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Wolverine and Cyclops have fought each other so many times over the years that they each know the other's typical tactics far too well. If they are both in character, then Scott would be less willing to kill than Wolverine. Scott may kill if it is necessary, but he would most likely incapacitate.

Looking at the physicals, Wolverine with his healing factor can take a lot of damage. Physically, Wolverine is stronger, faster, and more durable than Cyclops. Assuming Wolverine can close the distance without getting knocked by an optic blast, then there is a very good chance that Wolverine will turn Cyclops into a pin cushion. However, even if Cyclops misses with an optic blast, there is still a chance that he would plan for the blast to ricochet off of something to strike Wolverine. I think this fight is going to be too close to call. I think each one could take 5/10. In the end, they decide to go to Harry's and get a drink.

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Amazon lists it for $500 MSRP with a preorder of $450.

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His back right side looks stretched, similar to the way Mister Fantastic stretches. Granted, it's probably just the way he drew it, it simply reminds me of the Reed Richards stretches. The visor is why it is reminiscent of Cyclops. I have already read the previous comments regarding the introduction of Solar and Cyclops coming out the following year. The way the visor was drawn, along with the mouth look like how Liefield drew Cyclops in the late 80s early 90s.

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Solar looks like a combination of Mister Fantastic and Cyclops with the way Liefield drew him.

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I always liked Chamber. He was cool before all of the Clan Akkaba stuff, just a guy who had his jaw blown off by his power.

A close second is Synch, because of his potential abilities and his general good natured attitude towards life.

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... Wait, I thought that the comic character was based on the real J Jonah Jameson... That was an actor! No way! But seriously, he ought to reprise his role as Jameson. I swear Simmons was born for that role.

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@G-Man: So he is can use the Tony Stark method for keeping a secret ID?

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Perhaps "Old Man Logan" is mellowing in his old age.  Remember, he now has access to all of his memories since House of M.  He has a great deal he could teach.  Also, look at the people on his side from the Wolverine and the X-Men #1.  Kitty Pryde is a computer genius.  Henry McCoy is a genius in everything, especially medicine and genetics.  Iceman has a degree in accounting.  If Beast is there, one could potentially get Agent Brand of SWORD to guest lecture.  Havok and Polaris both have degrees geophysics.  Gambit can teach streetwise skills, such as lock picking?  Frenzy could run Physical Education.  Wolverine could teach history, with an especially unique perspective 'cuz he was there for so much of it. 
Perhaps Wolverine is trying to atone for some of his recent mistakes, such as the slaughter in Wolverine 14.  I won't spoil it, but perhaps Logan is trying to find a way to make a change in his own life.  After years of killing, maiming and destroying, maybe Logan is trying to turn over a new leaf. 
Also, Wolverine has always, always taken young mutants under his wing, starting with Kitty Pryde.  He mentored Rogue, Jubilee, Marrow (really just fought her a lot), Armor, and even his young clone X-23.  He has it in him to relate to kids because he seem to care about the next generation.   Wolverine not wanting  Idie to have to kill is in line with his characterization in light of recent arcs.
My big question is where the heck is Xavier and Legion?  Last I read is that they were in Paris.  They have not been shown on any of the the Regenesis covers, so where do they fit in?  Perhaps Xavier could even help teach at the new school?
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I have had this discussion with one of my best friends.  He dropped Marvel because of their lack of continuity.  He was annoyed to no end that Wolverine was basically everywhere, on every team, in every issue.  I like the concept of continuity.  I always liked going through back issue bins with the hope of finding this issue or that where so and so appeared as indicated by editorial notes in a current issue.  He in fact wishes that Marvel would reboot just like DC has.   
I've read many of the New 52 myself and am impressed with them.  I think that DC needed this spark of life injected into its series. 
Marvel, on the other hand, has been grounded in history.  Everybody knows that Captain America first appeared during WWII and was subsequently frozen in the arctic.  He was then revived by the Avengers.  Frank Castle was a Vietnam Veteran who lost his family due to mob violence. 
I like continuity.  I have always liked continuity.  It gives a logical progression of characters and stories over time.  I recently got the Onslaught Saga and was able to read the issues that I missed.  I only originally followed Uncanny and X-Men in addition to the One-shots.  Time-wise, I think Onslaught lasted maybe one to two days total.  It is just that a lot of stuff happened in it.  Onslaught had major repurcussions for the entire Marvel Universe.  Many people lost trust and faith in Xavier.  The Avengers and Fantastic Four vanished completely.  Other heroes rose to take their place.  Events had meaning. 
Then look at the 2000s.  The whole thing is a cluster f*** mess of events with nearly nothing affecting anything else.  Much of it is impacted by the rise of the Comic Book movie.  X-Men came out in 2000 and less than a year of the movie, the comics had changed to match the movie.  Spider-Man developed organic webbing in 2004 after the 2002 movie.  That I felt was more of a natural evolution of the character, but the movie still impacted the comic book.  Events like Avengers: Disassembled, House of M, the Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Seige, Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Second Coming, Divided We Stand, X-Necrosha, One More Day, Brand New Day, Spider-Man The Other, Shadowland, Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, War of Kings, Age of Heroes, The Five Lights, Fear Itself, Spider-Island, Schism, etc, all happen, some at the same time, some as follow ups, but things do not happen in a vaccuum.  I like the idea of continuity.  I've always been a fan of Marvel's Sliding Timeline, although I wish that Franklin Richards would just grow up already.  I even like it when continuity is poked fun at.  Deadpool telling Bullseye in an issue of Deadpool that the last time they saw each other was in Greece, Issue 16.  That is hilarious! 
Things happen in comics.  The things which transpire ought to impact other comics.  That is the nature of the game.  History is shared, but it creates a fuller, richer universe.  I guess that one could go with a "loose-continuity", but at least have effects.  Even small two issue arcs had impacts.  In X-Men 77-78 was the Psi-War when Psylocke locked away the Shadow King.  Psi-war impacted all of the other X-Men comics due to the disturbance on the astral plane.  Chamber was unable to communicate.  Jean Grey's telepathy had stopped working. Chief Authier in Generation X lost his abilities.  Cable and Nate Grey were both affected.  That is continuity.  Events having some type of impact felt in other comics.  That is the beauty of comics.  It's an open ended story which has no final answer, no "the end," except to a storyarc.  That is why I like comics. 
Just my 2 cents 
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Marvel doesn't need to do a line-wide reboot.  They keep doing soft reboots here and there, like the upcoming X-Men Regenesis, the Heroic Age, the Initiative post Civil War and Avengers Disassembled.  The biggest problem for Marvel is that editors have no basic timeline which all of the characters follow.  


Right now in Uncanny X-Men, the X-Men are facing Juggernaut in Fear Itself, while in X-Men Schism Cyclops and Wolverine are about to throw down.  Also in Fear Itself, Spider-Man just found May while in Amazing, he is dealing with Spider Island.  There are no repurcussions.  It's as if all of it is happening in a vacuum.  Things happen in one title but have no impact on other titles, unless they are in a random one-shot.  How is Spider-Man in the FF, Avengers, his own title and making random guest appearances in other titles on a monthly basis?  The same thing goes for Wolverine.  How is he participating in Fear Itself while also in Schism and his own title?  Or what about the whole 15 issue long Wolverine goes to hell?  When did Uncanny X-Force go to the Age of Apocalypse?   Are all of these things happening at the same time, or is there some actual timeline which they are following?  It's impossible to say. 
Marvel doesn't need a reboot, they need an editorial staff that gives a crap about when things happen.  I've been reading comics for roughly 20 years on and off again.  I agree with many of the above people who have stated that Marvel's characters are different from DC in the way they are imagined.  DC is full of archetypes, near god-like beings, while Marvel is full of people who have powers and many issues.  For years, nearly 30, Wolverine knew very little of his history before the Weapon X project bonded Adamantium to his skeleton.  After the miniseries Origin, it was finally established once and for all that Wolverine was born in the 1800s.  However Logan didn't remember until House of M which was 3 to 4 years after the miniseries.   
Marvel tends to create more sympathetic characters because they each have their own flaws.  Reed Richards is incredibly intelligent, but can be the most insensitive jerk in all of comics.  Iron Man is an amazing industrialist who struggles with alcohol.  These are characters who grow and change and are impacted by their history.  A reboot is not needed for Marvel.  The characters are there.   
I don't know if DC even needed the reboot.  Perhaps part of it has to do with all of the legal issues with Superman and Superboy in the last 10 years.  If they are able to alter these characters enough, while remaining true to the source material, perhaps there will be no more litigation. 
I think that Marvel's main issue is the lack of a coherent chronological timeline and that everything there is currently event driven.  Rebooting would, perhaps, "fix" the timeline, but it would do nothing about Marvel being event driven.  As far as being event driven, even DC has this problem.  In the last seven years, starting in 2005, DC released Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and Flashpoint.  That's not including other events like the Sinestro Corps War, War of the Green Lanterns, Battle for the Cowl, Countdown, etc.  Granted Marvel is worse about being event driven: House of M, Decimation, Civil War, Messiah Complex, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Messiah War, Second Coming, Heroic Age, Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, War of Kings, Spider-Man: The Other, One More Day, Brand New Day (AWFUL), the Initiative, Siege, etc.  House of Ideas, indeed!  It's more like House of Events!  I have been collecting and reading comics so long that I always anticipate events, like one big event a year.  For instance: from 1993 to 1996, the X-franchise had Fatal Attractions, Phalanx Covenant, Legion Quest/Age of Apocalypse, and Onslaught.  At that time, the events or crossovers were rare and actually meant something.  Now it is just too much event saturation.  If they could just get a coherent timeline together, things would go much more smoothly. 
Just my 2 cents,