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@Black Panther X said:
"They have you hating yourself and doing their dirty work huh?...i never called anyone racist. They have you believing that a black man cant be intelligent huh?....feel sorry for  you."
Yes you did. You claimed that I was perpetuating the same racism that I was subjected to. Therefore, you accused me of racism. Keep arguing your stupid theory, but don't deny what you've said.
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@Black Panther X: Again, you're re-stating that because I am not of an ethnicity that is under represented in the media that I cannot possibly understand the issue, despite the very clear example I provided. Also, you now will not respond to my comments and claim that I am incapable of growth because you cannot force your opinion upon me. Was the purpose of this thread actual discussion, or did it just seem like an easy grab at getting people to agree with you? Are you upset now that it's back-fired?
Oh wait, I forgot. Incapable of growth. Right.
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@Black Panther X: You said I had no frame of reference to understand being treated differently because of my ethnicity. I provided a detailed example of why I do, in fact, have such a frame. I know it suits your argument better to think that I was merely an outsider, but the truth is unfortunately much uglier than that.
Your argument is that because I was subjected to racism (let's call it what it is) in my youth that I am now trying perpetuate said treatment by disagreeing with you. I assure you, I'm not, and frankly I find the implication incredibly insulting. You seem completely incapable of accepting anyone's point of view but your own, and immediately begin assaulting the other person's character when it's found that they might have some ground to stand on.
Also, if none of us could possibly have a frame of reference that satisfies you without being black, why not say so in your thread title?
Or would that be racist?
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@Black Panther X: How quickly you begin to throw around words like bias when someone disagrees with you. Also, for someone arguing against the idea that skin colour should affect who is and isn't given certain opportunities, you seem to be awfully concerned with mine.
Also, as for my not having a "frame of reference," here's mine:
I am white. I have blond hair and blue eyes and am roughly 6"4'. However, during my youth I spent seven years in a small fishing village on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Of the inhabitants of that town, I was one of three white people (excluding my family). This, coupled with a decades-old mentality that bigotry was okay in that socially isolated town, caused extreme friction. I was subject to racial slurs on a daily basis, spat on more than once and was regularly forced to defend myself against my will against small-town troglodytes that saw me as nothing more than a "puto gringo."
Is that a solid enough frame for you, friend?
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@Black Panther X: So your defense to my argument is to state that because I am not black I cannot possibly understand? Well then I guess you and I have nothing further to discuss.
Oh. And your argument is a non-starter. Definition number three.
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@Black Panther X said:
"So a white writer has a better skill-set to write about a black character? And yes they should be hired based on their skill set. But i guarantee you that many are NOT hired because of their ethnicity or color and this factors in all the time...only not to our favor.
This thread is only silly to you because you it doesn't affect you adversely. If it did you would have a much different mind-set."
Friend, where in my post did I say that a white writer has a better skill set to write about a black character? In fact, where did I mention any specific ethnicity in my post? How do you even know what ethnicity I am? I've read this entire thread, and your replies have become increasingly defensive and reactionary, probably because you're realizing that your anger is somewhat misplaced. You have yet to show one clear-cut example that supports your cause and have seen several other users cite characters and writers who defeat it. It's a non-starter, friend.
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Comic book writers and artists should be hired based on an individual evaluation of their skill-set, just like everything else in this world. Race should never, ever factor into it. This thread is silly.

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Norm has tiny hands.

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I originally registered this account just to tell Babs that she was dead to me, but upon further contemplation:
Babs, dude, you are wrong.
But I see why you might say that.