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I should make a piediepew parody channel and make $4 million.

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Get a job sucker

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I think Snake can pull this off.

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Some of your MGS1 facts are slightly off their mark. Fact #1 Sniper Wolf did say and I quote " I was waiting for someone to kill me." So that's a clear contradiction of your point. Fact#2 Grey fox's suit malfunction during snakes fight with ocelot so it was not induced by snake. There is no other way to interpret the statement of " you didn't think you got here all by yourself" as anything other than the fact that snake couldn't have done it on his own. We do know that Liquid knew every move Snake was going to make before he even set foot on the dock. If Liquid wanted him dead he would've been killed. He had Snake captured. Liquid threw the fight in the chopper. He challenged Snake when he knew he needed him to input the PAL. As I said Sniper wolf and Raven could have taken him down. I am not saying Captain America would've faired any differently in all situations. But he would in most. But my major point is that you cant give Snake full credit for beating people who let him live. Liquid and Ocelot presumably wanted to sell the idea that there was a threat of a nuclear strike. they didn't want him dead until he input the PAL. We know that because of the command room scene.

Ocelot - Wasn't killed or even harmed by Snake after their battle.

Raven - Froze him and could have finished him.

Liquid - Would've killed him if it weren't for fox die.

Sniper Wolf - Had Snake dead to rights thrice but spared him.

Psycho Mantis - Snake wins through PIS he blocks his mind reading by switching remotes. Snake couldn't touch him otherwise.

Grey Fox - Defective suit and frankly unharmed by battle with Snake.

Genome Soldiers - Were brainwashed and were suffering from genetic problems.

Look, I like solid snake as much as the next man but he clearly wouldn't have made it without help. I said i didn't know much about Cap but i know enough. Do you need scans or examples or what? I can tell you right now that i know everything about Solid Snake. He loses because he just hasn't had enough legitimate wins over his opponents to put him on Cap's level.

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MGS1: Here are the facts. Mantis said he had a plan. after ocelot killed Darpa Cheif. If his only plan was to use the darpa chief. what reason would he have to brainwash the genome soldiers? You don't know why sniper wolf didn't kill snake? Because they didn't want him dead and that's my point. There is doubt about his ability to take these meta humans down unaided which means subsequently that he isnt on Cap's level in the first place.Its clear they played him like a damn fiddle ;-) I don't know with 100% certainty on whether fox hound threw the all the fights but based on what I heard from Liquid " You didn't think you made it hear by yourself" and the fact that Sniper wolf, & Raven spared him just convinces me that was the case. I know grey fox is panting after the fight. its also true that his suit was malfunctioning right before that cut scene. Grey fox just Isn't harmed significantly by Snake . The before and after of all snakes other battles ings left his opponents dead in most cases but grey fox is just fine afterwards.

MGS2 My point with Raiden is that Solid Snake isn't that special.Hell Raiden has taken down a perfect clone of Big Boss in mgs2 I'm sure you would agree in the world of MGS that is really something. Solid Snake has taken on meta humans in metal gear & metal gear 2 solid snake but those are hard to gauge. Fox Hound had the chance to kill him but used him instead. Thats the way i see it.

MGS4: As I said Solid Snake suffers the same problem as the first. Liquid was working with Naomi to use Snake to take down the patriots. He was again of better use to liqud. Solid snake even say that Liquid could have stopped him but didn't. Snake did take down the crazed B&B corps. I can defiantly give him credit for that. But taking down the B&B doesn't put you on cap's level. Just look at the scans people are posting. Snake is outclassed.He doesn't stand a chance.

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MS1: You mean the genome soliders that were a "complete failure"according to liquid? the Genome soldiers that were brain washed by mantis? The same mantis who suggested the entire plot in the first place and has the ability to carry it out? yes snake was helped. i know it. you know it. Sniper wolf had snake dead to rights twice. She shot Meryl instead. The snake vs ninja is his best feat. that fact that he somehow survived long enough for grey fox's suit to go berserk is really impressive....except it isn't. look at the cut scene again. grey fox exhales once.... ONCE. how is that impressive? its not

MGS2: Captain could have beat fortune. The Ray units were mass produced but he still takes down a lot of them. he fought them three at a time.

Mgs4: Solid snake was older so ill give him credit for being tough enough to making it though the story. But the B&B corps was horrible. Screaming mantis couldn't control snake so she threw knifes. I honestly think we should leave this game out of the debate and focus on younger snake if that's alright with you.

its important to point out flaws. I know a lot more about Snake so I'd rather bash him. Cap takes on meta humans thats my point. Who did Solid Snake legitimately defeat that impressed you?

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@enemybird said:

Captain America absolutely obliterates Snake

Just curious if you can show Cap doing something Snake hasn't already done too.

Lets see.. Solid Snake

MGS1 - Liquid snake needs Solid snake to input pal code. He mentions " you didn't think you got here all by yourself did you?" suggesting he helped Snake achieve his goal. this weakens the argument that snake is capable of beating Captain America based on his encounters in mgs1. His feats are tainted. I mean come on liquid and ocelot were playing dumb in the control room toward the end when they clearly saw him on camera. sniper wolf could have killed snake twice at the start of both battles. Raven froze him and could have killed him that way but didn't. I know snake engaged in combat with grey fox but by the end of the battle grey fox simply said it felt good. He didn't seem to be damaged significantly His suit just malfunctions and he leaves. Snake took down one metal gear in that game, A feat that Raiden did a lot better with the same tools.

MGS2 - Fortune hand cuffed Snake. Vamp almost killed Snake when they met the first time.

MGS4 - Same situation as mgs1 Liquid.O says " stop you? now why would i want to do that?" This taints his actual accomplishments. Liquid.O mentions that before the psycho therapy wears off and he becomes Ocelot. that proves that ocelot may not have been serious about killing snake because he wanted snake to upload fox alive/ Liquid.O totally pwns snake on the volta h2h btw. Raiden saved snake from the suicide gekko, outer haven, the pursuing gekko in south america and the frogs.

I cannot be impressed with snake. most of his feats were in games where the boss benefits from him being alive and they use him as such. snake may not be as good as everybody thinks he is.

Captain america has is peak of human possibility. He has dealt with real threats and meta humans. I couldn't imagine Captain America getting beat up by a jobber like Snake its just not going to happen.

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Captain America absolutely obliterates Snake

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@jmarshmallow said:

@enemybird: I'm thinking these guys must not know who this guy is lol.

They know he is not a bounty hunter which is all you need to know for this thread.

OP says Anti heroes count