WHY I LOVED THE '80s 30 titles that lived and died in the decade of Excess

These are titles I loved that never made it past '89.

Wether they were mini series that ran their course or just plain canceled, each are worthy of being picked up and read.

I was more of a Marvel Zombie in the 80's.

Then I reached the age of reason, and learned DC was better.

these are 30 titles only because it was what I could think of. I did not use the computer to look anything up, I wanted to go by memory alone.

No particular order.

List items

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DP7 and Elementals are Slept on.

Posted by PowerHerc

I like many of your selections.  This list makes me want to make a similar one.   
MIne would have to be from about 75 on to the end of the 80's, though.
Posted by Hawkeye446

This is really great!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Great list. But I`d lik to note that you forgot to write rest of the Dazzler part.


Ooops, I wonder what I was going to write?
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I don`t know, but maybe you should write something anyway. Or delete the begining of the sentence (or is it senderse?).


Actually, I think I was going to comment on how I always wanted a pair of those Rollerskate shoes, and was disappointed I could not find them in adult sizes when  I saw all those kids wearing them.