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What's written > What's drawn! He's not supossed to be superhuman no matter what the picture shows or a writer needs him to do for plot. I just think that the rankings are wrong because they are so outdated . Athletes often lift multipal times their weight these days and no one is 'peak human'. 800lbs curl would be superhuman . 800lbs bench you're one of very few. 800lbs dead lift, one of many .

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This is Completely based on personal taste but I think Superman has the best claim to the title since he not only was the one that made comics mainstream and into what they ate today but as a character he is also one of the most powerful . If you want to ask which has the best origin,personality,power,design ..so on and so on .. Then you'd get a lot of different answers.

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@/hyperlight/ ... What exactly is the difference between a god and a mutant who can do the same basic feats?

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@/moon_bat_87/.. Pretty sure that level 4 is wrong. 800lbs to 25 tons is a huge gap. As far as I recall Cap is only a 3 while advanced guys like USAgent and Beast are listed as 4's and 5's.

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Because he was overpowered and it was hard to write a story for him. You have a guy who can kill the most powerful villain with a whisper .. Now how do you make the reader believe that he's in any real kind of danger?

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Doesn't matter you don't speak for everyone especially if you're not even black yourself lol .

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Superman Intellect: 5 Strength: 7 Speed: 7 Durability: 6 Energy Projection: 6 Fighting Skill: 4

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@/xanni15/... Then you're blind. People like you who refuse to see change limit the advancement of change. I watch the news almost every day and whatever racial violence that does happen is in a secluded incident. 100 years ago entire states were lynching ppl. 60 years ago entire states were still segregated. When's the last time you saw a cross being burned in a front yard? You have no idea how much things have changed because you havent lived it. Even 20+ years ago in my area most black kids went to one school while most whites went to another but only within the past few years laws have been put in place to disallow that. Now there is desegregation laws in place to make sur that the new generation grows together . ..

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In comics aliens live with us on Earth , thus Superman and other aliens = a minority... Logic..