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Thor throws Mjolnir at Ozai, Thor wins.

As much as I love Avatar characters, I don't think Ozai can really properly challenge Thor, even with Sozin's comet. Even movie Thor has been shown to have high durability so I'm pretty sure Thor could tank Ozai's firebending. But a better and closer fight than with comic Thor.

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@mrunsmiley: And what's stopping the Avatars from seeing the demigods as a threat to the world? I still believe once the Avatars hit AS - taking into account their feats (opening craters, moving huge lands, generating hurricanes and etc) with what seems to be little effort (apart from Roku who was 90 years old or something) - they will be a force to be reckoned with.

@arcus said:

@uugieboogie: Maybe 1 or 2 Avatars, I don't see him overpowering 4, at least not easily

I swear the OP stated 7 individual Avatars on the Avatar team?

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How come there's more Avatars than Demigods?

In any case, I think the Demigods would be able to take it, especially with Frank giving the orders. Percy and Jason are the real powerhouses: just by crossing their swords, they created a storm strong enough to knock pegasi out of the sky and incapacitate dozens of trained legionnaire demigods. Not to mention that they have Nico on their side too.

@whoisme: You're underestimating them. For one, Diocletian's Scepter is for swamping enemies with undead that can't feel pain, and are trained soldiers. Nico can summon an unlimited number of them, and all of them obey Frank's command. Frank won't be easy to hit, since his powers allow him complete control of the battlefield. And if morals are on, the Avatars won't be going out of their way to kill anyone in the first place.

Also, Nico doesn't, and wouldn't, use shadow travel in the middle of a fight, since he knows the toll it takes on him. He's also essentially an earthbender, though his control isn't as refined as the Avatar's.

You're generalising Aang's morals with the rest of the other Avatars. During the Sozin's Comet episodes it showed Aang talking to his past selves about what to do with Ozai and all of them (save an Air Nomad Avatar) said they would kill Ozai - and I think one or two even stated to have killed in their lifetime. So stating that the Avatars won't kill is inaccurate.

At the start I would of given the win to the Avatars, but with the addition to the battle by the OP (which I commend you @etheral_dreams for making the battle more even/unbiased) but my knowledge of Percy Jackson and co. is limited and therefore I can't really give an unbiased statement. Good battle though.

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Chew. The signature adds to rarity. Also it sounds like it is in a little better condition.

The Walking Dead comic only has 130 total issues, so finding another issue 19 hopefully won't be too difficult.


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Doomsday sneezes and takes the win.

Okay, not that easily but a slight mismatch Doomsday does win this.

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Joker, Lex Luthor, Magneto (if you consider him a villain), Zod, Sinestro (again, if you consider him a villain) and others which I can't actually remember at the moment...hmmmm

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@lvenger: Superman Unchained has given me a lower opinion of Jim Lee in the form of time managment, he's art is great and has a great look and gives the story a great feel, but doesn't make up for the lack of time management.

EDIT: I don't expect him to release 2 issues in one month but then again I do expect him to do what almost every other creative team does - keep to the given schedule and release an issue per month (excluding event months like Villain's Month last September).

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@lvenger said:

@allstarsuperman said:

@lvenger: poopstick!

You'll be even more annoyed then that the final issue won't be out till October 29th.

Now that I didn't know until now...I have literally no words.

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I never thought I'd say this, especially when Marvel NOW was launched with the release of Thor God of Thunder, but looks like I'm dropping Thor for a while - possibly my favourite Marvel character. *waves fist in the air* darn you Marvel, darn you!

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I totally misunderstood the title and clicked "yes" on the poll before reading the rest and seeing what the title actually meant. *sigh* I shall now condemn myself to a little hole in my garden for the next couple of minutes and reflect on my mistake.

Getting back to the thread, I completely agree with this:

No, it's his name not a mantle to be assumed by others.