph is amazing, the commentaries for epitaph and the pilot are hilarious XD.

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Yea the joker represents the opposing force to society, the social opposite of batman. Which makes the perfect connection to obama who is the polar opposite of of capitalism and everthing that makes this country great. Obama is tearing apart our society and putting the government in control and leaving us defenseless. Don't be so black and white when it comes to the real joker and obama they has a key interest and thats to disrupt the order of things.