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At the same time Dick drops a smoke bomb , Damian throws batarangs they both duck for the shadows while Cyke is distracted taking out the projectiles. Dick tries to communicate with Damian to formulate a plan , but Damian jumps out at Cyke sure that his LOA training will prevail. Cyke is startled and blasts him into a wall head first killing him. Dick sees the body and yells "Thanks can I buy you a beer?" and the two become lifelong friends.

Actually I think the duo would win , I just want a new 1800 number for this new Robin.

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No one is oppressed in America.

Everyone can be discriminated against.

prejudice & racist are 2 different things. Most of what I hear people call racism these days is only prejudice.

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Barry Allen for the most part was one dimensional and ended up being a more interesting martyr.

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a few years back I was much more active here. Also I was the poised to be the first user to pass 1,000 reviews , unfortunately the loss of my marriage, family , job and home made comics , and my own incredible narcissism, take a back seat to rebuilding my life.

I am glad number 1,000 was a positive review "Brother Power the Geek #1 - Brother Power the Geek "

I invite anyone interested to read it, and the others I have written, also if it is not against any rules , please leave a link to reviews you have written here. User reviews are often very helpful , and I find them entertaining most of the time.

I am going to do the 2nd issue of BPTG next, but am also looking forward to getting back to the original What If books. i have reviewed 1 - 10 already.

here is to the next 1,000

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The rock group Styx did a song called "In the grove of Eglantine" I had misheard as Englentine. I figured no one else on any forum would be called Eglantine much less a misspelled version of it. So I use it everywhere. I am proud of the fact that by the last google search i did, I am still the only Englentine on the web. Except for Almeda Englentine at Ancestry.com. BTW the first 2 entries were my comicvine profile.

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Sorry for being off topic earlier.

Thanks for the answer. In all honesty, I don't value the sites reviews as much as I do user reviews, nothing personal, just an opinion. I had a radio show here in Orlando , we talked about and reviewed movies. whether we paid or got in free , after awhile the exposure to so many films on a critical level , does affect your judgement , and you can be harder on a good movie , or kinder on a bad depending on how many films in the genre you have seen that week, month , or even year.

A more casual reader may have a more open mind , but it is also a more relaxed and casual opinion. One definitely not affected by a deadline. That being said , if you are uncomfortable with someones review be it positive or negative, put your own opinion out there. Review the books yourself.

Just remember that "Uh huh , this book sucks!" is not really a good write up. Give us some reason you liked it , Or hated it , and grade accordingly. Don't give a book 1 star because you feel you have to balance the other 5 stars, into a 3 star review. Make it honest. At least you know one person is trying to read your opinion. It's The main reason I came to the vine.

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Because writers seem to make him interesting.

Other non powered heroes fail when it comes to this. They may have their day in the sun such as Will Eisner's "The Spirit" Or before he went bat shit stupid Frank Miller on "Daredevil" ( yes I know .. just drop it, except the senses he has no powers ) Yet nothing has held up as the Batman mythos. Not only because of an interesting protagonist, but the villains as well.

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Where can I find a list of new User reviews , I haven;t been here in a long time , don't know my way around anymore

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How do I find the user reviews? I haven't been here in a couple months of Sundays , not up on the new navigation.