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Wolverine, Gambit, Psylocke, Rogue, Cyclops and the Phoenix. In that order.

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Wolverine's claws retract from the forearm. One good example or proof of this (although its not comic) is in the first X-men film when Jean Grey puts Wolverine in some form of scanner showing his claws in his forearm. They do not appear under the skin for the same reason your bone doesn't show up under your skin. (2 claws situated on one side of his bone and the final claw on the other side, if you look closely at your hand in comparison to your forearm you can see maybe why this could be) Like most mutants, Wolverine needed something to trigger his mutant abilities, in this case when his friend 'Dog' attacked him and his friends (If I remember correctly). After this he started controlling when to release the claws (all three at the same time in his hand) until eventually when his control over his claws was good enough he begun controlling individual claws; basically advancing his skill in his mutations (Healing factor can't be controlled, it's more of a reaction towards injury) His adamantium claws can be destroyed but like any adamantium object, it would be extremely difficult, you have a better chance of what Magneto did, remove the adamantium from his bone, but not destroy it. I don't think his adamantium claws would stick easily in to concrete, I think he'd have to force it in to the concrete, and then use his strength again to remove the claw and place it again at a different location, like in a spider-man way but with claws. Any pain caused during this process would be eliminated by the healing factor. That's what I think.

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More plastic surgery?

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I love Wolverine, I'll admit it. But I'm not going to go as far as saying his unbeatable or invincible. He, in my eyes, is a mediocre level mutant who has been over-hyped not by Marvel itself but by the fans themselves. What started as a character with a mysterious background, a healing factor and some claws has turned into an invincible kill machine by the fans. To be fairly honest his not that much better than Deadpool (for example), both have healing factors and both have skills with some form of blades (if you include claws). Yes his got hyper sniffing skills (I can't actually remember the proper term) but that's not going to change the tide in a war. To me, Wolverine at a closer look is a simple mediocre mutant. Any other characters such as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and others could defeat him. And don't even begin to compare him to the likes of Superman, maybe in popularity but that's about it. In the end Wolverine isn't anything special, I like Wolverine for his own humour and how he goes about doing things, not for how 'amazing' some fans make him out to be. In my opinion Wolverine is only hated because fans made him bigger than what he actually is, end of. 

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Might as well do a poll to get a better view of how many people like and dislike Wolverine. I like him, I don't like characters who are overpowered, such as Sentry, Odin and others (Thor being the only exception for me, I don't know why.). For me Wolverine is one of those characters who are a bit closer to reality than the others such as Sentry and Hercules. To be fairly honest there's not maybe AS much Wolverine stuff as there used to be, there's more Avengers and stories concerning Asgard and the 9 realms. But that's just me.

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He was born in a cave in Norway, so I would of guessed shortly after Earth was created. Odin was looking for a son to eventually take over from him.

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@Thunderscream said:

Why don't people use the search bar before they start a new topic?

There's a thread for this that goes back 5 years: Favorite X-Man

My bad Thunderscream.
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@xfactor26 said:

@Enigmatri Iron Man 3 comes out next year. Thor 2 has just been announced for November of 2013 and Captain America should also be 2013 release. Making Avengers 2 to probably come out 2014. Also, X-men first class is slated for 2013 maybe 2014 and X-men origins wolverine for July 2013. And we can't forget the two other projects that marvel is working on but hasn't officially announced that will be coming out in 2013/2014.

All that makes me excited for next year, going to be such a great year for films.
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 If she's that hot (ignore Gambit) then hell yeah! :D
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Basically what it says on the title, who is your favourite X-Men character; or characters if your split between more than one, of all time and why?  

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