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Sorry this took a while @the_poet but here it is

Voting Ballot

Best Writing

  1. Superman #32

  2. Moon Knight #4

  3. Detective Comics #32

Best Cover Artwork

  1. Detective Comics #32

  2. Thor God of Thunder #23

  3. Superman #32

Best Interior Artwork

  1. Thor God of Thunder #23

  2. Green Arrow #32

  3. Superman #32

Favorite Marvel Comic

  1. Thor God of Thunder #23

  2. Moon Knight #4

  3. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3

Favorite DC Comic

  1. Superman #32

  2. Detective Comics #32

  3. Aquaman #32

Favorite Indie Comic

-Note: this category is for Vertigo, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom!, any other non-DC/Marvel comic series

Most Underrated Comic

  1. Green Arrow #32

  2. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3

  3. Moon Knight #4

Favorite Male Hero

  1. Thor Odinson - Thor God of Thunder #23

  2. Kal El - Superman #32

  3. Marc Spector - Moon Knight #4

Favorite Female Hero

  1. Roz Solomon - Thor God of Thunder #23

  2. Diana - Superman/Wonder Woman #9

Favorite Male Villain

  1. The Minotaur - Thor God of Thunder #23

Favorite Female Villain

Wild Card: Favorite Comic Book Story Arc of All Time

-Note: this category changes every month. If you want to suggest a category for next month please post your ideas!(Seeing as I am an inexperienced comic book reader, I have only read DC stuff in the new 52 so I have no reading experience of pre-52 DC story arcs)

  1. Thor: Godbutcher/Godbomb
  2. Batman: Death of the Family
  3. Green Arrow: Outsider's War
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@the_poet: Apologies Poet, it has been a busy few weeks, I'll finish reading the last few comics that I have and then I'll post my votes either tomorrow or Wednesday (latest) if that's okay

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Another Batman title? DC need to start doing something else, it's far too many Bat-titles out there, titles which could be replaced for other much wanted solo titles like Cyborg and Martian Manhunter. Some people may complain about the hate and state a reasoning such as why the complainers/haters of Bat-titles didn't get other titles when they were out but the simple reason is that DC dedicate most of their best writers, such as Snyder and Manapul & Buccellato for example, on Bat-titles whilst other titles get mediocre writers in comparison.

I still can't forgive DC for having, at one point, Scott Lobdell writing both Superman and Action Comics.

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Up until now, it's hard to see who's going to win this, all the big teams such as Germany, Holland, Argentina and especially Brazil have been poor. Throughout all the Brazil games that I've seen (which is all of them in this world cup) the referee has been biased (to a degree) in favour of them.

Plus, I think it would be interesting to know that with the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil in October, with every game Brazil have won/win the polls have increased in favour of the current president. Just food for thought...

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I'm not going to lie, I come on these battle threads most of the time to just check out the scans and people's views.

I personally find Thor a far more interesting character than Hulk ever could be, I often find Hulk, as a character, a bit bland and uninteresting but I would happily admit that Hulk and Thor are equal for being better than one another for different things (that other people have already elaborated on in this thread) which in the end neutralise each other and therefore stalemate.

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This looks pretty interesting, I'm tempted to pick this up just to read about the fourth Kryptonian.

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I'm willing to give this a shot, just have to find an opportunity to visit my LCS sometime soon..

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Always love when the results for this monthly poll come out! Interesting results yet again, slightly "meh" about Batman being up there yet again but I have heard that the former-Flash creative team are doing a great job so..

And I agree @manneffest, Supporting Character has run its course but I would definitely still like to see it as a Wild Card category from time to time.

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Mjolnir sneezes lightning and takes the win.