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Adult Gohan beat Broly. What makes you think Broly will stand a chance against ssj2 Teen Gohan who was stronger.

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@tparks: You shouldn't debate enemybird, he thinks he's L from Death Note and claims to know everything there is to know about Metal Gear and nobody else is as good as him.

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@enemybird said:
@colliderz said:

Yes, just because A character has toon force doesn't means he has Bugs Bunny level toon force


Examples?I just stated the impression I got from comments regarding characters with toon force


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@gjgp27 said:

Democrat female African American

Says enough right there

Why are you people so racist?

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Yes, just because A character has toon force doesn't means he has Bugs Bunny level toon force


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@tparks said:

@enemybird: When you start off a comment talking bad about another viner, that's when I stop reading, which I did right there. It's not necessary at all, and I doubt anyone else will read past an attempt to start a flame war either.

I wasn't talking bad about him. I told him he was my favorite viner but whatever. Have a good day.

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Too many people on this site use ABC logic. Because Raiden can toss a Metal Gear he wins. No he doesn't Raiden has shown that he is durable from punches and Strong but he is lacking in the Speed department. he has also never shown high level resistance to blades which lead me to think Jack can tag him and cut though him which means game over.

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saw the video. It's cool, but it's not like its unheard of speed for a street leveler.

It doesnt matter what you label Jack as, If he has shown that he is faster than Raiden then he is faster then Raiden. There is nothing to dispute.

In on my phone, so I can't post scans (and auto-correct is probably gonna change every other word I type) but that type of speed is typical for MGS universe. I tagged NickZ to confirm anything I say, since I can't back it up with scans at the moment, and NickZ is definitely credible when it comes to MGS.

I've schooled Nick Several times in metal gear there isnt anything about Metal Gear that he knows that i dont. I know Everything. He better not get involved or he'll get schooled again.

The speed jack showed is impressive, but that's typical for lots of street levelers, but it's rarely seen in most battles. Every other Jack fight is not anywhere near that speed, because it would be dumb to watch. It wouldn't be very cinematic to have a bunch of blurs that the human eye can't even follow in fights.

Raiden hasn't shown that speed. I mean blade mode is cool but has he ever moved while in blade mode or does he just stand still?Rhetorical question I am pretty sure he just stands still.

Take Solid Snake for example. He's defeated multiple enemies in less hen a second before as well. He didn't even use a one hit kill weapon like a sword either. Yet not all of Snake's battles are shown like this, because it would make for cut scenes that are not enjoyable, as you wouldn't even be able to tell what's going on, which is the same thing that happens with Jack. A single feat does not make him faster then Raiden, when every other feat is slower.

What are these arbitrary rules you're making up about cut scenes? That's nonsense . When has Snake ever done anything close to what Jack just did? You don't know Metal Gear like I do I promise. I can tell you he hasn't. This isn't about Solid Snake anyway. When has CYBORG RAIDEN shown he could do anything like that? Never... Jack is hands down faster.

But if we want to go by your logic that one feat makes him faster, then we can use the same logic with Raiden, and he is wayyyyy faster.

How many feats does it take to prove someone can move that fast? It takes a rational person one.

Go back to the Solid Snake feat, same thing as what Jack did. Now look at Vamp, who is faster then Snake. Snake does beat him, but that's because of reaction times and skill, but Vamp is overall faster in pure speed. However, Raiden matches this speed in a one on one fight with Vamp while wearing an inferior armor. This would imply that Raiden is much faster.

Even though you are wrong. I am not here to talk about Snake or White suit Raiden. White suit Raiden gets stomped.

Also look at Solidus, who was so fast that fire would erupt from his feat whenever he moved. He would move at speeds much faster then anything Jack has ever shown, yet Raiden, who had no enhancements, was able to not only dodge his attack, but counter with his own attack that killed Solidus.

Lol solidus created fire because of the friction created when his suit slid on the ground. Solidus has dodged bullets and reflected gunfire from Ray. Jack has dodged and reflected bullets as well.

You are also sooooo off-base with your comments about Raiden's sword. You're saying that because Armstrong broke it and Jack's sword never broke, it is obviously weaker. How could you possibly say this? Jack's sword has never been tested. It's sliced through mechs of unknown durability. So has dang near every other street levelers swords in fiction. Leonardo from the ninja turtles slices through bulletproof mechs like butter, but I'm not about to make an argument that his sword is better then Raiden's.

We don't have anything else to go by dude. Jack's sword has been battle tested how about you watch an episode of the show and get back to me. All i can say is Jack's sword has never broke Raiden's has.

Back to Armstrong though. There is not a single being in Jack's universe with even a fraction of the strength Armstrong has. Armstrong's powers were completely designed to be an anti-samurai. Jack's sword has never ever ever ever been put to the test against someone even 0.00001% as powerful as Armstrong.

Its not about strength, I know Raiden is stronger than Jack but the question is whether Jack can tag Raiden and cut through him he has shown that he is faster and his sword has been shown to cut through pretty much anything.

Raiden's sword however, has sliced through metal gears like it was passing through nothing. The slices defy all physics and have the Anime/manga ability to slice through things that are even bigger then the sword itself by a large margin. It's designed to cut at a molecular level. There is nothing to suggest Jack's sword does this. So it's got magic? What does that even mean? That it is instantly more powerful because of an unknown enchantment that was designed for demons, and may have zero effect on its structural integrity and cutting prowess? I would accept this if there was anything to justify it, but there isn't.

I know that but how does that help if Jack is faster and able to cut through him? Jack has done this... Skip to 5:05. Thats how the magic helps foo

Loading Video...

Raiden on the other hand, has even sliced through Excelsus which gave zero resistance to his sword. In the codec conversations, this MG was designed to be able to withstand cyborg ninjas. It was so much bigger, and so much denser, that it was intended to be able to withstand the punishment a cyborg can dish out, yet Raiden sliced it like his sword was passing through nothing but air. The problem with the Rays and Rexes during MGR, is that a small team of cyborgs could easily overpower them, and that is why Excelsus was built so much beefier, to withstand a whole squad of cyborgs, yet Raiden alone was too much for it.

Raiden had to cut through its armor first though. You make it seem like he just ran up to it and cut it in half.

Jack has nothing like this to boast for his sword, and his speed is not even as fast as Raiden's. Jack would be less then the fodder cyborgs Raiden slaughters by the dozens, in physicals at least, including speed.

No proof that raiden is faster.

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@tparks said:

@enemybird: Who says Jack's faster? Raider beat an opponent faster then Jack BEFORE he was a Cyborg. Not to mention Vamp with a lesser cyborg armor. Even Armstrong was faster then Jack. With every piece of armor, and even no armor at all, Raiden beat opponents with better speed then Jack.

Also, what makes Jack's sword so powerful? Just because it is enchanted, doesn't make it inherently more powerful. The HF sword has way more feats of much better power.

Frodo's sword Sting was enchanted. Should we say that Sting is more powerful? No, because it has no feats to make this claim

Jack's sword also doesn't have anywhere near the feats Raiden's sword does, or any feats that suggest it would do anything at all to Raiden.

This is an obvious stomp. I don't know how it can possibly be viewed in any other light.

Look at the video i posted just a few comments above. Jack does all that before the water drops to the ground, That proves he is faster. If you say it doesn't dont even bother replying.

Jack's sword has never been broken and Raiden's has. I dont give a damn Who Frodo is.

Both Raiden's and jack's swords have cut through mechs who's durability cant be confirmed. We know that Raiden's limbs can be cut off though at least with two of his previous suits.

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@tparks: Thats because you don't always have to outclass someone in strength or durability to win. Jack is faster than Raiden with a sword that could undoubtedly cut through him considering it God level magical properties.