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Just Kid Loki

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@TheSecondOpinion said:

@Living_Monstrosity said:

The population problem would not be as bad if only India could learn to stop having babies as a hobby.
  • Or Mexico
  • Or the U.S
  • Or Brazil
  • Or Russia

Mexico's birth rate has been falling for almost half a century. Mexico's fertility rate is 2.1 children/ mom. Just above replacement level. (They rank 102)

Brazil's fertility rate is 1.86 children/ mom. (They rank 109)

The U.S. birthrate has been falling for the last few years. (They rank 147)

Russia's birth rate has been falling for years, and is lower than their death rate (12.6 to 13.5 deaths per 1,000). (They rank 172)

The problem isn't that people are having more children. The problem is people are living so much longer. Life expectancy has more than double in the last century.

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@ravisher said:

what happen to Patriot and ironlad

Patriot moved to Scottdale after giving up being a young avenger.

And Iron Lad is traveling in the time-stream after killing the young vision. Hoping to prevent Cassie's death.

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There are Marvel's Editor-in-Chief answers from his interview with CBR He really doesn't explain much though.

2. Did Hope and Wanda really just do away with a cosmic entity like the Phoenix by saying a simple sentence? Aren't there like cosmic rules about that in the Marvel Universe?

Alonso: The Phoenix Force was split into many pieces and dispersed around the world to reignite mutantdom, like a flame lights a candle. How’s that for an explanation?

5. Is it just me, or does Cyclops come off as a complete badass when he tells Cap that he was right about the Phoenix being there to reignite the mutant race?

Alonso: What I respect about Scott is that he walked the walk and talked the talk and made no excuses when the smoke cleared. When you see him in handcuffs at the end of "AvX," he's completely accountable for all of his actions, and I think it speaks volumes about the man.

6. Oh and remember in House of M, Wanda committed genocide at the end and I don't believe she ever seen the inside of a jail cell or was held prisoner by anyone or anything except for her own guilt, so what makes Cyclops different?

Alonso: On one side you’ve got Wanda whose declaration in “In House of M” – "No More Mutants" – decimated the mutant population and set the stage for years of stories. Yeah, "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" proved she wasn't technically responsible, but she wasn’t going to let herself off the hook all that easily. She’d want to earn her redemption.

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Well, Rhodey is stationed in California and it's about a 5-6 hour flight to New York. The actual invasion couldn't have lasted more than an hour. Also, anyone in the military has to be signed-off to join the Avengers. Which is why SHIELD (under the shadow council orders) had to ask Thunderbolt Ross for Abomination (who they didn't want, which is why the sent Stark ask Ross for him).

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