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Applying real world science to comic books is a fool's errand.

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@cezar_thescribe: Telling people how they should and shouldn't do things is a bad policy. Especially when it comes to comic books.

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@billy_batson: "Mild" doesn't even begin to describe what Batman has at his disposal. He has better tech and more gear than most small nations.

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I laugh at all the people here thinking this would have been gore porn.

You have clearly never read The Walking Dead.

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This is a great thread.

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@tupiaz: Nope. Never said that anywhere. You are mistaken. In fact, I've been arguing that he is not a street level character. Did you read the thread?

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@rdclip: Ah, I see. Yeah, kevlar is decent at stopping a bullet, but won't dissipate the force. Three bullets, even behind a vest, would drop anyone (peak human or not).

@reignmaker: I agree with almost your entire post. The only bit I took issue with was the patrolling only from time to time thing. As far as I know, he still does it every night. I would think it's a kind of ritual for him.

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@rdclip: I agree. I like Batman better as a street level crime-fighter that doesn't have a lot of resources immediately available. His suit being lightly armored is fine, but lately it seems like the thing has an arsenal shoved into it besides. I've seen tasers in his fingertips, in the upper half of the cowl's ear and a hundred other places besides. I thought it was really silly when, as a goon attempted to unmask the unconscious Batman, the side of his cowl (near his temple) opened and knock-out gas blew out. There are only so many contingency plans one can reasonably stuff into a single suit of armor. There are some things you mentioned that seemed a little odd to me, though. First, Batman has always been a genius, that isn't a new change, and the kevlar in his armor isn't anything new, either (though I haven't read the latest issue of B&R... maybe something about it is new).

@rustyroy: See, I could understand why one might consider Wolverine a street-level hero. Beyond his absolutely ludicrous regeneration (which doesn't really bump him up a power level... Only makes him harder to kill, not harder to defeat.) and his claws, he doesn't have any immediately accessible resources. Yes, he could technically call on the X-Men, but he's not the sole decider of where that team's resources go.

@tupiaz: Okay...? That doesn't have anything to do with what you quoted.