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@yung_ancient_one: Every movie ever in which he has attempted to act. Are you guys seriously defending the acting chops of Stifler?

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If they waste an entire movie on 'getting to know' with Clark and Bruce, I'm going to rage. Seriously, I was really stoked about this until I heard the title, which tempered my excitement considerably. If the whole movie has Superman and Batman in opposing, adversarial roles until the very end when they realize that just because their methods are so different doesn't mean that they can't work towards the same goal... god, what a waste of time. I could write that script in my sleep.

Call this movie World's Finest and spend ten minutes on the 'getting to know' bit, then I'm back on board.

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@black_arrow: You're going to have to elaborate on that one. Which street level hero are you thinking of that could take him on? Keep in mind that I'm looking for actual, official references here, not 'well, here's what would happen in my head.' Similarly, citing a Marvel street level that could potentially beat him doesn't really help, since such a fight would never actually happen.

@durakken: I wasn't aware that such classifications were limited to either of the Big Two... I've never seen anyone say they are before. Anyway, does it matter? Also, going to need you to explain your reasoning as far as placing Batman on a Cosmic level. Superman? Sure, definitely Cosmic. Green Lantern? Yeah, maybe. I can see that. But Batman? Nah.

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Yes! This thread is valuable and necessary!

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@yung_ancient_one: You don't need an elaborate answer when you have Sean William Scott.

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That movie was never going to happen.

Sean William Scott would only disappoint you.

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If it's going to be a Superman/Batman film, why wouldn't they call it World's Finest?

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No, of course it wouldn't have been the same. That's like saying 'the Mona Lisa without Leonardo Da Vinci--still a priceless work of art?' It wouldn't have been as successful because it wouldn't have had Nolan's vision driving it. In another person's hands it could very well have ended up another fiasco like with Clooney.