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She's in high school, I figured she's between 15 to 17 but I still feel dirty seeing her drawn like that. I only noticed it was Row when I saw the hair and the faint piercings on her face. Otherwise I would have thought the same. She wears this suit in Batman #18 she puts it on for the first time.

Lol i feel old so old cause I call teens little kids XD(I'm only 22)  But yea the hair and piercings are the only sign of Harper
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Thats Harper Row....uugghhh....Why is she dressed like THAT?

O_O At first glance i just assumed it was Catwoman till I read your comment O_O That's so wrong, she's a little girl an they drew her like she's in her 20s
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@rym said:

wow getting a weird jim lee trinity vibe here

Now i kind of want to see them do a future storyline for like 3 issues to get a glimpse at them as adults running the show
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The one picked for Donna, is that the agron girl from glee? If so yea...no lol she's pretty and all but that girl can't act to save her life XD

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There's a type they misspelled "Grey" and wrote "Gray"(like the shade)

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lol This kid is awesome XD

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And that's terrible.

Yup damn girl what have your parents told you about opening boxes...DEVIL CHILD lol
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Uuuuuuum......does anyone else notice the random soccer ball?
lol this happened during a soccer game XD I'm pretty certain that's where they were in this issue
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@AgeofHurricane said:

Lol. She's certainly one to talk.

lol Rogue has become so erratic post AvX, in X-men Legacy she was so much calmer, forgiving and leader-like now she's always angry
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@x_29 said:

I'm with G-Man, Batman shouldn't kill.

I'm getting tired of this Batman should kill Joker crap myself, his death really wouldn't change a thing.

O_O Really? He should at least ponder it, lets be realistic for a second AFTER ALL OF THIS batman doesn't falter even a little??? 
That makes batman the joker's accomplice. The joker has gone far beyond what other villains have done. Batman has a will far beyond rational or even irrational thought.  Obviously the joker knows batman will allow him to continue crossing the line and he will raise the stakes every time till he finally kills someone important to batman again. Honestly the joker isn't even interesting anymore because nothing is going to change and I'd prefer to not use him in stories anymore it's completely boring.
P.S. Killing one villain would not make you a constant killer, logically/psychologically thats not how it works. So tired of people putting batman on a pedestal that makes him so far beyond human, humans would contemplate killing at this point. He's allowed to be human, like sara and corey said he could have just thought about it and it would have been SOO much better. Fanboys never want him to waiver or have a flaw aside from arrogance.  
 Also if batman thought about killing the joker it would have further splintered the family because he could just have been more angry instead of mopey, more driven to never allow himself to falter again. It would have made him pull away from the family.